How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

Laying tile on the floor – an extremely popular solution for the design of many rooms. However, not everyone knows that you can lay tiles in various ways, and in the process of working with different bases, you need to take into account certain nuances. Consider how to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying, features of technology and the specifics of the choice of a suitable material.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and their detailed description

Many owners devote a large amount of time and attention to the choice of a suitable finishing material, focusing on its color, texture and size. Of course, it is extremely important to choose a tile of a suitable size so that it is commensurate with the room, but the question of choosing the method of laying should not be left aside either. Consider all the popular options.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

The traditional way gets its name because it is used many times more often than all the others. Such popularity is due to the ease of installation, as well as the ability to use both square and rectangular tiles. In this case, the elements are laid in even rows parallel to the floor. At the same time it is extremely important to locate them as closely as possible to each other and to maintain an even arrangement of rows.

Helpful advice! To give the traditional method of laying an unusual appearance, you can use multi-colored tiles. This option will make the coating original, but at the same time it will allow to maintain a high speed of carrying out all the necessary work.

Despite its simplicity, this method, like the others, has certain nuances that need to be taken into account even before the laying work will be started:

  • all defects, irregularities and other factory defects will be strongly noticeable if the tile is laid in this way. Therefore, you must either carefully examine each element and eliminate inappropriate, or choose a different, less demanding way;
  • if the lining is made of tiles of the same color, the coating will look quite monotonous. This is not to say that this is a disadvantage, but it is worth considering this;
  • This option is only suitable for seamless ceramic tiles.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

Although laying tiles on the floor in the traditional way may well be carried out independently and subject to the absence of special skills, you will still have to pay attention to the issue of uniform masonry, as well as the size of the seams (both vertical and horizontal).

Laying tiles on the floor diagonally can rightly be called the most beautiful of all the options. But at the same time, the technology of its installation is the most complex, although at first glance it may seem that the basis is a simple traditional method. The main difficulty in this case is that it is necessary to perform accurate marking of the diagonal axes, which will serve as guidelines for the layout of the tile.

Moreover, a lot of time and effort will require the correct cutting of the tile, which also presents additional difficulties in the process of laying the tile in this way. However, thanks to this method, it is possible to hide almost any surface roughness. Especially well this option looks when facing a floor of small rooms.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

Important! In the process of laying the grid pattern should be located at an angle of 45 degrees, so that only a square tile is suitable for the implementation of this method. This must be taken into account before you put tiles in the bathroom in this way.

Interestingly, the drawing itself is completely self-sufficient, and even with the use of monochromatic tile, it always looks extremely interesting. But before you put the tile in this way, you need to understand that in the process you always get a lot of trimming. And this may not please the economical owner, who does not want to overpay for beauty, but when it comes to the need to visually expand the room or hide irregularities, then this method is undoubtedly the best.

As already mentioned, the main difficulty of this method is the calculation of a diagonal scheme. In addition, it is necessary to conduct a thorough preparation of the surface, dismantling the old coating, removing paint residues and priming the base before laying the tile. So you can arrange the tile as evenly as possible, spending a smaller amount of adhesive solution.

Laying the first row is made in the traditional way and for this is used rectangular tiles. At the same time, the length of its diagonal should correspond to the diagonal of square tiles that will be used as the main ones. Laying the second row is made using pre-prepared tiled triangles. Then everything is pretty simple – the rows are stacked on the principle of a diagonal layout in horizontal rows.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

Perhaps most of all, this method resembles brickwork. This solution looks original and is used quite often. Best in this case will look monochromatic tile of rectangular shape, although it is often possible to find the use of square tiles.

If you chose how to put a tile in the bathroom, you chose this option, then with its help you can solve two additional problems – to hide minor defects, and also to make the floor decoration interesting and original. And with the right choice of color solution, a tile laid down in a run can give a special atmosphere to a room. According to the recommendations of experts, this method is best suited for the design of such premises as the kitchen or corridor.

As for the features of the technology of laying tiles on the floor, it is important to know that the tile must be laid in horizontal rows, and each element of the next row must be located so that its middle coincides with the seam of the previous row.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

Important! It cannot be said that the procedure of laying itself differs significantly from the traditional one, however, there is one feature – the thickness of all the seams must necessarily be the same.

As an unusual solution, we can consider examples when laying with an offset is performed diagonally, that is, at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the wall. But in this case, it is extremely important to ensure that the surface is prepared in advance and as even as possible. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved.

Start laying with the location of the lighthouse plates in the corners of the room. So it will be possible to determine the level of the floor and correct the existing defects. After that, the screed is moistened with water and transferred directly to the laying of the tile using a solution. Do it in rows and on the lighthouse.

Then the masonry is leveled with a hammer, and the light plates are removed. After complete drying, which can take from two to three days, the seams are filled with a liquid solution or cement.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

The method of laying the flooring “Christmas tree” is most often used for flooring. This option looks very unusual, especially if you do not use oblong wooden elements, and tile. Naturally, only rectangular tiles are suitable for this purpose.

There are two options for laying the Christmas tree tile:

  • simple, which is no different from how it is done in the case of laying parquet;
  • with the attachment, for which additionally use tile inserts of small size. Often use elements of a different color or mosaic.

Saying that this method was originally intended for laying parquet, we can conclude that the best of all such a coating will look if its surface imitates wood. But for a tile that looks like a stone, this option is not very suitable, as it looks like it is rather unnatural in the end.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

In order to obtain the desired result and lay the “Christmas tree” tile, in the process of laying it is necessary to rotate the elements left or right, depending on the diagonal arrangement of the tile. The amount of waste in this case will be minimal, the visual effect is amazing.

Modular installation is an excellent solution for those who are new to working with tiles. In this case, the method allows you to decorate the surface as the owner wishes. It is enough to think about how to put the tiles in the bathroom on the floor, design a suitable pattern and carry out some necessary calculations.

The modular design will be an excellent solution for small rooms, especially since you can choose the right color and design yourself, taking into account the particular features of the interior. It is advisable to make the most accurate drawing, which includes an indication of the size of the tile, as well as the location of the seams.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

Helpful advice! If you do not want to independently engage in the development of the project, you can purchase a ready-made tile set and a scheme that demonstrates in detail how to put the tiles in the bathroom with your own hands.

The simplest solution is to use a modular effect, when a lot of small elements of various formats are depicted on one large tile. In this case, the main thing is to follow the principle of the model grid – the same pattern should be repeated many times. Given this, you can independently decide how to lay tiles in the bathroom beautiful and original.

The “labyrinth” method, or as it is also called “braid”, can be performed in various ways, but in the end it always gives the impression of intertwined strips, inside which a square of a different color or shade is located.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

In order to lay out the interlacing strips of the pattern you need to use a rectangular tile, and for the inner part – square elements of a smaller size.

Helpful advice! In order not to be mistaken with the size of the tile when buying, it is best to immediately fold one of the elements of the picture in the store. So you can make sure that all the elements match each other and look good together.

This method looks decent in any room, but if we are talking about laying tiles on the floor in the bathroom, then this option can be called ideal. Even with a small room area and the absence of a window, a properly selected shade of yellow in combination with such a pattern can create a lighting effect and make the bathroom lighter and more comfortable.

How to lay tiles on the floor: ways of laying and technology features

After reviewing the details of how to lay tiles on the floor, as well as how to properly rub the seams on the tile, in most cases you can without hesitation get down to work. However, viewing the training video, which demonstrates each stage of work in detail and provides useful recommendations from experts in this matter, can also be very useful.

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