Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

Each owner of a plot of land wants to create a place for good rest, where you can not only have a good time with family and friends, but also get a boost of health and vigor. This task is easily handled by baths from a bar: the projects of buildings with different layouts will help to create a comfortable and beautiful building even on a small site at a very affordable price.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

Features of a wooden bar for the construction of baths

For the construction of houses and baths as a wall material today, all often used timber, which has all the unique natural properties of wood. But unlike the log house, this material has a high degree of insulation and high speed of work associated with construction.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

This building material has significant advantages that are felt both during construction and during operation of the building. Consider all the positive aspects of wooden lumber, which should be paid attention to when choosing materials for construction:

  • due to the rigorous verified geometry of parts, the number of handicrafts for finishing the products is significantly reduced, which in turn speeds up the construction process;
  • The timber is an environmentally friendly natural material, which is made from high-quality wood, which allows you to create a building with an antibacterial and anti-allergenic effect;
  • the material retains heat well, and makes it easy to make additional thermal insulation of walls in comparison with a log house;
  • in rooms made of high-quality timber, the optimum level of humidity spontaneously aligns;
  • the material gives a relatively small shrinkage compared to a solid log;
  • the wooden bar does not undergo linear deformations and significant cracking;

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

  • due to the fact that during the production of the product are fully processed in the biological and fire plan, eliminates the likelihood of rotting, ignition of the material and reproduction in its thickness of various microflora;
  • the high quality of the processing of the wooden bar reduces the costs associated with the additional wall decoration.

At construction of wooden constructions three types of a bar are used: usual planed, shaped or glued.

This type of timber is obtained by cutting wooden logs of a given width and height. The result is a product of rectangular or circular cross section. As the wall material is usually used timber with a thickness of 150-200 mm.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

In comparison with other types of timber, this type of material has one significant advantage – a low price. Otherwise, he loses to competitors. Often products are made from wood that has a natural moisture level. The gradual reduction of moisture leads to deformation and shrinkage of wooden parts. Therefore, the appearance of cracks is characteristic of the planed timber. Their quantity directly depends on the quality of the material. Here, preference should be given to valuable wood products.

Helpful advice! After the walls have been erected, it is necessary to withstand a few months so that the timber shrinks. Only then you can begin the finishing work.

Despite the fact that when using planed lumber, construction work is less labor intensive than when working with logs, the products do not follow the geometry, which results in inaccurate fit of parts to each other. After the erection of the walls, rather large-scale measures are required for wall insulation and their additional finishing.

This is a justified decision when the budget allocated for the construction of the bath is very limited. Photos of the bath projects from this type of timber clearly confirm this.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

This type of timber passes through the milling line, where it is given the correct geometry and accurate dimensions, which greatly simplifies installation work due to the fact that the products are ideally suited to one another. Despite the fact that the profiled bar as well as the usual one is made of solid wood, before processing the manufacturers bring the moisture level of the blanks up to 22%, which allows later to obtain products of higher quality. It reduces the likelihood of drying of the finished product, and decreases shrinkage.

Today, manufacturers produce several varieties of material with a mounting surface in the form of single spikes, grooves or frequency comb. This design greatly simplifies the technology of construction and insulation of walls. For thorn-groove profiles, tape insulation is used, which in case of building shrinkage will prevent the occurrence of through cracks. For profiles with a comb insulation does not apply.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

In projects of baths of profiled timber, products 100-150 mm thick, 160-280 mm wide and 4-7 m long are used. As a result, it is possible to obtain an accurate and aesthetic structure. The finished building also needs shrinkage over several months. Only after that you can start the finishing work.

This type of material is of the highest quality. It combines all the advantages of a simple profiled beam without its drawbacks. The blank that enters the milling line is an array of slats. They are pre-selected, ground, dried and securely glued together with a special moisture-resistant glue. The thickness of the products is 180 mm, length 12 m. The bar has an optimum level of humidity, and the precision of processing allows not to use thermal insulation and to carry out additional external surface finishing, which allows significant savings.

Helpful advice! For residential premises and baths, glued laminated timber must comply with the FCO safety group.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

The glue bar practically does not shrink, which eliminates the technological break in the installation work. Visible cracks do not appear on the surface of the products. The material does not warp. Over time, the glue bar does not deform and does not change its original structure.

Helpful advice! To increase the strength and durability of the material it is recommended to cover it with a protective varnish on top.

The main disadvantage of the material is that the price of a laminated timber bath will be the highest. But this is the best option that will allow you to get a neat, durable, durable and aesthetic structure in a short time and with minimal effort.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

Since high quality wooden dried timber is not a heavy material, it does not require the construction of a strong foundation for it. Here any type of foundation is suitable, which is selected on the basis of the characteristics of the soil and the degree of intersection of the site, which is reserved for construction.

When choosing a strip foundation, the depth of penetration will be minimal within 0.3-0.5 m. However, the height of the basement is of great importance here. The bath should be located above the ground level in the range of 0.4-0.5 m. To create such a total height will require a significant consumption of materials. Therefore, the creation of strip foundations is an inappropriate solution. The exceptions are the projects of two-storey baths from a bar, where the creation of a powerful and reliable foundation for a heavy and large-scale structure is required.

Often in typical projects of baths from a bar, columnar foundations are used, which are concrete supports made of blocks and bricks, erected to the required height. They are installed in 2 m increments along the entire perimeter of the building, at the intersections of interior capital partitions, at the installation site of the bath stove.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

The columnar foundation is impractical to use on stony and clay soils and at close placement of the water pipe. Here you can also build a pile-screw foundation. Support in the form of steel pipes with a blade-screw screwed into the ground below the level of its freezing in the same order as in the case of the columnar foundation. Their upper part is aligned in the horizontal plane. Such a foundation can be arranged even on a steep slope.

Important! Any construction of the foundation for the bath should assume the presence of a centralized system of drainage of consumed water.

Today, a large number of specialized companies offer not only the development of a project for future construction. Here you can buy a bath from a bar. On the basis of the chosen model project, or after the creation of an individual one, the production of a complete set of necessary elements with connecting nodes is carried out. You can also order a ready-made bath from a turnkey bar, the price of which will include the creation of a project, the manufacture of all the necessary parts and their subsequent assembly in the designated area.

Bar saunas: projects of wooden buildings with different layouts

The most popular are the projects of baths from a 6×6 and 5×5 m timber. Usually these are single-storey buildings that accommodate a waiting room, a lounge, a shower room and a steam room. In the shower can be installed one or two cabins. The steam room is designed for 4-5 people. The lounge room can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. This is a good solution for a large family.

In a large room, you can not only equip a comfortable relaxation area for full-fledged bath procedures, but also create a multifunctional guest house. And the price of the project of a bath from a bar in this case will be substantial. It will average 1.5-2 million rubles. depending on the area of ​​the house and the type of building material. Such a bath with all the amenities can be fully used in the summer as a country house. It provides an entrance hall, a spacious steam room, a shower room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a rest room and several cozy bedrooms for comfortable accommodation of guests and family members. Thanks to a well-thought-out project, the building can occupy an area of ​​6×9 m with a total area of ​​94 m ?.

Today there are many different projects of baths from a bar. It can be one-story, two-story buildings, buildings with an attic, a veranda and a terrace. Baths can be made of different types of timber. The choice of a suitable option depends on the free space for building and the financial capacity of the future owners.

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