Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

From this article, you can find out what the water supply of a private house looks like from a well: a diagram of a tower and two-stage system, as well as communications with a pumping station, stages of building a water source, laying a pipeline at the site and connecting all elements. The text discusses the features of technology, the rules for selecting equipment and its installation.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

Water supply of a private house from a well: system diagram for a private house

Comforts in suburban areas are provided by a decentralized water source. In theory, the technology of the arrangement of the system is quite simple and involves the formation of a well, the installation of a caisson, the installation of a pipeline and an accumulation tank. By connecting all these elements together, and by connecting automatic equipment, you can supply water to the country house and provide comfortable conditions for the permanent residence of people there. Each of the listed stages of construction has its own nuances and subtleties, which should be read before starting work.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

The use of the well is accompanied by certain features that distinguish this system from the well:

  1. Water is taken from several horizons. For these purposes, can be used skating, as well as artesian and sandy levels.
  2. The wellhead is reliably sealed, because the hole in the well is much smaller in size than the well shaft.
  3. Since water is taken from a house through a well from great depths, there is a need to install volatile equipment, as well as a backup generator in case of power outages.

The system will also require the installation of a caisson. This element is located on the mouth. It is a pit, the depth of which is 1.5-2.5 m. Caisson is used to place equipment and tie-in the line under pressure, which is laid below the level of winter freezing of the soil.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

Before starting work on the organization of a water supply system that is powered by a well, it is imperative to draw up a preliminary diagram. This will make it possible to designate the direction in which construction will go, to divide this process into stages, to study in detail the nuances and difficulties of implementing each of them. Purification equipment will help to improve the quality of water. In most cases, for the suburban area will be sufficient installation of fine and coarse filters.

Note! If it comes to the acquisition of special equipment for the removal of iron or water softening, then this will require laboratory analysis of the sample from the well and the help of specialists. Otherwise, the purchase may result in a waste of money.

If you work independently on the development of a water supply scheme in a private house, you need to consider the basic parameters of the site and the system:

  • the depth of the aquifer in the soil;
  • zone where groundwater is located;

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

  • markings and indicators of materials used for construction;
  • dimensional parameters of the structures and elements of the system;
  • dimensions and placement of the caisson;
  • the point where the well will be formed;
  • characteristics of the underground source;
  • operating conditions at the site;
  • water consumption regime tenants.

The maximum working resource that is typical for artesian wells is up to 50 years. At the same time, filtration of the liquid is practically not required, since water has no impurities that can damage pumping equipment. The layout of the pipeline is selected based on the volume of daily water consumption and the flow rate of the source. This is necessary so that during peak hours the tenants can operate the system without restrictions.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

The possibility of placing both outside the building and inside it is distinguished by a well from a well. The source can go underground or on the ground floor. As a result, the maintenance system is greatly simplified, and it is also possible to reduce the cost of laying a water supply system. Home communications have a very simple structure. The system assumes the presence of a well within which or on its surface a pumping station is installed, transporting water to the points of consumption.

Helpful advice! If the house is used for temporary residence, it is necessary to organize a winter water supply system at the site, where internal circuits will be emptied when heating is not used.

In order to avoid difficulties in the further operation of the water supply system, it is necessary to foresee the options for solving problems typical of these communications.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

Uninterrupted operation of the system with each opening of the valve is possible only if the pipes maintain a stable water pressure. For this, the pumping equipment must operate continuously, with the result that the unit wears out quickly. For this reason, you should buy quality stations that are designed for high loads.

There is a possibility that the water supply will stop when the power is turned off. In this case, you need to provide an alternative solution to the problem or a way to create an additional supply of liquid.

The operation of the pump is accompanied by other difficulties. The unit must be powerful enough to provide water to multiple consumers at once. In addition, the equipment must be placed somewhere, so you have to allocate space for its installation.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

In view of the foregoing, the entry of water into the house from a well will require the presence of:

  1. Water source
  2. Surface or submersible pump with centrifugal action.
  3. Caisson for inset pipeline.
  4. A check valve that prevents the return of water when the pump is turned off.
  5. Expansion tank in the form of a hydroaccumulator, equipped with internal membranes.
  6. Filtration equipment to maintain water quality.
  7. Automatic system for monitoring the presence of water in the pumping equipment.

If the construction budget is limited, you can use the cumulative capacity, which is located at the highest point of the house. For these purposes, suitable attic or attic space. But the best option would be a pumping station in combination with a hydroaccumulator.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

Helpful advice! For difficult operating conditions, it is better to choose a two-step scheme. It will ensure uninterrupted operation of the system if the well is located far from a residential building, its depth exceeds 50 m, or the performance does not cover the residents’ requests during peak hours.

Tower water supply in a private house involves the placement of a storage tank in the attic. It is here that the pump catches the water to cover consumer requests during peak hours. According to this scheme, water moves through the system to the points of consumption by gravity.

For tower water supply, an essential element is an expansion tank. It may have a simple design or be additionally equipped with a float-type switch.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

The principle of the switch is:

  1. When the storage tank is full, the pump is turned off.
  2. As tenants consume water, the level of liquid in the tank decreases.
  3. When the water level reaches a certain point, the float is triggered and starts the pump to replenish the spent reserves.

This option is the arrangement of communications is the most budget, easy to maintain and reliable. Eliminates the likelihood of water hammer.

The scheme has drawbacks:

  • to install the tank you will need to occupy free space in the attic, which could be used for other needs;
  • the pressure in the internal water supply systems will be unstable, therefore the pressure in the taps may disappear;
  • the load on the supporting structures of the building increases;
  • the system needs warming.

Water supply of a private house from a well: communication scheme

The most convenient option in operation is the system using a pump station. On sale you can find a lot of devices designed to equip the autonomous water supply of a country house using centrifugal submersible units or vibrating devices.

Then the lower part of the tip with a rubber band is put on the well pipe for compaction. After that, the pump slowly lowers into the well, while every 1.5 m on the pipe is fixed heating cable, avoiding a strong stretch. The pump should be lowered to the very bottom, and then raised to the desired height. It will be necessary only to fix the equipment and fix the top part of the tip on the pipe.

Having considered the arrangement of the water supply, it can be concluded that the system for transporting water from a well to a house can be organized by yourself. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances and requirements of the technology. With a lack of knowledge and skills, this work can be trusted and experts. In this case, construction will be faster and of higher quality, but will cost much more.

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