Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

Entrance doors protect an apartment or a private house from unwanted entry by unauthorized persons. Metal models are becoming increasingly popular every year, as they have an increased level of security. However, the repair of metal doors is a rather difficult event. This is due to the complexity of their design. The method of repair work is determined depending on the nature of the breakdown.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

Rules for the repair of entrance doors

Most of the faults that occur during the operation of the entrance doors can be eliminated without the help of a specialist with your own hands. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of repair of metal structures, which will eliminate errors during this event.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

Door repair in an apartment or a private house has a certain algorithm. Its features are determined depending on the material of the input group. However, the elimination of certain types of faults is common to all types of door leafs.

Regardless of the material from which the structure is made, the first step is always a preliminary inspection. It is necessary to evaluate the existing fault and select the best way to eliminate it. At this stage, the selection of tools that will be used during the repair, as well as additional materials (if necessary) is determined.

Note! For the repair of metal doors in an apartment or a private house can not use improvised means. If it is necessary to completely replace a particular part, it is recommended to select a new device so that it fully corresponds to the broken element in its technical characteristics.

If during the repair of the metal blade, tools functioning from the electrical network are used, it is necessary to check their serviceability. Any malfunction of the tool can lead to errors during repair work. After elimination of defects it is recommended to take all preventive measures in order to avoid repeated breakage. For example, you can mount a closer that contributes to the smooth movement of the structure.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

In the case of recourse to specialists, the cost of repairs may vary depending on the complexity. The price of repairing the door is the main factor to be guided by when choosing a method of troubleshooting.

During operation, the surface of the door with facing (or without it) wears out. Ultimately, this may lead to the need for product restoration. In this case, the canvas should be removed from the hinges and carry out all work in a horizontal position – this method will be more convenient.

During the operation of the entrance web, it is affected by various adverse factors. They can be both physical and mechanical. There are the most vulnerable elements that make up the door structure, which are most often subject to wear and tear and various breakdowns:

  • Castle;
  • fittings (hinges, handles, peephole);
  • door frame;
  • surface of the canvas;
  • platbands.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

The most common failure today is the failure of the locking mechanism of the steel door lock. Repair of this device is possible, but it is extremely difficult to carry it out yourself. Often, a complete replacement of the lock is required, which is also not a simple event. For a person who does not have experience in this matter, dismantling an old device and inserting a new one can be a difficult task.

Hardware failure is a common problem. In this case, doing an independent repair is quite simple, but you need to consider the degree of complexity of the problem. For example, repairing a door closer that limits its opening is quite difficult. Most often, closers fail due to curvature or in the event of an oil leak.

Useful information! Problems with the door frame most often occur due to incorrect installation. A very important point – the correct selection of the weight of the canvas. Some boxes change their geometry due to the fact that the door has too much weight.

A common problem is the jamming of the lock. The reason for this is the failure of the core of the mechanism – the secretion. And the door can jam at the most inopportune moment, for example, when you are outside the living room. Door leaf is subject to wear, which leads to the loss of its original appearance. The outer surface of a metal door is most often sheathed with decorative facing materials or coated with paintwork to increase its service life.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

When using a door, mechanical factors very often influence its decorative elements. The platbands are most susceptible to damage, so their replacement is a fairly common event. It is worth noting that each malfunction primarily arises due to improper operation of the door structure.

As mentioned above, the toolkit is selected depending on the reason for which the failure occurred. The complexity of the restoration of a structural element is taken into account when choosing appropriate devices. Consider what tools are used during troubleshooting various problems in the work of input webs.

When the distortion of the door frame an indispensable tool is the construction level. Its use allows you to adjust and fix the design in the desired position. Measuring tape is also used quite often when correcting geometric problems of input structures.

What other tools are used when repairing the entrance doors in the apartment and private house? From electronic equipment most often used screwdriver. To fix the door frame and hinges need screws. Often there is a need to eliminate the voids between the door frame and the opening. In this case, do not do without mounting foam.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

To fix some elements of decorative plating, use a special glue. For marking using a regular pencil. In addition, you may need hexagons and a construction knife.

Useful information! To eliminate squeak, use a special lubricant for the hinges or ordinary engine oil.

All of the above tools are used to repair metal input structures. If it is necessary to carry out the restoration of an iron door, additional materials used as a cladding may be useful.

The reasons for the breakdown of the lock installed in the front door, there are quite a lot. The possibility of a malfunction will be higher if the device is not of good quality. Improper operation also increases the chance of breakage. Consider the most common causes that lead to malfunctions.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

The tongue is not fixed. As a rule, the reason for this is the insufficient dimensions of the mating hole cut in the door frame. In some cases, problems associated with closing the door may arise due to its skewing. In the first case, the tongue itself is bored to repair the lock. And also it is possible to simply displace the mating hole so that it is located more precisely in relation to the tongue of the lock. The second problem is resolved by adjusting the position of the door frame and leaf.

Hardly the door opens. The most likely cause of such a malfunction may be the fact that the lock was skewed during operation. During the preliminary inspection of the door it is recommended to pay attention to the evenness of the tank. This problem is solved by repairing the front door lock in the apartment. This event involves adjusting the position of the locking device.

Another common problem is sticking a key in a locking device. It is worth noting that most often the owners of metal doors face such a problem. In this case, two reasons are possible: debris entering the mechanism and the displacement of individual elements of the device. In order to repair the entrance iron door, you will need to dismantle it, disassemble and repair it. Next, you need to lubricate its internal elements, assemble them and set back.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

Jammed lock. The main reason for the occurrence of such a problem is the state of the locking device of the locking device. Repairing the entrance door larvae on your own is quite difficult. Therefore, as a rule, such a problem is solved by replacing the old mechanism with a new secret key.

Useful information! Before you begin to repair the castle, you must determine its type and pay attention to the photo, which will help to understand the structure of the mechanism. Most often entrance doors are supplied with cylindrical protective devices. At the second place are the level locks.

If the core of the lock is out of order, you will need to replace it yourself. Before you buy a new bot, you need to determine its type. The core may be cylindrical or suvaldnoy. You should know how to perform the replacement cylindrical locks on their own.

First of all, it is necessary to dismantle the armored plate – the protective plate of the locking mechanism. Then you need to unscrew the screw in the front part of the door. It is a fixing element. Repair of the door lock larvae should be carried out as accurately as possible, since there is a possibility of damage to the locking mechanism.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

After removing the fixing screw, it is required to reach the cylinder. Installing a new core is quite simple. It is inserted into the place of the old sekretki, after which the same manipulations that were described above are performed, only in reverse order.

It is worth remembering that the new core should be identical to the broken secret. Otherwise, this item cannot be replaced. In some situations it may be necessary to completely replace the lock. It is recommended to repair the door with your own hands without haste. If after installing the new bot failed to fix the problem, you need to re-examine, which will determine the nature of the problem more accurately.

Repair of the lock of the front door lock in the level lock is impossible. This is due to the design features of this locking mechanism. In case of failure of the core of the leveling lock, there remains only one solution – its complete replacement. Before starting work it is recommended to study the step by step instructions of this process.

The first stage of replacing the leveling mechanism involves the displacement of crossbars (by means of a key). To replace the lock of this type, you must open the door. Then you need to unscrew the screws, which fix the mechanism. They are located on the end surface of the door leaf.

Repair metal entrance doors: how to fix the canvas

At the next stage, the locking device is extracted and replaced with a new mechanism. After that, you need to fix the new level lock with screws (on the end).

Note! Many companies produce canvases that simplify the repair of the entrance metal door lock in the apartment. They are equipped with a mechanism that can be repaired with the recoding of the levers. This option is much easier than a complete replacement of the locking device.

It should be said that other types of mechanisms are not very reliable. Some of them have no possibility of replacement, since it is impossible to find parts suitable for them on sale. For example, these mechanisms include cruciate larvae. The cost of repairing the door lock of the front door in this case increases, since the device must be completely replaced. If a similar element fails, the best solution is to install a new lock.

The price of insulated metal entrance doors of the street, which are of good quality, is quite high. Therefore, self-installation of insulation material is an excellent solution to increase the functionality and operational life of the canvas.

Repair of metal canvases installed at the entrance to a private house or apartment, primarily takes into account the definition of the cause of failure. Some faults can be repaired in minutes. Of course, you need to understand the general principles of the design of a metal door. It is worth saying that if necessary, you can always contact a specialist who will quickly resolve the problem and also provide a guarantee.

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