Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

Quite often, many people have a desire to change something in the design of their apartment, add novelty, or simply re-glue the wallpaper. However, it is not always possible to bring your creative impulse to life. This is due primarily to significant material costs. In this case, stencils for walls for painting will be a real find for the owner. They are easy to use, so you can put a picture on the wall and thus transform the interior on your own, at no extra cost.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

The advantages of using stencils

Stopping their choice on the use of stencils for painting, the apartment owner gets the opportunity to update the premises with a minimum investment. Thanks to this simple wall decor method, you can:

  • to diversify the uniformity of the walls;

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

  • add zest to the familiar interior;
  • show your creativity;
  • make repairs in the room with a small financial loss;
  • expand or reduce the space of the room;
  • hide existing flaws on the walls;
  • add an additional element to the room (niche) or disguise it;
  • have a great time with your family. Children will love to paint on the walls of their room.

You can buy a ready-made stencil at any hardware store. And you can do it yourself, using templates from the Internet.

Today, you can buy stencils for wall decor in any craft shop or in building supermarkets. A large variety of drawings allows you to choose the best option for any room and style design.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

In modern decoration, there are several types of patterns that allow you to get an interesting result. Consider the stencil options used in modern wall decor solutions:

  • simple ones. They are used to apply a monochromatic pattern. Among the advantages of this type it is worth noting that it is best suited for beginners;
  • complex. To draw a picture using such a stencil, you need two or more tones. This option is more suitable for those who have experience in applying stencil drawings. In this case, color blending requires precision, otherwise the result may look like an ugly blurry spot;
  • anti-stencils Anyone can use this type to create an unusual design. Anti-stencil is used when it is necessary to paint over all the space, except for the drawing itself. Most often, this type is chosen for the design of recreation areas.

There is another way to decorate a room using stencils – convex molding. In this case, the pattern is created using a stencil and putty. After drying, the resulting decor is covered with paint or protective varnish.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

Today you can buy a stencil for decoration and wall painting, made in different styles. Most often you can find the following types:

  • art decor. This style is characterized by pomp and showy luxury. Geometrical ornaments and figures that add integrity to the room are best suited for its design. When you make a room in this style, most often choose small stencils for painting on the walls. Monumental images are rarely applied;
  • antique style. It looks best in spacious, bright rooms, in country houses with large panoramic windows. Interlacing drawings in the style of ancient Greece and Byzantium will give the room refinement and mystery. The images of columns, statues and vases near the entrance doors are very popular. To highlight the area in the room, you can use a picture of an ancient god or hero of myths;
  • floral style. It is considered universal. It is great for both small rooms and luxury apartments. Beautiful floral arrangements, made in bright colors, enliven the room, adding to its originality. Using the stencil of wood, on the wall you can create a unique composition, highlighting a separate area in the apartment;
  • animalistic style. The choice of images of various animals allows you to make a bright interesting accent. Most often for these purposes choose the silhouettes or faces of cats.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

Helpful advice! If you have any doubts about whether the picture will look beautiful on the wall, you can pre-print the picture and attach it to the wall with masking tape. This will give you an idea of ​​how the room will look with a ready-made stencil pattern.

In addition to different styles of styles, stencils can be divided by scope:

  • kitchen;
  • for the living room;
  • for the bedroom;
  • for a children’s room;
  • For bathroom.

There are universal templates that will look great in any room. Sometimes stencils are used to customize outlets, wall or niche joints.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

After the decision was made to use stencils for wall decoration in an apartment, the question arises: to buy a template or make it yourself?

The first option allows you to purchase a layout made professionally. Drawing on such a pattern is distinguished by the clarity of the lines, and it can be used several times. This stencil is made of durable materials and cut with special equipment. Despite the obvious advantages, such stencils for painting will not allow to save on the decor of the room.

The template, made by yourself, will be cheaper, but there is a possibility that the lines of the pattern may be uneven.

The final decision is necessary for the owner. Sometimes it is easier and quicker to buy stencils for decoration than to manufacture them yourself.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

Today, you can purchase stencils for wall decoration in two ways: by visiting a building materials store or for needlework or by placing an order via the Internet.

And in fact, and in another case, the cost of the finished template will depend on the brand of the manufacturer, the material used and the complexity of the pattern.

To buy stencils for the decor of the walls of the domestic manufacturer will have to spend from 400 rubles and above. The larger or more complex the drawing, the higher the cost of the layout for its application.

Among the popular companies that are engaged in the manufacture of stencils, should be highlighted Bayramiks, Best Stroy, Olstik and others. Many companies, in addition to the manufacture of stencils for painting and selling layouts, offer services for their application.

Helpful advice! When choosing stencils for drawing on the wall, do not confuse them with wall stickers. These two elements for decoration are very similar to each other.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

If the decision is made on the independent manufacture of stencils, it is necessary to decide on the material and pattern. Internet can help with the latter, where you can find a large number of different layouts. If none of them fit, you can draw your template. In this case, the resulting decor will be truly unique and copyright.

After the image is selected, you need to pick up the material for the stencil. It can be a vinyl film, thick cardboard or paper. The latter option is great for creating a one-time stencil.

When using paper as a stencil for wallpaper for painting, you can print your favorite picture on a regular printer. Then all the printed elements are neatly cut. With the help of double-sided tape, the stencil is attached to the wall, and with the help of paint, the drawing is transferred onto the prepared surface.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

In the decoration of the room there are no exact rules, since each owner has his own taste and vision of an ideal, comfortable interior. However, there are certain points that must be considered when choosing a stencil. This will allow you to get a harmoniously decorated room, beautifully combined with furniture and accessories. The choice of pattern in this regard is no exception.

The main recommendations for choosing stencils:

  • the selected ornament or pattern should be in harmony with the furniture and the basic style of the interior;
  • The image should be concise with a small amount of line. Otherwise, you can “overload” the surface and the picture will look inappropriate;
  • for each room you need to choose your own image so as not to cause a discrepancy in styles;
  • distinct pattern gives a large number of jumpers and wide lines;
  • before directly drawing the image on the wall, it is recommended to make a layout and attach it to the selected place. This allows you to visually evaluate the picture and correctly position it.

Stencils for walls for painting: a creative way of interior decoration

For the decor of the walls of the room are also used three-dimensional images that look beautiful and unusual. However, they require elementary skills in working with putty. In this case, deciding to buy a stencil for walls, you must consider the material used for it. For volumetric decoration, thick cardboard and paper are not suitable. Due to exposure to moisture, they will quickly become unusable and may spoil the final result. For this type of drawings, you need to buy stencils for walls made of plastic or vinyl film or make them yourself.

Stencils for wall paintings – a great choice for decorating. They allow you to quickly and easily change the room, quickly and easily. Apply with their help drawing on the wall can not only an adult, but also a child. In this case, the baby will be interested to create the interior in his room. A large number of shades of colors will make this process vivid and memorable.

Decorating a room with stencils is a great opportunity to make it unique and inimitable.

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