Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

The most pleasant stage of repair – decorating the premises. But even a small change in the design can significantly transform and refresh the room. Having given free rein to the imagination, using the means at hand, one can spend free time with pleasure and advantage. A reward for the efforts will be elegant interior, comfort and good mood. A thematic article about the decoration of the walls with their own hands will help in this: original ideas, photos, with vivid examples of design.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

Wall decor: function in the interior, the purpose of decoration

In the modern world – the design of the room indicates the style, taste, wealth and abilities of the owner. The components of a beautiful and harmonious interior are not only exquisite furniture, fashion trends in decoration and original lamps. Wall decoration is an important detail that will help make the overall image of the room complete and harmonious.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

Wall decoration, as an element of a successful interior, performs one or several functions:

  1. Aesthetic. The wall decor in the apartment is first of all their decoration.
  2. Creating a unique design. Walls decorated with homemade crafts demonstrate the skills of the owners and the originality of the design.
  3. Informative. A small gallery of photos, paintings, engravings clearly tells about the composition of the family, or shows a certain collection.
  4. Masking – the decoration of the walls will help to hide the flaws in the finish and even visually correct design errors. The selected main segment in the decor of the room will divert attention from the less well-designed functional area.
  5. Economical. Sometimes a simple change in the way the walls are decorated will help to delay repairs for a while. Original decorating ideas with the help of color and texture accents will radically change the atmosphere in the room, giving it new notes.

Using handemade in the design of the room can perform several functions at once. For example, do-it-yourself wall decor with handy materials will help not only to increase the uniqueness of the interior, but also significantly save the owners’ expenses for its design.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

Helpful advice! Involvement of children in decorating will contribute to the rapprochement in the family and the formation of certain skills in the smallest households. The result is a beautiful interior, a joint pastime of parents and children, the transfer of useful experience from the older generation to the younger one.

Successful decoration implies a skillful combination of decoration elements with a basic coating and wall material. Even at the stage of construction or leveling the surface you need to decide on the future design. Decorative elements can be located at different technical levels:

  • Zero means applying a decor on the base capital wall of concrete, brick or wood, pre-primed and plastered;
  • the first one is a wall with a starting plaster coating;
  • the second – the level of the wall with finishing plaster, possibly already painted;
  • the third is a wall in the habitable room, where decorations serve to hide defects;
  • independent – the surface of the walls does not particularly affect the decoration.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

From a technological point of view, the higher the operating level, the simpler and less costly the decor. At the same time, it is less resistant and short-lived.

At the zero-third technical level, decoration may involve the performance of certain finishing works. The main types of finishes are:

  • graphic image on the wall – the creation of paintings using dyes for the interior;
  • applying frescoes – textured pattern is applied to the wet finishing material;
  • using tiles and mosaics – ceramic, earthenware, glass or other parts are glued to the surface of the wall, which ultimately represent the overall picture;
  • Finished objects of decoration – the simplest and most common type of decoration, which includes many ways and allows you to realize various ideas by attaching objects to the wall.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

Materials used in decorating during the construction phase:

  • putty – with its help level the surface under any decoration and create textured elements;
  • paints and varnishes – necessary to create the basis and details of the image;
  • wallpaper – used as an independent element of decoration or as a basis for painting;
  • tiles made of glass, faience or ceramics – used as an independent finishing material or part of it.

Designers quite often at the stage of finishing work suggest leaving one or more walls in the form of brickwork. Sometimes brick or imitation materials are used as a decoration element. An interesting solution to the design of such a wall is full or partial painting.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

Helpful advice! In order to get beautiful walls in the end, it is necessary to prepare the foundation before decorating. The wall must be flat and covered with plaster, paint, varnish or other substrate.

To create a graphic pattern should be prepared putty, paint, patterns or stencils, brushes, spray.

It is not necessary to have the talent of the artist or the education of the designer to create a graphic wall decoration with your own hands. Stencils for wall decor will help even a novice designer. For the manufacture of templates using paper, cardboard, plastic or plywood. A uniform report or a separate image is applied to the surface and cut out along the contours.

Stencil technology is very simple. To the place where the picture is supposed to be placed, a cliche is tightly applied. It is painted using a brush, roller or spray. You can take paint in cans. Further, the stencil is rearranged and the procedure is repeated as many times as the decorated surface requires.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

A more time-consuming method of decorating using a graphic image is drawing a sketch on the wall with a pencil; here you can’t do without artistic talent.

You can also draw the outlines of the image on the wall using copy paper or a projector. For this, the device is connected to a computer and the selected design is projected at the application site. Silhouette outline with a pencil. Next, using a brush and paints implement our plans on the wall.

Textured image or frescoes are created on wet plaster. Previously decorators used clay, now the ideal and malleable material is gypsum plaster. To this end, an additional layer of plaster is applied to the pre-leveled wall. She is not allowed to dry to the end and with the help of a sharp tool that looks like a pencil is applied drawings.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

Original look curly prints on the surface. Textured ornament on the wall is applied using a cooked cliche. Simplify the task of a special patterned roller for wall decor. You can buy it at the hardware store.

After applying the frescoes paint over. For their application use brushes of various thickness. Monochromatic textured ornament is better to paint with a spray gun.

The mosaic from the past centuries does not lose its relevance today. Previously, this type of decoration was used in temples and houses of aristocrats; now it is available to any average family. Now the most popular decoration material from this range is wall tile. But even with the help of broken tiles or old ceramic dishes, you can create a mini-masterpiece on the wall of the house. The original drawing can be created by randomly sticking small fragments.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

As a rule, the basic rooms for decorating walls with mosaics are bathroom or kitchen. Use both a standard ornament, and a ready photo picture of the different sizes. Glue this panel with a solid canvas.

Mosaic wall in the bathroom can be diluted with mirrors, which will give a special color, brightness and shine.

Using mosaic as a decor for a room is a bold and original solution. It is also appropriate for the design of fireplaces and columns.

Among the finished elements of the decor can be identified tiles. Basically, they are used to decorate the walls of the kitchen or bathroom. The finished picture is obtained as a result of folding parts.

The use of finished objects and blanks in the design of rooms will help find the answer to the question of how to decorate the walls in the room.

Do-it-yourself wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative design examples

The first assistants in this group of materials are special design wallpapers with a ready-made ornament or a beautiful photo. Wall mural allow you to get a panorama of the city, a favorite sea or forest landscape right in the house. The most popular wallpapers in this series are 3D effect images. In the design of the walls also use a combination of wallpaper.

It is interesting! When buying wallpaper with different patterns and colors, it should be remembered that they may differ in composition.

Decor elements are also compositions created from simple and banal objects. Their main list is:

  • paintings, drawings and panels;
  • Photo;
  • decorative dishes;
  • mirrors;
  • wood elements;
  • voluminous paintings with their own hands;
  • shelves;
  • plants;
  • collections;
  • Garlands.

Houseplants are also a great decoration in the kitchen. Pots of flowers can be placed not only on window sills, but also on the walls. To do this, use pots, shelves and holders.

Decorating is the last, and therefore the most pleasant stage in the process of interior design. The decoration of the walls can be trusted with experienced designers who will create a beautiful entourage. But, having free time, the minimum skills of decorative arts and crafts can decorate the walls yourself. This decor will create coziness, comfort, help unite the family and bring self-satisfaction from the work done.

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