Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

The refrigerator used to store food is an indispensable attribute of any kitchen. When choosing this device, it is necessary to take into account many factors: technical characteristics, design, cost, etc. This article will consider the main criteria that need to be addressed before purchasing this unit, as well as the rating of refrigerators, depending on various characteristics.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

What refrigerator to buy: dimensions of devices

Before buying a reliable refrigeration device, you must first determine its dimensions. It is advisable to pre-measure the place where the unit will stand. This will avoid mistakes when buying equipment.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Models that are large in size are not the best option for small kitchens. In turn, a small technique does not always meet the needs of residents, as it has a very small amount. In order to answer the question about which brand is best to choose a refrigerator, it is necessary to take into account the desired volume of the device and its dimensions.

All modern refrigerators are divided into three types, depending on their size:

  • small;
  • standard;
  • two-door (side by side side).

The height of small models ranges from 100 to 150 cm. The most suitable operating conditions for such devices are installation in the country or in the office. Also, small-sized models are often bought for rental apartments and hotel rooms.

Useful information! If desired, you can purchase a smaller refrigerator (from 50 to 100 cm). Such devices are most often aimed at performing a single function, for example, they can store drinks.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Standard devices are the most common and are very popular with buyers. They are great for installation in the kitchen in the apartment or in a private house. The height of such equipment varies from 170 to 185 cm. And their width is usually 60 cm. Such a device is the best refrigerator for a family consisting of 2-4 people.

Side by side devices are high capacity. It is achieved by increasing the size of the refrigerator in width. The freezer in this case is located on the side. The height of these units varies from 170 to 220 cm. The minimum width of two-door vehicles is 60 cm, and the maximum is 90 cm.

Before purchasing a refrigerator, after determining the required dimensions, it is recommended to calculate the required volume of the device. This figure directly affects the capacity of the device. And it is important to remember that the total volume, which is indicated in the technical specifications, often does not coincide with the useful capacity of the refrigerating chamber. This is due to the fact that the internal space of the unit is occupied by various shelves and tanks, which take up a lot of space.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

The calculation of the volume allows you to answer the question about which refrigerator is better to buy. Reviews of different brands, their capacity and quality can be found on the profile forums on the Internet. To calculate the volume, the following indicator is taken into account: 120 liters per person, then 60 liters for each subsequent family member must be added to the original figure.

Thus, for a person who lives alone, a refrigerator with a volume of 120 liters is sufficient. If the number of residents is 2 people, then the figure increases to 180 liters, etc. Experts advise to add another 60 liters to the required volume. Consider the types of devices for this indicator.

Small-sized devices include refrigerators with a volume of 50 liters, whose height is approximately 80-90 cm. During operation, such devices emit a lot of noise, and they often need to be defrosted. Such a device is not suitable for installation in the apartment.

Standard models of refrigerators for installation in an apartment have a volume of 380 liters. Devices of such capacity are often found in the ranking of the best refrigerators. We should also say that they include two chambers: refrigerating and freezing.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing


Useful information! The volume of freezers in standard models varies from 50 to 160 liters. As a rule, this is quite enough to meet the needs of a small or medium-sized family.

The overall structure of the refrigerator has a volume of 400 liters and consists of three chambers. In some cases, equipped with drawers located below. Devices with this volume can vary greatly in their technical characteristics.

The two-door models (side by side) have a capacity of 500-800 liters. Due to their size, they are often equipped with additional functions. The cost of such refrigerators is much higher than conventional devices.

Not only the volume of freezers is a decisive factor when choosing. Their location also affects roominess. For example, tanks located in the lower part of the refrigerator are often superior in this indicator to the chambers that are on top.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Thinking about which brand is better to buy a refrigerator, it is recommended to consider the location of these compartments. The maximum volume of the lower chambers is 300 liters, and the upper – only 200 liters. Some cameras are not full capacity, as they include several sliding elements. This solution allows you to store separately frozen foods of different types (for example, fish and vegetables).

In the two-door refrigerators freezers are located on the side. Due to this, it is not necessary to bend over or reach for food. In the ranking of freezers such tanks, of course, are in the first place. The volume of devices included in the two-door design, can reach up to 800 liters.

Another important selection criterion for the refrigeration unit is the defrost system. Depending on this attribute, the modern market of household appliances offers three types of devices:

  • drop;
  • No Frost;
  • Full no frost.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

The first type of defrost is considered the most common. Devices with such a system are not the most reliable refrigerators. Drip defrost system contributes to the accumulation of frost on the back of the freezer. To eliminate it, it is necessary to periodically stop the compressor and free the refrigerator from food.

Note! When buying a built-in refrigerator, the choice of defrosting system plays a crucial role. Drip type in this case can cause a leak that will ruin the kitchen furniture. Therefore, experts recommend choosing devices with the No Frost system.

The system of defrosting No Frost is more technological, as it excludes the settling of frost on the inner walls. The cold in this case is distributed evenly throughout the chamber. Full no Frost is a variation of the previous system. Its main feature is the separate defrosting of the evaporator.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Many modern refrigerators are equipped with various additional features. When choosing a device, it is recommended to pay attention to this item, since there is a chance to pay for completely unnecessary functions. Conversely, some properties can be very useful. Consider what additional features may have a modern refrigeration device.

Super cooling. This feature allows you to cool foods and dishes to a temperature of 2 ° C in just a few minutes. It is very useful in the summer. Rapid cooling of the drinks makes it easier to transfer the heat.

Super freeze. Using this function will help to freeze fruits and vegetables, as well as semi-finished products without loss of taste. The temperature in the freezer during the operation of this mode drops to -24 ° C.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Holiday mode. Devices that include this mode in their functionality are often found in various reliability ratings. A refrigerator that can independently control its work during the absence of owners is a great solution. Using such a device saves resources spent on freezing products.

Electronic control. To date, you can meet designs equipped with standard thermostats, and models with electronic control systems. Experts advise to pay attention to the latter. Electronic control allows you to perform more accurate temperature setting.

Antibacterial protection. There are two options to protect the internal chambers of the refrigerator from germs: a special protective layer or a silver ion generator. The second method is more efficient and reliable.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Climate class is an indicator that determines the range of temperatures in which household appliances can work. The weather in some regions can vary greatly depending on the time of year. In order for the refrigerator not to break due to temperature changes, it is necessary to choose the correct category of the unit. Consider which climate classes exist.

Refrigerator rating: a review of the best models and tips for choosing

Experts also recommend that before buying a device to visit the profile forums where you can explore amateur reviews. Refrigerators that have predominantly positive ratings are a great option for purchase. If necessary, you can use the advice of specialists who will help you choose a reliable and durable model.

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