Frame house – features and step-by-step construction

The construction of inexpensive frame houses is a good alternative to buildings built using brick technology, which are very popular in Russia. How do they stand out, what determines their cost and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Such buildings are erected quickly, regardless of weather conditions, from environmentally friendly materials. Such buildings are distinguished by good thermal insulation, but at the same time they poorly suppress external noise..

Frame house: construction technology

The design of such buildings, in contrast to brick buildings, is based on a frame, most often wooden, although today steel frames are also used. In the case of a timber frame, the durability of a building largely depends on the quality of the wood used. The most common and durable wood is pine or spruce, dried in a chamber, planed on four sides, treated with fire-fighting as well as antifungal compounds. Its moisture content should not exceed 18 percent..

The treated material is resistant to mold, mildew and insect larvae and is also fire resistant. The main structural element of such a building is beams with a section of 14 × 14 cm, located at a distance of 40 or 60 cm from each other. The frame is filled with insulating material, most often in the form of mineral wool or wood wool slabs. Sometimes polyurethane foam is also used for this purpose. Walls insulated in this way are well protected from cold and moisture. The outer layer of insulation is a windproof film, which is covered with OSB boards or plywood, and a vapor barrier film is used on the inside..

Construction cost

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question about the price of the construction of such a building, since the price depends primarily on the price list of a particular construction company. The cost also depends on the number of storeys in the building. Building a frame house with your own hands is not always cheaper than the efforts of specialized builders. Experts know how the phased construction of a frame house is carried out and where to buy materials.

The degree of complexity of the design and the layout of rooms in such buildings also have a significant impact on the final price. An open space with fewer partitions will be cheaper than a building with many rooms. The turnkey cost is even more difficult to estimate, since the final price is associated not only with the construction of the building, but also with the choice of finishing materials that differ in quality and price.In this case, the step-by-step construction of a frame house with an individual plan will differ from typical projects.


Wireframe technology has many advantages that support the choice of this technology. Among the strengths:

  • Saving time. Wooden buildings are erected in an average of three months.
  • Construction regardless of weather conditions. Buildings can be built almost all year round due to the lack of wet works (concreting and brickwork). Only when laying the foundation should you take into account the weather.
  • Environmental friendliness. Wooden structures are made from ecological materials and have a beneficial effect on health.
  • Ease of installation. In such buildings, all installation cables can be easily hidden under the wall cladding..


Despite the undoubted advantages of frame technology, such buildings also have disadvantages that should be considered when choosing a technology:

  • The construction of frame houses is carried out by specialized companies that provide comprehensive services that use step-by-step instructions for the construction of a frame house.
  • The frame structure contributes to the rapid warming up of the house when the heating is on, but the building also cools down quickly when the heating is turned off.
  • The walls of such structures do not suppress noise from the outside, so building a residential building of this type in a large urban agglomeration is not a good idea..

Timber frame houses are less fire resistant than houses built using other technologies.

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