Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

Wooden furniture is practical, durable, creates a unique sense of style, comfort and coziness in any home. Among the wood species, a special place belongs to the pine tree, which is distinguished by a high degree of ecological compatibility and external beauty. This article will tell you about the features of pine furniture, the scope of its application and the specifics of manufacturing.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

The main characteristics of furniture from solid pine

Pine furniture is characterized by its versatility, durability, stylistic diversity, external aesthetics and a wide choice of designs and their models. A wardrobe or a set will perfectly fit into both the living room interior and the kitchen. This is the perfect furniture for home and garden. Each of the advantages has its own rationale:

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

  1. The ability to release phytoncides – special substances that have antiviral, antibacterial and antihistamine properties.
  2. There is a pleasant pine aroma in the room with pine furniture thanks to the essential oils produced by wood.
  3. A high degree of environmental friendliness, as the pine grows in a pure natural zone and does not accumulate harmful substances.
  4. Simplicity in care of products from a pine. The furniture is sufficiently regularly polished and dry-cleaned.
  5. The material is resistant to various conditions of humidity and temperature extremes, as well as to rotting and the formation of fungi and mold.
  6. Durability of items. Like any furniture made of solid wood, products made of pine serve for a long time and are resistant to mechanical stress.
  7. The possibility of restoration. Chips, scratches, scuffs and cracks are easy to clean with special tools.
  8. Harmony Pine is perfectly combined with objects from other materials.
  9. Various surface coating options. Varnish, paint and white wax are suitable as a treatment.
  10. Ease of processing. Pine is a malleable material that allows you to create objects of various shapes and sizes, including making elegant carvings.
  11. The ability to decorate furniture with different materials from textiles.
  12. Availability. Finished simple products can be purchased at affordable prices. Exquisite models will be much more expensive.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

Pine furniture has a special structure of wood. Its texture is clearly defined, it has year rings, and the natural light color changes under the influence of the sun. The material turns dark yellow. The density of pine is directly affected by the place of its growth.

Helpful advice! Buying material, you should pay attention to the location of growth rings. The smaller the distance between them, the more durable and durable the material.

Karelian pine furniture has a more dense structure, as the tree grows in a harsh climate and has a short growing season. These factors contribute to the fact that the structure of the material consists of thin layers. The density of pine species from Karelia is one and a half times higher than this indicator of other species of this coniferous species.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

With all the numerous advantages that pine furniture possesses, it is necessary to mention the shortcomings, which also exist:

  • pine – solid material, which excludes its use in high-rise buildings with weak overlap;
  • service life is reduced if the drying technology is not respected;
  • furniture should be located away from heat sources and not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid resin emissions;
  • low types of wood are easily damaged;
  • exclusive models and items from Karelian pine have a high cost.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

A running meter of unpainted pine furniture costs from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. The price of antique furniture made of pine, white or Karelian, as well as products with exquisite carvings exceeds 20 thousand rubles. per 1 m. The design, combined with birch facades, will cost more than 35 thousand rubles, and models with oak details – more than 40 thousand rubles.

The advantages of pine and ease of processing material allow you to make a variety of items not only for home furnishings, but also for other rooms. Pine furniture is conventionally divided into several groups:

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

  1. Cabinets. The design may have one or more wings, the most common are double-wing models. They are decorated with mirrors, carvings or drawings, varnished or painted in bright colors.
  2. Chests and cabinets are used mainly for storing clothes and all small things. Their accommodation is possible in different rooms.
  3. Sofas are installed in a variety of places, including children’s rooms and living rooms. Furniture intended for reception of guests is often decorated with carvings, decorated with pillows and armrests.
  4. The beds. A variety of products is dictated mainly by the size and specific use. Their width ranges from 80 to 180 cm. Often complement furniture with drawers for storing linen. Children’s furniture made of pine should have a high degree of smoothness, so the surface is subjected to thorough grinding. In the list of models should mention the double and bunk models, as well as a combined sofa beds.
  5. Furniture for the kitchen of pine includes cupboards, sideboards, as well as racks where you can store dishes, kitchen utensils, appliances and a lot of necessary things. Furniture can be open and closed.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

Cabinets made of solid pine are very popular among fans of natural furniture. They have an attractive and noble appearance, as well as a variety of stylistic variations that allow to fit into any style, be it modern, country, hi-tech or classic.

Helpful advice! Resins present in the pine massif can protect the premises from the spread of fungi and mold. In addition, the material absorbs odors and repels parasites.

To cover unpainted pine furniture, a quality safe lacquer is usually used, giving the product only a light amber shade. Strength and long service life are the main factors that make pine furniture so popular. In addition, natural wood can give the owners of the house a positive energy and positive emotions.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

Such furniture has its own subspecies, for example, wardrobes are installed in bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms. Most models have a similar structure: sections for shelves and separately – a crossbar for trempely. Bookcases with glass doors decorate living rooms and cabinets. Pine helps to create an optimal microclimate for storing books.

The main types of cabinets are:

  • wardrobe, which is the heir of the chest, has sliding doors on casters;
  • the bookcase is an integral part of the classic interior, giving the room a presentable appearance and testifying to the solidity of homeowners;

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

  • corner cabinets that help optimize space in small rooms;
  • wardrobe – furniture designed specifically for storing clothes and linen;
  • Wardrobe-case or single-hinged swing-case – a universal and widespread type of furniture, used to store different types of things.

Pine chests are distinguished by their practicality, style and aesthetics. This is an extremely functional and quite compact household item that will fit even in small rooms. The naturalness of the material will help to feel the reliability and durability, which has only high quality furniture. Especially popular are the models that are distinguished by the originality of the author’s ideas and exquisite exterior trim.

A pine chest is usually made of wood shields, thanks to which the structure is quite strong and lasts a long time. Make a product with high-quality fittings. Thanks to special coatings, you can add a variety of colors to the dresser or apply an original pattern. The advantage of a pine chest of drawers, in comparison with other types of wood, lies in its relative lightness. It’s easy to rearrange.

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

The original model is a white pine chest of drawers. The airiness of the furniture gives it a vintage, and the light natural wood – aristocracy. Pine antique furniture with imitation of scuffs, which looks like antiques, has a special color. Such a chest of drawers will fill the room with a unique aura and comfort.

Helpful advice! White furniture in Provence style, which is very popular today, fits perfectly into the interior of small rooms. Light tone creates a feeling of extra space and refined luxury.

The very presence of natural materials in the kitchen creates a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of nature without leaving your home. And the use of pine furniture to give is the creation of a traditional village style. When choosing a kitchen from solid pine, it is necessary to take into account the range of styling – for the whole house or especially for this room. After all, the raisin of a rustic style is simplicity, and the classic – aristocracy and grace. Wooden furniture fully meets these requirements.

  • regular cleaning of the side parts using the dry method;
  • wiping the working surfaces with a wet sponge with a soap solution and then wiping dry;
  • scratches that appear on the surface can be polished, and chipped ones can be masked with special wax;

Furniture made of pine: elegance and harmony in interior design

  • Pine furniture should be placed away from direct sunlight and heat sources, since pine wood darkens under the influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • furniture in the nursery should be safe, with rounded corners, stable and weighted, which is hard to budge or knock over.

High demand for pine furniture is justified by its qualitative characteristics, which are set out in this article. The advantages of this material include versatility, since this furniture is suitable for rooms with different styles of decoration. The material is eco-friendly, which allows it to be used for children’s rooms, and also it is acceptable for people suffering from allergies. The cost of pine is comparatively lower than other wooden analogues, and the softness and flexibility of the material allows you to independently make various household items.

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