Do-it-yourself children’s bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

The bed is the main element of the bedroom. The level of comfort, the functionality of the bed and the quality of sleep depend on the version of the model. It is necessary to approach the choice of a bed with special responsibility, especially if it is a question of a children’s berth. High-quality, durable, durable design with an aesthetic appearance will be expensive. A cot with your own hands will be much cheaper, and the result will exceed all expectations.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

DIY baby bed: basic design requirements

A self-made cot for children must meet the following requirements:

  • This piece of furniture should be made exclusively from natural and environmentally friendly materials;
  • the bed should have a robust, durable and stable construction;

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

  • the product should not contain sharp corners, protrusions;
  • the surface of all components of the structure should be smooth, without chipping and roughness;
  • it is necessary that the bed size matches the height and build of the child (with a margin of 25-30 cm in length);
  • the structure must contain enclosing elements and other devices that exclude the possibility of a fall;
  • the bed for the child must have high functionality, which is expressed in the presence of drawers, shelves and niches.

A handmade crib made of wood has several advantages:

  • You can be confident in the quality of the materials that are used for its manufacture, since many store products lack information on design parameters;
  • the project of a bed is created by individual parameters taking into account personal requirements and desires;

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

  • in the manufacture of the product there is the possibility of testing the design for strength and stability;
  • does not require large financial costs;
  • furniture, made with his own hands, gives incomparable pleasure and aesthetic pleasure.

Today, children’s beds are presented in a wide variety of species. They differ in the type of construction, dimensions, the number of components, the presence of additional furniture accessories and manufacturing material. However, not any model can be performed at home.

The most popular models that you can make yourself are the classic wooden beds with your own hands. Photos clearly show the options for products with a side and without it, beds, attics and bunk designs. On the specialized sites on the Internet you can find a variety of drawings of baby beds with their own hands and the size of each individual structural element.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

Classic single bed is the easiest to manufacture. It carries the minimum functional load, since it can only be equipped with a drawer for laundry. The design consists of a frame, headboard, footboard, base, sidewalls and legs, which clearly show the drawings of the children’s bed. The size of the frame, for the manufacture of which wooden beam is used, depends on the dimensions of the bed, which is determined by the parameters of the mattress.

The base can be solid (from a sheet of chipboard) or trellised in the form of lamellae with ventilation openings. The second option is preferred. The base and headboard are usually made of solid wood, plywood or laminated chipboard. Designs can have a variety of shapes.

Important! The height of the head should be greater than the size of the foot.

For the protection of a berth, the front and rear sidewalls are used in the form of a solid or lattice wall. Bed legs are self-made or purchased in the store. In the first case, they can be separately attached or are a continuation of the one-piece main construction.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

More functional is the loft bed. The berth is located at the top. Under it, you can organize a complete storage system by placing a chest of drawers, a closet or a shelving unit. The creation of such a design requires skills in furniture production. For two children you can make a two-tier structure, the creation of which also requires a certain experience from the master.

For each type of baby bed has its own standard dimensions. A baby up to 6 months old can sleep in a compact cradle crib that resembles a pram. The dimensions of the bed are 80×40 cm. For different models of construction, slight deviations are provided.

The size of the crib for a newborn standard design is 60×120 cm. The side walls can be removable. The height of the bed relative to the floor can vary, which allows you to adjust to the age of the child. A single cot with their own hands has a width of 70 cm and a length of 130 cm. The design is carried out with protective fences that are removable. Dimensions of sliding beds, the device which allows you to change their size with the growth of the child, can reach a length of 160-170 cm.

Helpful advice! For a child who is spinning in a dream, it is recommended to choose a product not less than 80 cm wide.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

Requirements for sleeping place of an adolescent child differ significantly from the requirements for a bed for a junior student. The child changes the style and rhythm of life. His room becomes a place to receive guests. The standard size of a teenage bed is considered to be 90×180 cm. However, many parents refuse such an acquisition, since the design will be small in a couple of years. The best option is the bed size of 90×200 cm. This adult bed will not only be comfortable, but also durable.

For two children, the best option are bunk beds. The height of the structure reaches 1.5-1.8 m, which depends on the height of the ceiling in the room. External dimensions of beds may be different. The beds, which are located on the second tier, have dimensions of 80×200 or 90×200 cm. Sleeps of the lower floor can be shorter by 20-30 cm.

Materials for the manufacture of a classic children’s bed from 5 years

For the manufacture of the frame should be used solid wood. This handmade wooden bed is characterized by safety, durability, reliability, environmental friendliness and durability, but it is distinguished by its high cost. The edged board is more affordable. Well-proven furniture board in the form of a solid wood slab, created from glued natural wood bars. Also suitable MDF from light wood.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

Helpful advice! Do not use heavy solid wood, because the material will make the structure very heavy and inconvenient for possible movement.

For lamellae should choose an elastic material. A good solution is plywood. Chipboard can be used for beds for a child from 2 years. The headboard and footboard are often made of MDF or chipboard. This material can also be used for the manufacture of drawers, shelves, decorative panels. The production of a wooden crib will require a minimum set of tools consisting of an electric jigsaw, a drill and a sander. In addition to the basic material, you will need additional elements:

  • fasteners of different diameters;
  • glue of joiner’s type;
  • special furniture metal corners;
  • drawer guides;
  • accessories;

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

  • sandpaper;
  • paper tape;
  • stain;
  • paint;
  • varnish

Making a classic baby crib is an easy process. Drawings with the dimensions of a traditional wooden structure can be taken from the Internet. The first thing you should buy a mattress, the size of which will depend on the parameters of the bed.

The standard size of the product is 60×120 cm. The height of the sides of the structure, starting from the floor, reaches 90 cm. The backs will have a larger size equal to 110 cm. It is best if the berth is located at a height of 30-35 cm, which will allow the kid 2-3 years free to climb on it. Between the vertical crossbars on the backside and the sides of the bed the distance should be 10-12 cm.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

For the manufacture of strapping side elements and sides of the bed for the baby, boards with a section of 35×70 mm are used. The lounger on which the mattress will fit is made of six bars with a section of 30×50 mm. In the long bars, holes with a depth of 25 mm are made to hold the frame of the frame with a dead thorn. The length of the transverse elements is equal to the width of the mattress minus the double width of the bars. To the obtained value we add the value equal to the sum of two depths of the nest.

Helpful advice! In order to eliminate errors and speed up the process, marks are made on all identical parts at once.

At both edges of the wooden boards, spikes are made (for their bundles, a through spike is used). Such holes are produced with a circular saw, which is adjustable in height. The spike should match the thickness of the socket size. This procedure is the same for all identical parts. The excess wood is cleaned with a saw.

Do-it-yourself children's bed: how to create a comfortable and durable sleeping bed

Next is the bonding of parts lounger. It is important to monitor the evenness of all angles, which should be equal to 90 °. For the manufacture of the rods of the bed are used slats section 20×20 mm. They must be attached to the crossbars of the backs and sides through the use of a single deaf thorn. After the back frame is assembled, the length of the rods is calculated, to which the double length of the tenon is required.

After making all the elements of the bed the surface of each part must be carefully polished. Using a rasp, round all sharp edges and corners. The next step is gluing all the details of the backrest on the face. It is required to closely monitor the squareness of the structure.

The lifting mechanism can be made independently from the axles with bearings or from the garage curtains. A more reliable option is to purchase a factory kit. The mechanism must be fixed to the box and bed. The front of the bed in a vertical position can be decorated under the cabinet with imitation of the doors with handles or create a monolithic mirror surface.

Today on the Internet there are detailed drawings with the sizes of various options for designs of baby beds. Possessing minimal skills and having a great desire to please your child, you can create a unique sleeping bed with your own hands.

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