Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

Hose for watering today is a necessary attribute for the modern gardener and gardener. It can be of different configurations, differ in purpose and material of manufacture. When choosing a product, you should be guided by certain parameters, such as working pressure, temperature, operating conditions and product function. Watering hoses: which ones are better to choose – the answer to this question can be found in this article.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

Which is better to buy hoses for watering on the material of manufacture

Depending on the material of manufacture, the following types of hoses are distinguished:

  • rubber;
  • silicone;
  • PVC;
  • thermoplastic;
  • nylon.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

The most popular is the rubber hose. The material is characterized by high strength, elasticity, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes (from -30 to 90? C), chemical reagents, deformations, different cost. The product is designed for a pressure range from 1 to 10 atmospheres. The hose can be stored in unheated rooms.

However, a rubber product has considerable weight, which makes it difficult to move it from place to place. The material is toxic, so it should not be used for drinking water. It is possible to buy a rubber hose for watering from 50 rubles per meter.

Important! The softer the rubber used to make the hose, the longer its life.

A nylon hose deserves proper attention. Due to the fact that the material has a small weight, the product can be easily moved during watering. Also, nylon hose has good flexibility and durability, which allows you to twist the product without violating the integrity of its structure. However, the hose is not resistant to temperature fluctuations and sudden changes in pressure; therefore, its service life is no more than 2 years.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

The most reliable and durable product is from thermoplastic elastomer, which can be used year-round for any gardening purposes. Material maintains temperature from -50 to 90 ° C and pressure of 8 atmospheres and more. This hose is characterized by frost resistance, resistance to UV rays, chemicals and can be stored in an unheated room. It has increased flexibility, durability and light weight, thanks to which it is easily and quickly twisted, while maintaining the integrity of the material. The service life of the product is at least 15 years. It is possible to buy such a hose for high water pressure from 80 rubles per meter.

The most affordable and affordable option is a PVC hose. Choosing such a product, you should pay close attention to the number of layers of material, since this factor affects its service life. Single-layer PVC hoses quickly deform. Their term of service is no more than 1 year. High quality and durable is a reinforced hose for watering, which is a multi-layered product, equipped with a special insert that strengthens the structure of the material. Such hoses are resistant to pressure and temperature differences, which does not affect the structure of the product.

PVC hoses are designed for pressures from 3 atmospheres. The wall thickness of the product is in the range of 1.5-3 mm. The product provides a greater pressure of water in comparison with the rubber equivalent. However, at low temperatures, its plasticity decreases, because of which it is bent, deformed and twisted. Such a hose can not be stored at temperatures below -5? C. With proper storage and proper operation, the product can last at least 3 years. The price of a hose for irrigation starts from 30 rubles / m.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

Helpful advice! PVC products are best used in the presence of additional wiring in the garden area of ​​plastic or metal pipes.

Silicone hoses for irrigation, which are characterized by elasticity and affordable cost, are very popular in gardening. The hose can withstand temperatures from -20 to 40? C. However, due to the fact that the walls of the product expand in the sun, it should not be left under the influence of sunlight, as this can lead to a violation of the integrity of the product.

The hose does not bend, so it is easily twisted. However, with a large head may burst, because of what it should not be attached to the sprinkler system or sprinklers. This hose is better to use for irrigation by gravity. You can buy the product from 30 rubles / m.

Depending on the version of the hoses can be:

  • single layer;
  • multi-layered;
  • reinforced;
  • stretchable;
  • corrugated.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

The thinnest products with low strength are single-layer hoses. The material does not have additional internal and external coatings, has low resistance to temperature changes and increased pressure, does not show resistance to aggressive environmental factors. It can be applied and stored only at a positive temperature of not more than 35? C. It is used mainly in the overflow of water from a large container into a bucket.

Multilayer products have the strength, wear resistance, flexibility, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, chemical reagents, elevated temperatures and high operating pressure. Such a hose is characterized by a good carrying capacity that does not affect its integrity, as a result of which it can be used around the clock for watering horticultural crops. Thanks to its flexible and elastic structure, it is easily twisted into a coil without deformation.

The expandable irrigation hose has a two-layer “hose in hose” design. The inner layer is made of rubber rubber, which has a high ability to stretch. The outer hose is made of nylon threads, limiting the stretching of the inner layer. The material is characterized by increased wear resistance and dirt resistance. The hose is used for watering flower beds and ornamental plants with a constant pressure of water. Due to the fact that the product has a light weight and an unusual design, it is possible to quickly and easily prepare it for work and put it away for storage. Buy a stretching hose for irrigation can be from 1450 rubles. for 15 m.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

Spiral garden hose for watering is made of polyurethane or ethylene vinyl acetate. It is calculated on working pressure no more than 5 atmospheres. It can be applied in the range of temperatures from-5 to 50? C. In a non-working condition the meter self-expanding hose for watering increases to 25-30 m.
The spiral design prevents the appearance of cracks on the product, which, due to its light weight, moves freely around the bed. It is used for spot irrigation of crops, as a result of which it is often used in small garden plots, where plantings need regular irrigation. Buy a hose for watering self-stretching 30 meters can be for 2200 rubles.

A universal product that is used for all types of soil moistening is a corrugated water hose. The product is characterized by durability, flexibility and lightness. The upper corrugated layer gives the hose rigidity, making it resistant to frequent bends. You can buy the product for 70 rubles / m.

The most durable and durable among all types is considered to be reinforced hose. In the manufacturing process, a mesh layer of durable polymer filament or steel is laid inside the material. Reinforcement can be single and double layer. The hose is designed for high working pressure and can be operated in harsh conditions with a large load, which is determined by the size of the site and the characteristics of the garden. The strongest are multi-layer reinforced hoses that can withstand pressures up to 40 bar.

Important! The smaller the size of the reinforced cells, the stronger the hose.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

Based on the numerous reviews of experienced gardeners, the reinforced rubber water hose, which is equipped with a thread braid, is considered the most practical and convenient. Such a product with proper operation can last about 20 years. The cost of the hose is 50 rubles / m.

No less durable, but environmentally friendly products are made of PVC or silicone with a mesh or cruciform braid. You can buy silicone reinforced hose for an average of 60 rubles / m.

Helpful advice! When choosing a reinforced irrigation hose, it is recommended to give preference to products with mesh weaving, which exhibit increased resistance to bulging and fracture with temperature fluctuations and pressure changes.

For conventional watering under the root using a spray gun or a pistol, the traditional hose of the usual design is used. The product is not transformed, retaining the original shape in both working and twisted condition. This is a versatile, reliable assistant gardener at the dacha.

For drip irrigation uses a special type of hose, which is a flat tape. On it holes are arranged with a certain pitch. Hose for drip irrigation, the price of which depends on the manufacturer and starts from 70 rubles / m, fits on the site for several seasons.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

For the implementation of economical watering beds and ordinary planting is used oozing hose. It is made of polypropylene or rubber. One of the inner layers is equipped with a labyrinth for the passage of water. On the top layer along the entire length of the product micro-holes are located tightly to each other.

Helpful advice! A flowing hose is recommended for permanent watering of plants that are sensitive to drought.

The porous rubber watering hose is equipped with small openings that allow water to flow slowly. This type of product is used for watering plants on loamy soils and steep slopes, where the soil is prone to erosion due to slow moisture saturation.

For plants with a shallow root system, the best option is a sprinkler hose, which will ensure gentle and uniform watering. Around the plant, thanks to the splashing of water for several meters through the holes, fog is formed.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

Watering hose is selected taking into account the purpose of the product, working pressure, temperature and features of the land. Before you buy a hose for watering the garden, you should determine its technical characteristics. The length of the product is determined based on the distance of the water source to the place of irrigation. The greater this value, the greater must be the diameter of the hose. In addition, it is selected based on the size of the tap that feeds the water. The most popular size is the diameter? in. There are also irrigation hoses for 1 inch and? For which adapters are commonly used. Product diameter? inches must be no longer than 15 m, otherwise the speed of movement of water may decrease.

Helpful advice! Do not purchase a hose with a larger diameter than is required. This will not provide good pressure, and in the case of a weak water-pressure system, it will weaken the access of water.

Selecting the material of the product, you should know the working pressure, which corresponds to the value specified in the passport. The smaller this value, the smaller the diameter of the hose. It is also important to consider the number of layers of the product, since each additional ball increases the working pressure by 4-5 bar. Multi-layer improves the performance of the hose, but increases its price.

The ambient temperature at which the product will be operated is also an important criterion. The most stable are rubber hoses for water that can withstand temperatures from -30 to 60? C. without compromising integrity.

Watering hoses: which ones are better depending on the purpose and conditions of use

The transparency of the product affects the quality of the irrigation water. Since in such hoses water is exposed to direct sunlight, this contributes to the formation of plaque and algae inside. As a result, an unpleasant odor is formed and water indices deteriorate. Therefore, for irrigation it is better to choose opaque hoses.

The longest period of operation are characterized by rubber products. With proper use and proper storage, the product can last up to 20 years. PVC and plastic hoses are less wear-resistant because they are most prone to deformation.

In the process of watering should not exceed the working pressure of the product, as well as dramatically change it. Twist the hose need after complete draining of water. The product for watering must be laid in the utility room in a rolled form so that it does not have access rodents. In winter, it is desirable that the indoor temperature was not lower than 0.

The Chinese company Xhose specializes in the production of expandable irrigation hoses, reviews of which confirm the high quality and durability of products. Products can stretch up to 30 m. Such a wonderful hose is made of latex pipe, high-quality plastic and woven polyester fabric. The hoses are equipped with a spray gun and connectors, they are lightweight and not twisted. Such a product does not dry out over time, which allows it to operate for at least 12 years. Buy a stretching hose for watering Xhose can from 450 rubles. for 15 m.

When choosing a hose for irrigation, you should take into account the technical characteristics of the product, which must meet the stated requirements: working pressure, temperature, length and diameter. Material production is selected based on the purpose of the product and the conditions of its further operation. High-quality and durable hose can be purchased exclusively from reputable manufacturers.

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