How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

The kitchen is the only room in the apartment where the air is periodically polluted and there is a specific unpleasant odor associated with the process of cooking. To cope with this problem will help kitchen hood, which can be purchased at any hardware store. The article provides information on how to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice, device specifications and a review of manufacturers.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice

The effective operation of the hood depends on certain criteria that must be considered when choosing a particular model. The quality of the device depends on its performance. Properly chosen hood can provide a sixfold or tenfold exchange of air in the kitchen. The best models of technology have powerful fans that can operate at 2 or 4 speeds and effectively remove polluted air. Umbrella working surface hood must completely cover the cooking surface.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

An important parameter when choosing a hood is a low noise level during its operation. For this purpose, devices should be selected with a noise figure of up to 45 dB. Noise during the operation of such models will be like a quiet conversation, coming from a distance of 10 m.

Preference should be given to an exhaust hood equipped with a high-quality lighting system for the working area using halogen or LED light bulbs located on the device panel. To determine which hood is better, will help the study of all the advantages and disadvantages of each particular type of device.

The first step is to determine the type of device case. Modern manufacturers produce hoods of the following types:

  • suspended;
  • dome;
  • built in;
  • dominoes;
  • island.

What hood to choose for the kitchen? Customer reviews prefer the traditional version – a suspended hood that fits perfectly into the modern kitchen design. The appliance housing is mounted directly above the hob under the cabinet. It is easy to install and has a relatively low cost. However, the suspended hood has a low productivity, due to the fact that the device operates in air recirculation mode. It is ideal for small kitchens of 6 square meters. m

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

Dome, or fireplace, hood has the shape of an umbrella and is attached directly to the wall. Her self-installation does not cause any difficulties. This type of home appliances has high performance. Among the wide range of different options for the hood, you can choose the most suitable model, depending on the price that fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen. Such hoods can be horizontal or inclined.

If you do not want to spoil the interior of the kitchen overall hood, then you can choose a built-in type of device that is mounted directly inside the kitchen furniture.

The modern type of hood, which is very popular since 2016, is domino. Such a device is installed in the tabletop and extends from it when operating an electric or gas stove. However, the cost of such a trendy design is 2 times higher than that of alternative options. In addition, this type of device has a small capacity, which is suitable for small kitchens.

The ideal option for the kitchen-living room is a ceiling hood, which is located above the kitchen island. Such a device has impressive dimensions and has high performance.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

It is necessary to select a specific model of the hood based on the total volume of the room where it will be installed. The device must have the required capacity in order to effectively discharge the polluted air into the ventilation shaft. To determine it, the area of ​​the room should be multiplied by the height and the resulting volume multiplied by a factor of 12, which corresponds to the number of air updates in the room.

The resulting performance is minimal. Therefore, the hood should be chosen with a certain margin of performance.

The hood is selected based on the size of the electric or gas stove, over which it will be installed. However, in order to avoid contaminated air by the fan, the width of the exhaust panel should slightly exceed the width of the plate. Today, manufacturers produce hoods ranging in width from 45 to 90 cm. The most popular are models with body widths of 50, 60 and 90 cm.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

According to the principle of operation, distinguish exhaust hoods without exhaust in ventilation (recirculation mode) and with air vent to the ventilation system. Hoods in a private house are usually chosen with recirculation mode, so as not to additionally mount the air vent. Therefore, the price of an exhaust for a kitchen without a vent to the ventilation will be much lower than a standard device with an air vent and will amount to an average of 2.5 thousand rubles. Such models have low productivity due to the fact that they simply create air circulation, taking, cleaning and feeding it back into the room. For apartments where there is a ventilation system, exhaust hoods for the kitchen with an air vent are considered the most appropriate.

Flowing exhaust passes the polluted air through the filtration system, where it is cleaned of oily fumes and excess soot and drains it into the ventilation shaft. The hood is installed near the ventilation hole, connecting it with an air duct.

Helpful advice! The air duct should be as short as possible so that the air cleaning device is quieter.

Due to the fact that the polluted air is displayed on the street, there is no need to purchase a hood with a vent, with a carbon filter. It is enough that it was a simple metal fat filter to prevent particles of soot and grease from entering the ventilation shaft.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

The main advantages of the flow hood are:

  • high device performance;
  • durable grease filters;
  • low noise level.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • the hood takes air from the room, the lack of which must be compensated for by air from the street, in the winter – in the cold, and in the summer – in the hot;
  • if the hob is located far from the ventilation shaft, difficult installation work will be done on installing the hood.

Hoods operating in recirculation mode pass air through an internal carbon filter, then return it back to the room in a purified form. Carbon filters after pollution are recycled.

The main advantages of exhaust with a carbon filter without a branch:

  • the recirculation hood is mounted below the wall cabinet and leaves it free from the ventilation duct;
  • the principle of operation of the device allows you to save heat indoors, rather than throwing it into the ventilation shaft, which occurs when the exhaust hood works with;

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

  • it is possible to buy an extract with a carbon filter without a drain at a lower price compared to a standard ventilation unit with air exhaust;
  • the installation of the hood is very simple and does not require special skills.

The main disadvantages of exhaust hoods for the kitchen without an air vent:

  1. Work recirculation hoods noisier than standard devices.
  2. Every 3-5 months, depending on the intensity of the exhaust, it is necessary to change the filter material.

Helpful advice! If there are doubts in the choice of the hood according to the principle of operation, you can purchase a universal model that combines two modes of operation of the device.

According to the type of filtering system, single-stage and two-stage air installations are distinguished, as well as exhaust hoods of the first and second levels.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

In single-stage systems, a single disposable or reusable filter is used. In the first case, it is thrown out after clogging, and in the second, only the internal cassette is changed. With a two-stage cleaning system, in the first stage, the air is filtered from fat, and the second stage ensures its purification from unpleasant odors. The filter of the first stage changes frequently, and the second remains for a long time operational.

Filter air systems of the first level can be acrylic or metal. Cleaning them comes down to simple flushing. Higher efficiency distinguished filter hoods of the second level, which uses a carbon filter.

Each model hood is equipped with a filter that protects the ventilation shaft from soot. It can be metal, synthetic or carbon filters.

The metal filter is a mesh of foil or aluminum. They are easy to clean, even washable in the dishwasher. This grease filter is able to last the entire lifetime of the hood without requiring replacement.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

Synthetic fiber grease filter allows the device to work almost silently. Such a cleaner consists of a cartridge into which the filtering material is inserted: flizelin or synthetic winterizer. When the filter layer becomes dirty, the cartridge is removed and a new one is installed.

Carbon filters provide fine air cleaning from dirt and odors. In addition to activated carbon, its composition may include cation exchangers, silver and other disinfecting elements. The main disadvantage of such a filter is its high cost and short lifespan. It requires regular replacement after a certain service life, which is 6-12 months, depending on the thickness of the coal powder. It is possible to buy a fatty filter for an extract at a price of 1.5 thousand rubles.

Helpful advice! Carbon filter perfectly absorbs tobacco smoke.

Today, manufacturers produce low-end models in which there is no grease filter for exhaust. However, you should consider the fact that such devices are not durable. As particles of soot and grease will gradually settle on the fan blades, which will soon lead to its breakdown.

How to choose a hood in the kitchen: professional advice and useful recommendations

According to the method of control, all modern models of hoods are of three types:

  • touch control allows you to control the operation of the device with a light touch to the desired sector, as a result of which the LED lights up and the hood executes a given command;
  • push-button control is the most familiar and standard. Here, each button corresponds to a specific mode of the device;
  • pseudo-sensory control is carried out using a mechanical slider, which is set to the desired mode of operation.


The company Gorenje ranks 7th in the ranking of the world’s best brands for the production of household appliances. It uses an innovative approach and environmental materials in the development and creation of new models that are able to satisfy any customer request, which is reflected in numerous reviews. Which hood is better to buy in the kitchen to get reliable protection of the room from grease, dust and soot for a reasonable fee? Hood brand Gorenje take care of clean and fresh air in your kitchen. The price of a kitchen hood is 3.5 thousand rubles.

This article described in detail how to choose the hood for the kitchen. It turns out it’s not that difficult. It is important to competently study all the advantages and disadvantages of each specific model and choose the ideal variant that can satisfy all your requirements and demands among a wide range of devices. Only then can you get a reliable assistant in the kitchen, who is able to clean the air of harmful impurities and unpleasant odors.

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