Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

Very often hallways or corridors in apartments and houses have small dimensions, so dirty shoes accumulate near the front door and create a feeling of confusion in the room. The obuvnitsa in a hall will help to solve this problem. It is necessary to select it in accordance with the style of the room, taking into account the functional features of the design. The narrow shoebox with a soft seat or other compact model will perfectly fit into a small hall.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

Shoe cabinet in the hall: the criteria for selecting the optimal design

Locker for shoes in the hallway – an urgent and extremely necessary piece of furniture. It is necessary to choose it when the repair is already finished and all the furniture in the hallway is purchased. The most comfortable option to hide all shoes and outerwear is a spacious wardrobe. But to install such an overall structure in a small corridor or hallway is not possible.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

The acquisition of the locker allows you to conveniently organize the storage of shoes, accessories for her care, as well as other trifles. Choosing a shoemaker is not such a simple task as it seems, since there are so many varieties of structures that it is easy to get confused. When choosing a stylish, sustainable, comfortable and practical model, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The size of the shoebox. It is important that the design fits completely in the hallway, without blocking the way and at the same time holding together all the necessary number of pairs of shoes.
  2. The number of shoes intended for storage – this value affects the choice of model.
  3. Stylistic design of the product. It is necessary to imagine how the chosen fixture will fit into the interior of the room and whether it will be combined with other pieces of furniture.
  4. Functionality. For a small room, multifunctional furniture is important, for example, a shoe hanger or a shoe seat.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

In addition, an important criterion is the color gamut. Not the best solution – in the dark hallway to put furniture in dark shades, while the light room can be set off with a dark construction. If the room has a bright interior, it is recommended to choose furniture of pastel colors of a friendly range. If the design of the room is neutral, then it is desirable to make a contrast accent.

Shelves for the hallway differ in functional characteristics, size, material production, design style and color. Due to the diversity of models presented on the market, it is easy to choose a product that will fit into any interior style.

The size of the selected product depends on its location in the hallway. It is also important to take into account the number of family members living in the apartment. For a small family consisting of three people, a compact design will suffice, and for a large one you will need a full-fledged large chest of drawers. In the small hallway is better to buy a narrow shoemaker. If the room is spacious, you can get a low cabinet with a comfortable soft seat for pereobuvaniya.

Regardless of the chosen construction, its shape, type and characteristics, it is necessary to use the shoemaker correctly so that it will serve its owner for a long time. Inside the product it is necessary to put only clean and dry shoes, thanks to this there will be no unpleasant smell and dirt in the corridor.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

White and black shoeboxes are very popular. Such contrasting combinations will add to the interior the premises of the original notes.

Helpful advice! In a situation where summer and winter shoes should be kept in the shoebox, it is necessary to place bulky shoes and high boots, while the family is quite large, then choosing the right model is a difficult task. A tall but narrow design will not accommodate winter shoes, wider products will not fit in a small hallway. The best option in this case is the purchase of an obuvnitsa with different heights and sizes of cells.

The entrance hall is a special room that should be as functional as possible, since it is often characterized by a small area. If outerwear is usually placed on a coat hanger, shoes that are in the hallway can create inconvenience and give the hall a messy appearance. Comfortable and stylish pieces of furniture will create an optimal system for storing shoes and will advantageously decorate the hallway.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

There are different types and forms of lockers for shoes. First of all, they are divided into two categories: open products (without doors) and closed models (with hinged, sliding and radical doors).

Open designs are most common in homes and apartments. This is due to the simplicity and convenience of products, as well as the ability to hold all the shoes designed for any number of family members. Thanks to the open design, the shoe dries faster, which is due to constant airing. The disadvantage of the model is that dust accumulates on the shoes, and this leads to the need for additional cleaning products.

Bedside tables with doors to the hallway are equipped with an additional locker for clothes or a bench on which you can sit down to put on shoes or take off shoes. This makes it possible to save space, because there is no need to look for space to accommodate additional ottomans and stools. Closed shoe holders perfectly protect shoes from dust and dirt, but wet shoes in such constructions dry for a long time and can provoke an unpleasant smell. Therefore, buying a closed model, be sure to think about the need for ventilation or the creation of air vents.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

Quite often there are combined options. For example, in addition to a closed locker, several open coasters are installed, adapted to accommodate casual shoes.

Helpful advice! An open shoe is not suitable for pet owners, as it will not be able to protect shoes from the teeth and claws of a pet.

Shoe boxes can be divided into six main types. The designs differ among themselves by technical parameters, the number of shelves, as well as placement (wall or floor). Some products are designed exclusively for drying shoes, while others are suitable for storage. There are these types of lockers for shoes in the hallway:

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

  • bollard;
  • rack;
  • hanger;
  • slim;
  • Dryer;
  • galoshnitsa

Helpful advice! Shoes for the hallway is not necessary to buy. If there is a desire, there are certain skills and there is a small set of the most simple tools, you can make any design yourself.

Obuvnitsa-slim (from the English “slim” – “thin, thin”) is a tall, narrow cabinet, equipped instead of the usual shelves with hinged doors that open at an angle of 45 or 90 °. The smaller the opening angle, the more space saving, but in this case it will be inconvenient to open and lay shoes. It is also not very good for high-toed shoes, since the products are deformed. This model is not suitable for storing suede boots, since creases are formed at the place of the folds.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

The usual width of such structures is 20 cm. The shoes in them are at an angle, which allows you to place a large number of pairs. Many modern models are equipped with radial shelves. This allows you to reduce the size of the product without loss of usable area.

The narrow shoe box (slim) is carried out both in floor, and wall option. The disadvantage of this design is that it is intended only for storing shoes, so for brushes and shoe care products you will have to find another place. It is also possible to accidentally flip the stand, since the narrow and tall design is not as stable as the wider models. To avoid this trouble, the product can be attached to the wall.

It is interesting! Obuvnitsa-slim recently very popular among buyers. Due to its parameters, it takes up little space, which means it is perfect for a small hallway and a corridor in a small apartment. The design looks beautiful and original.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

Usually in the hallway there is not enough space for a significant amount of furniture. Therefore, the combination of a shoe box and a small sofa is the best solution. The seat is very comfortable, especially for people who find it difficult to put on shoes or take off their feet while standing. Also, this design is useful to young parents, since it is much easier to seat the little fidget on the sofa than to fight with laces and velcro while holding the child in her arms.

Obuvnitsa with a seat is a low cabinet, on top of which is a soft seat with or without a back. The presence or absence of doors, offices for brushes and accessories, the number of shelves and drawers depend on the decision of manufacturers, as well as the personal choice of the owner of the house. Often, the width of the product is small, in connection with which there is only a place for shoes, and for storing small things you will have to look for a separate device.

Bedside tables with a seat for storing shoes are compact and cozy. Very often they are upholstered with a soft and pleasant to the touch material, for example, leather or velor.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway: comfortable and beautiful home furniture

The variety of a shoemaker with a seat is a bollard-stool. It differs from the usual shoe constructions by increased comfort and refinement. The product is often supplemented with a back, armrests, small and shallow shelves.

Obuvnitsa rack – the most capacious design among the above products. A family with a large number of households should definitely pay attention to this model. This product is often performed in the open form, but there are also closed versions. In the second case, the design resembles a rack with a vertical row of small cells, usually up to 1.5 m high, but there are models that reach the ceiling.

The main thing for most housewives is maintaining cleanliness in the hallway. This requires special furniture designed for convenient storage of seasonal shoes. A wardrobe for shoes can be bought with a headset in the hallway, but often this product is a separate piece of furniture.

Shoe cabinet placed on the floor or wall of the hallway. As for the type of construction, choose between the linear model and the corner shoebox in the hallway. The acquisition of a particular type of model depends on the specific situation, so it is important to consider the individual design of each room.

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