Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

In an effort to expand the useful space of the bathroom and modernize the atmosphere, many prefer ergonomic designs for water treatment. The shower cubicle is a practical and multifunctional device. It does not take much space. To create a truly warm, relaxing and soothing atmosphere, it is important to properly design the bathroom with a shower.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

The undeniable advantages of a shower in the bathroom

In the modern interiors of the bathroom – the photo clearly confirms this – more often you can see the shower cabin instead of the traditional bath. Such popularity is due to the significant advantages of this sanitary product. The shower cabin has more compact dimensions that allows to enter a design even in the most small-sized room. This frees up enough space to accommodate a washing machine or furniture items to store various accessories. In the shower you can quickly take a shower. This allows to significantly reduce water consumption, which does not affect the effectiveness of water procedures.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

Due to the presence of hermetic doors during showering, water does not splash around the room, and the inside of the cabin is kept warm. Modern models of shower cubicles are equipped with various functions, ranging from aromatherapy and ending with hydromassage. There may also be a telephone and a radio. Pallets have anti-slip coating that minimizes the risk of injury during a shower. The depth of the designs may be different.

Helpful advice! Deep shower trays can be used for bathing small children.

Due to the wide variety of design models, the shower stall fits easily into any interior of the room, creating a unique atmosphere in the bathroom.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

Despite a number of distinctive advantages, showers have their drawbacks. During the implementation of water procedures, you can stand or sit here, which can be uncomfortable for older people. The more additional functions the product has, the more significant its dimensions will be. If the water pressure is low, you will not be able to use all the possibilities of the shower stall. To make the design look aesthetically pleasing, it is regularly necessary to clean its relief surface, which is a more labor-intensive process than taking care of a traditional bath.

Today, manufacturers produce a wide range of products that differ in the type, size, shape, material of manufacture and design design. When choosing a specific model, it is important to take into account the characteristics and dimensions of the room. When planning a small bathroom should be preferred compact model, which is conveniently located in the corner. For spacious bathrooms, the shower can be of any shape and size, but the design should not unnecessarily overload the space.

Important! For convenient use of a shower stall, it is necessary to arrange free access to it, without blocking the way by other devices.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

The shape and size of the product are selected on the basis of the installation location of the booth, which depends on the layout of the rooms, the varieties of which are shown in the photo options for bathrooms. For a square-shaped room, preference should be given to corner models, which are conveniently located in the corner opposite the entrance door. If a doorway is located in the central part of the wall, the booth should be in the far corner.

For rectangular rooms, suitable designs are square, round and rectangular in shape. The cabin can be located along the wall with a doorway or in front of it.

Open-type showers are equipped with side surfaces, but do not have rear panels and bases. Such structures are attached to the ceiling and walls of the bathroom. Built-in showers have glass doors that are assembled in a profile made of stainless steel or aluminum and tightly attached to the walls.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

Open cabins, which are also called shower corners, are economy class products. They have a basic set of features. This is because the design does not have a ceiling, and features such as a rain shower, sauna or aromatherapy, will be effective in an enclosed space. Different versions of the booths can be seen in the photo of the design of the bathroom with a shower unit.

Installation of open-type models requires high-quality waterproofing and leveling of the floor, walls and ceiling. Mounted such a shower only in a niche or in a corner of the room. This model can also be installed directly on the bathroom floor. In this case, the concrete bowl is cast, which is finished with tiles with anti-slip surface.

Corner shower occupies a minimum of space. The maximum height of the structures is 1.7 m, width – 0.9 m. Their installation is easy, not laborious, so there is no need to resort to the services of specialists. Products have an affordable price that is acceptable for people with limited financial capabilities. The price of an open shower is within 7-22 thousand rubles. Among the disadvantages of open-type cabins are the following:

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

  • thorough installation of the elements of the product;
  • time-consuming repair of engineering communications;
  • high level of humidity in the room;
  • the inability to install an ozonation system and a steam generator.

A fully autonomous sanitary unit in the form of a closed-type shower stall consists of a pallet, walls and a ceiling, equipped with many additional functions. The pallet has a depth of 3 to 45 cm. Most often it is made of acrylic or stainless steel. The supporting structure can be aluminum or stainless.

For the manufacture of the side walls used transparent, translucent silicate glass or plexiglass. Also used monolithic polycarbonate, which can take any form. Doors open hinged or sliding way. The first option requires additional space. Variations of closed boxes can be seen in the photo repairs of bathrooms with shower.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

This design has solid dimensions, which requires much more free space than for open models. The enclosed shower cubicle can have a different shape, size and is made of various materials. The design is easily mounted and dismantled, which provides the ability to transport or remove the device when performing repair facilities.

Indoor shower in the apartment is characterized by several advantages:

  • high level of soundproofing;
  • increased moisture insulation that does not affect the indoor climate;
  • wide variety of design;
  • easy and quick installation;
  • a large set of additional features.

The operation of the shower stall is controlled by an electronic controller. By simply pressing a button, you can select the desired mode of operation of the device. There are models equipped with mechanical control, characterized by lower cost. You can buy a shower box for 30-40 thousand rubles. There are exclusive designer models, the cost of which can reach up to 150 thousand rubles.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

Indoor showers are equipped with the following functions:

  • horizontal hydromassage,
  • Turkish bath;
  • rain shower;
  • chromotherapy;
  • aromatherapy;
  • contrast shower;
  • voice control;
  • by ventilation.

Horizontal hydromassage is carried out with the help of air bubbles and elastic jets of water, which give in to the necessary intensity, and in a certain order. Such a procedure relaxes the body, improves the body’s blood circulation and metabolism, and helps in the fight against cellulite and overweight. Hydromassage can be horizontal or vertical. The number of nozzles through which water is supplied determines the quality of the procedure. The more of them, the more effective the hydromassage will be.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

The Turkish bath is organized thanks to the built-in steam generator through which the closed space is soaked with steam. Thus, high air humidity is created at low water temperatures. The function of this function is possible with a certain pressure of water in the pipes. You can give a couple a different flavor using aroma oil.

A tropical shower is formed through the work of a special nozzle on the roof of the booth, which when turned on allows you to disperse the smallest droplets of water, creating the effect of rain. Chromotherapy is carried out thanks to LEDs of different colors built into the ceiling of the booth that stain water. Subsequent color perception contributes to healing the body. Contrast shower is performed by alternately supplying hot and cold water in a given temperature range.

Helpful advice! The presence of a large number of different functions in the shower requires the supply of electricity to it. For reliable and durable work, it is better to isolate a separate cable line by performing its grounding.

The combined models combine a bath and a stall. This can be a full bath, which is closed by the side walls. Depending on the design, the cabin may have a top cover or be installed without it. There are open and closed models. In the first embodiment, the cabin is fenced only by doors – without a ceiling. Closed models are a full-fledged shower box. There are combined baths with shower curtains having different shapes.

Bathroom design with shower: non-trivial design variations

Designs with a high pallet (up to 40 cm) should be chosen for families with children. Small devices with a shower in the bathroom, having a pallet height of 10-15 cm, are suitable for older people. For the rest of the category, the best option is considered a height of 20-30 cm. The shower cabin of the combined type is equipped with all the functions of a closed flask and is complemented by a jacuzzi. Such products are installed in large rooms – an area of ​​at least 7-8 m ?. The average cost of these booths is 65 thousand rubles. The indoor hydromassage box with a deep well and a multifunctional shower cabin, which cost up to 100 thousand rubles, is very popular.

Provence style will help fill the room with air, freshness and floral scent. The design is characterized by the use of natural shades found in nature: white, vanilla, lavender, yellow, turquoise, olive. The highlight of the room will be blotches of burnt flowers, artificially aged surfaces. The whole naturalness of the style can be seen in the photo of the beautiful interiors of the bathrooms.

A shower cubicle is an essential element in modern bathrooms. This is not only a multifunctional design, thanks to which you can recreate a spa room in your own home, but also a stylish interior element. The modern range includes models of different sizes, shapes and designs, which makes it possible to choose a product that meets all stated requirements. Properly designed interior of the room will help to recreate a warm, cozy, peaceful atmosphere that will help you relax and tune in a positive way after a hard working day.

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