Electric instantaneous water heater

The electric instantaneous water heater on the faucet is a special type of water heaters, which is the smallest and most convenient to install. For some time in the kitchens it is he who is popular. Why it happened so we will try to figure it out.

Electric instantaneous water heater

Flowing electric water heater on the faucet: device and installation procedure

When there is no hot water in the apartment at all, powerful boilers are installed that are able to provide hot water to all water points. In conditions of periodic interruptions with hot central water supply, it is much more profitable to install a flowing electric water heater on the faucet. It is a small device that looks like a thickened middle part of the crane. In this thickening is a powerful electric heating element and a water flow sensor.

How to choose an electric instantaneous water heater. Using a heater in the apartment. Source of hot water for domestic use. Features electric flow boilers.

The device provides hot water flow. That is, the water flowing through the device contacts the heating elements and heats up. Power is regulated by a rheostat, the handle of which is located on the body of the product. Most often, the adjustment range is defined in the range from 40 to 70 degrees. Since the water heater is flow-through, the level of heating can also depend strongly on the water flow in the system.

Electric instantaneous water heater

These devices are equipped with always and necessarily protective electronic device RCD. It is designed to instantly disconnect the device from the mains in case of breakdown of electricity. This avoids electrical shock. RCD installed directly on the network cable of the heater. Among other things, inside the case of the device there is protection against overheating. It turns on while reducing the flow of water in the system.

Helpful advice! To prevent the instantaneous water heater from working out the protection, it is necessary to monitor the water pressure in the system, and also not to set the rheostat to its maximum position for a long time.

Electric instantaneous water heater

Installing a running electric water heater on the faucet is made easier than all other water heaters. No additional components are needed here. First of all, we make the removal of a conventional mixer from the sink, for which we shut off the water with a common valve at the entrance to the apartment and unscrew the flexible liner. In place of the crane, we install the device and connect the flexible supply hose to it through a 1/2 thread connection. A cord equipped with a RCD is connected to a 220 V household network. After that, the RCD is tested, for which the “test” button on its case is pressed. The device should turn off.

If everything is fine, then click on the big button. In all instantaneous water heaters, a water flow sensor is installed, which signals the automation to turn on the faucet. Therefore, to start the device you just need to open the valve. A few seconds after this, the water will heat up and it will become the required temperature.

Electric instantaneous water heater

Helpful advice! So that when the centralized hot water supply is resumed, the device could simply not be plugged into the network, you need to turn it on regardless of the main tap. To do this, a hole is drilled in the sink with the same diameter as that of the tap. A water heater is screwed to it and attached with flexible hose through a splitter to a pipe with cold water. In this case, dismantling the main crane is not required.

Since the power of instantaneous electric water heaters on the faucet is small and lies in the range from 3 to 5 kW, a separate wiring is not required. However, when using more powerful devices, it is necessary, in agreement with the management company, to conduct a separate cable from the counter of the desired cross section.

Electric instantaneous water heater

Many well-known companies produce instant flow-free water heaters, which are installed directly on the faucet. All of them are needed to supply hot water to only one water outlet and have a small power consumption. Consider some popular models:

  • A brand like Aquaterm is well known to consumers. Its instantaneous water heaters have a beautiful appearance, are quickly mounted, and are also equipped with water purifying filters. The heating element in these devices has a very high class of reliability. The device has overheat protection and RCD. Water heats up very quickly to 60 degrees with the help of heating elements, with a capacity of 3 kW. The cost of the models of this brand starts from 60 USD;

Electric instantaneous water heater

  • “Delimano” – a flow-through electric water heater on the faucet, equipped with a rheostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature of the water flowing through it. It has a very fast heating and attractive body design. The device is made of plastic and can withstand pressure up to 0.8 MPa. Water temperature – 60 degrees with a power of 3 kW. Its minimum cost is 40 cu;
  • Aquastream has a very small size and good energy savings. With a power consumption of 2.5 kW, it is able to heat water to the same 60 degrees, and all this at a cost of 40 cu;

Electric instantaneous water heater

  • Instantaneous water heater “Electrolux” has several modifications of different power, which varies from 3.5 to 6, 5 kW. Devices of this brand have all degrees of protection, both from injury by current and overheating. Their design is suitable for any kitchen interior or bathroom. The instantaneous electrolux water heater is one of the most well-known brands on the market. At the same time, the prices of the water heater-tap, produced by this company, start from only 30 cu

Choosing a water heater, you must pay attention to the brand and technical characteristics of the device. Their choice depends on the installation location of the device. If it is intended only to supply boiling water to the kitchen for washing dishes, then the weakest power brands will fit. In the case when the water heater is planned to be installed to fill the bath with hot water or for a shower, then you need to choose much more powerful appliances.

Electric instantaneous water heater

Helpful advice! In order to check whether you are satisfied with the capacity of the water heater, you need to find the capacity of a known volume. Then you need to turn on the valve to the required pressure and note the time during which the container is filled with water of the required temperature. If 10 liters runs in 2 minutes, then this pressure is enough for a shower. A smaller head can only be used for a crane.

People have different attitudes to running electric water heaters on the faucet. Reviews of this device are confirmation of this.

Electric instantaneous water heater

“Our city does not differ much from other cities in the quality of hot water supply. Therefore, I bought a water heater, which is placed directly on the faucet. He was advised to me by my good friends, who had set him up at home for a long time. Install it was not difficult. People said that there would be a lot of electricity consumed, but I didn’t notice a big difference when I paid for electricity. Now I understand – because the tap is turned on for a short time, washing dishes. In general, it suits me, although, of course, he cannot completely replace the hot water supply. ”

Alexey Kazakov, Bratislava.

“Flowing electric water heaters on the faucet, reviews of which I repeatedly heard earlier, began to use a year ago. Bought it for a shower. Unfortunately, I was wrong in choosing the device. We have a small pressure in the water supply, so the water runs very poorly through the shower watering can. At the same time, it is very hot in the device. You have to adapt somehow. In general, in my circumstances I was disappointed with the device. ”

Nikolay Ustyugov, Salekhard.

Electric instantaneous water heater

“Yesterday I installed a flow-through water heater on the faucet. Now there will always be hot water in the kitchen. Finally, the wife will stop me nagging. The device works normally, the pressure in my water supply is sufficient for it. The device I bought more expensive with a temperature controller. It is very convenient, and allows you to set the desired temperature without increasing or decreasing the flow of water. In general, I am quite happy with my tap-mounted electric water heaters, which is why I leave positive feedback. ”

Yuri Alekseev, Saratov.

Having considered the characteristics of certain types of instantaneous water heaters, it can be understood that they can only be used for one water outlet. To supply the entire apartment with hot water, we need appliances with much greater power.

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