Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

The biggest disadvantage of gas ovens that are steadily passing away in the past is the factor that each of them can be assessed according to the principle: baking is good or bad — the bottom burns, the top does not redden, inhomogeneous flame, etc. These are not all possible problems. The desktop electric oven is designed so that it cannot have such defects. The question is, what are the functions, dimensions and methods of control for a particular model?

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

Main technical characteristics of desktop electric ovens

It is almost impossible to find a modern kitchen, which will not be an oven in one form or another. Many prefer it is a detached oven. This choice is due to a number of significant advantages:

  • possibility of installation in a place that does not require special training;
  • the oven can be rearranged if necessary;
  • certain amenities during use;
  • comfortable control of information on the control panel, as it is located almost at eye level;
  • ease of care.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

Depending on the purpose of use and in accordance with the technical characteristics, desktop electric ovens for the kitchen are divided into several types:

  • mini ovens table;
  • ovens in standard sizes;
  • mini pizza ovens;
  • convection mini ovens;
  • professional mini ovens;
  • professional electric stoves.

A variety of variants of models within one type makes the choice of an electric oven rather complicated process. Dimensions, volume, power, a set of functions and a control method are the main characteristics of this item of household electrical engineering. The issue of safe use is also relevant. It is necessary to possess certain knowledge in order to correctly assess the level of potential danger of a particular model in the process of its operation.

The volume of the electric oven is directly dependent on its dimensions. In accordance with the sizes distinguish the following types of ovens:

  • standard;
  • compact;
  • narrow;
  • wide;
  • mini ovens.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

The volume of electric ovens starts from 23 liters. The maximum value is 162 liters. Standard ovens traditionally have a volume of 60-70 liters. Compact characterized by a capacity of 20-40 liters. The smallest tabletop electric ovens are mini ovens and mini ovens, the volume of which starts from 5 liters.

Depending on the volume of these types of ovens:

  • capacious (volume is above 70 l);
  • medium (have a volume in the range of 60 l);
  • compact (volume not more than 40 liters);
  • mini ovens (volume is 5-20 liters).

An electric oven, a small oven will consume much less electricity than a large oven. Depending on the energy consumption, electroovens may have class A, B and C. According to their economy, products are divided into classes A + and A ++. The class A unit consumes electricity by 20% more than class A + electrical engineering. Ovens of class A + from A ++ are similarly distinguished by 20% of electricity consumption. Cost effectiveness is obvious and substantial.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

The power of ovens ranges from 1 to 4 kW. Consequently, this technique requires compliance with certain technical conditions when connecting.

Helpful advice! When choosing an electric oven, be sure to take into account the condition of the wiring in the room where it will be installed. For units with a capacity of more than 2.5 kW, a separate wire should be drawn from the distribution board.

The power of the electric oven affects the level of energy consumption. The advantages of such modern electrical engineering are as follows: the higher the power, the faster the cooking process, less power consumption, and therefore, reduced financial costs for power supply.

Modern electric tabletop ovens are characterized by a large number of regimes that contribute to high-quality cooking:

  1. Convection. A fan is installed on the back wall of the oven, which evenly distributes hot air throughout the entire volume of the cabinet. The dish is equally baked on all sides. Convection contributes to the formation of golden crust, which makes the food more appetizing and tasty. There are models where the fans are equipped with additional heating elements.
  2. Wet convection (steam). Dishes prepared in this mode retain more nutrients, the products do not dry out.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

There are models of ovens with two fans, two-chamber. You can cook two different dishes at the same time, while smells do not mix. Convection significantly shortens the cooking process.

  1. Grill. The function for toasting and creating crisp. There are several varieties: small grill, large grill and turbo grill. Small grill is used to make croutons. Large suitable for roasting large quantities of delicate foods, such as vegetables. A turbo grill will cook a chicken or a large piece of meat. Often, a spit comes in the oven with a grill, the rotation of which contributes to even roasting.
  2. Accelerated heating. This mode contributes to the rapid heating of the oven, which saves time and energy.
  3. Fast warming up. Designed to heat the internal space of the oven.
  4. Pizza. In this mode, you can cook a pizza in a few minutes.
  5. Tangential cooling. Does not allow to mist over to glasses, it is possible to watch process of preparation freely.
  6. Fan. Warns control panel heating.
  7. Timer. Turns off the cooking process exactly after the set time has elapsed by beeping.
  8. 3D. Hot air comes not only from the upper and lower heaters, but also from the ring – the flow from three sides. It promotes faster cooking, in this mode it is convenient to dry vegetables and fruits.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort


Functions of ovens:

  1. Automatic program. This is a function that starts the cooking process after pressing a single button pointing to a specific dish. Time and temperature are already programmed.
  2. Microwave It is used for heating and cooking.
  3. Thermoprobe Controls and displays the temperature inside the dish.
  4. Thermostat. Regulates maintenance of necessary temperature in an oven.
  5. Self-cleaning Allows cleaning, after which the surface should only be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  6. Lock control panel. Eliminates the possibility of accidentally clicking on the control panel.

To provide many modes, it is necessary to install additional elements in the oven, and, consequently, this requires an increase in size. Electric tabletop mini oven usually does not have a large number of modes and functions. But the main ones (convection, grill, self-cleaning) in modern models are.

Management of electric ovens can be of three types:

  • mechanical;
  • sensory;
  • electronic.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

Mechanical control is most often present in mini-ovens. These are a few knobs with which the turning movement includes temperature, time, mode or function. They are often located on the front of the right, sometimes – on top.

Touch control option is typical for modern models. Touching the screen selects the desired function, mode, time, etc. Electronic control is performed by pressing the buttons, and the set parameters are displayed. The control panel of the latter two types is traditionally located in the upper part of the oven.

Despite the fact that the touch and electronic controls are more modern and are installed on expensive models, the mechanical method continues to be applied, and it also has several advantages:

  • high reliability;
  • reasonable price;
  • resistance to surges and voltage drops;
  • easy to use.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

Positive features of ovens with electronic and touch controls:

  • original look;
  • more accurate setting of time and temperature of preparation;
  • a large number of functions and modes;
  • availability of automatic programs;
  • the ability to record and save recipes in memory.

Helpful advice! When choosing the oven you need to focus on the availability and comfort of use.

The company Gorenje specializes only in the production of electrical appliances for the home. You can buy an electric oven from this European manufacturer in almost any hardware store. A large range of prices, the use of modern technology and time-tested quality leads the company to a number of sales leaders.

The Italian company Ariston supplies to the market a large number of household electrical appliances at an affordable price. Inexpensive models are not distinguished by wide functionality, but are affordable and economical. Although it should be noted that the premium models of this manufacturer are also in demand.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

The price of Electrolux electroovens is 5-10% higher than the average market value, but the equipment of this company is distinguished by an interesting design, durability and safety of use.

The popular brand Bosch produces mainly built-in appliances. However, small electric desktop ovens with convection are in demand. They differ in build quality and a large set of functions for such models.

Household appliances Zanussi, in particular electric, is compact, which is important for kitchens typical block houses. Prices for the products of this company are quite loyal.

Reliable and affordable equipment Candy. This company has such designer lines as Maxi, Elite, Pop Evo, Pop Maxi, Classic, Smart.

Kaiser electric ovens are distinguished by high price and a good level of quality and reliability. This German manufacturer pays special attention to safety. Ovens have the most complete and modern functionality.

Oven tabletop electric: a variety of functions and components of comfort

Whirlpool wind ovens stand out for their simplicity and ease of use. Interesting design, low price, combined with good quality – the main characteristics of this technique.

Beko produces mostly low-cost models. Cheaper prices are not at the expense of quality, but by optimizing the set of modes and functions.

A tabletop electric oven with convection makes modern any kitchen. Electroovens greatly simplified the process of cooking, taking over the functions of control and adjustment. Meals began to look much more appetizing, individual modes allow you to cook diet food.

The right choice is a prerequisite for the most comfortable use of the functionality of ovens with a minimum of physical costs.

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