Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

In an effort to create a garden area in an original and beautiful way, it is not at all necessary to involve specialists in landscape design. With the help of such a decorative element as a fountain for the garden, you can create a small oasis on your site. The design is able to transform the territory favorably, giving a feeling of freshness, creating a light, relaxed and positive atmosphere. And installing a mini-waterfall in the apartment, you can get closer to nature in your own home.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

Type of execution of street fountains for giving with a photo

Depending on the version, street fountains can be submersible, stationary and cascade. The first option is the easiest to perform. It consists of a receiving pool, pump and spray. The jet rises from the water and is sprayed onto the surface in different variations, depending on the type of nozzle.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

The submersible fountain for the pond in the country can be decorated with natural or artificial stone and vegetation. Such a design will fit into any landscape design – in country, eco or English style. To create a Mediterranean landscape can be complemented by the construction of a cascade of flat stones. The bowl of the immersion fountain, made in a strict geometric form, will fit into the French classics as well as possible.

In stationary fountains, various statues or sculptural compositions are used as a source of water. Such an element is a true work of art that requires special skills and abilities when creating a structure.

The cascade type of fountain in the form of a waterfall in the courtyard can be made of various materials installed in the form of a pyramid. Water from the top point is discharged downwards, washing each step of the structure and forming a continuous water surface.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

This design will be well combined in the country with an alpine slide or terrace, made in the Mediterranean style. If glass and metal are used to create the composition, this will be the ideal solution for high-tech and urban stylistic direction.

Depending on the method of movement of water fountains for the pond in the country can be open or closed type. The first option does not imply cyclic movement of water. For its organization will need to provide a drainage system and drainage. In a closed type of fountain, the water moves in a circle of the system, rising by a pump to a certain height, spraying with the help of a nozzle and falling back into the structure’s bowl.

The fountain can work with or without a pump. The first method is mainly used, due to which the water jet can rise to any height, splashing in the form of unusual compositions. Designs without a pump are deprived of this possibility. This solution is suitable for small single-tier mini-fountains to give.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

Depending on the design decision, all fountains are divided into three groups: water, art and combined. For the first category, the basis of the composition is water flow. For artistic models, the main role belongs to architectural elements. The water here is of secondary importance. The combined class harmoniously combines both directions.

Fountains can be located on natural or artificial reservoirs of various dimensions, on land in a small decorative pond or indoors.

Decorative fountains for the garden can have a different type of water jet. For jet models is characterized by a powerful single or broken down into small splashes of water flow, which rushes as much as possible upwards and falls into the tank along a natural trajectory. This design can be made using any materials and decorative elements.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

The radial drop fountain “Bell” is represented by a pipe, which ends with two spherical disks located on top of each other. Water under pressure emerges from the gap between them, taking the form of a dome.

The fountain “Tulip” also consists of a pipe with discs. However, here the water is directed upwards at an angle of 40 °, forming a funnel in the central part, and falls in a circle, resembling a flower in appearance. Such versions of the fountain in the country – photos clearly demonstrate this – you can create with the help of compositions from several bowls or pedestals in which the nozzles for water are spherically or at a certain angle.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

Fountain “Fishtail” has similarity with the previous version. However, in this case, the water flow coming out of the nozzle consists of separate jets. This is achieved thanks to several nozzles, which are arranged in the form of a fan at an angle of 35-40 ° in the center of the nozzle.

The combination of the fishtail and bell types is the Tiffany model. The spellbinding effect is achieved due to the pressure difference.

With the help of a pipe, closed in a circle, you can create the effect of a water ring. This is due to the holes in the pipe, located at an equidistant distance from each other. In them nozzles of jet type are established. You can get a dancing stream on the garden plot by means of a decorative fountain for giving “Pinwheel”. Sprays are arranged on a rotating base, so that vertical trickles of water twist into unusual patterns.

Helpful advice! By manipulating the pressure and rotational speed, it is possible to get simple drawings of the water flow.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

It is possible to achieve a natural imitation of a spring in a country house, which beats out of the water or stone, with the help of a fountain key with a nozzle. By organizing a multi-level structure and leading the water to its upper part, you can create a mini-waterfall. Its character will depend on the height of the structure and the relief of its base.

For the manufacture of garden waterfalls and fountains used natural and artificial stone, glass and metal. Costly, but the most presentable, is considered a fountain, made of marble. The material is quite moody. However, if during its processing the technology was clearly observed and the further operation of the product was carried out in accordance with the requirements, the marble structure could last for a long time.

Helpful advice! For decoration of the classic exterior of the territory, preference should be given to structures made of marble.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

Durable, unpretentious, resistant to temperature changes and UV exposure is a fountain of natural granite. The material is characterized by a wide structural palette and a variety of shades and colors, each combination of which is unique and inimitable.

Granite buildings look expensive, presentable and impressive, which is clearly shown in the photo of the fountains for the garden. And the price of the product is the highest. However, the purchase of such a fountain is a good investment for the long term.

Waterfalls and fountains created from natural stone, such as sandstone, slate and shungite, will harmoniously be combined with the natural landscape. These options are convenient in processing and have a low moisture absorption. The most durable is coral sandstone, a bowl from which can last 10-15 years without signs of wear.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

Helpful advice! Shungite and slate are recommended to be used as decoration elements for decorating steps or a fountain bowl, which is related to the fragility of the material.

The concrete-cement fountain is an affordable and cheap construction. Since the material is quite simple in processing and it can be painted in any color, the result is an expressive and aesthetic composition that can complement any design of the suburban area. However, such designs are not characterized by durability, since the material is exposed to corrosion. The term of their operation does not exceed 5 years.

Quite often you can find figures for the garden of polyresin, which is an acrylic substitute for marble and granite. Thanks to modern technology, the material can be made to resemble natural counterparts by painting it in any color, which is clearly displayed by the pictures of the fountains. Polystone is a fairly durable and wear-resistant material, superior to concrete in its qualities. However, after a while, its surface will fade and on it, due to frequent temperature changes, small cracks will be visible.

Fountain for the garden: a paradise on its own site

Helpful advice! The reflective effect of glass and chrome steel is the best fit for decorating classic installations.

Among the new trends that are used for the manufacture of waterfalls and fountains for the home, we can distinguish composite fiberglass. The material is characterized by plasticity, strength, resistance to temperature fluctuations and precipitation. However, over time, the surface fades and fades. On it microcracks and scratches become noticeable. The material is used mainly for portable structures, which in the winter should be cleaned in a heated room.

Another newfangled discovery is the jet waterfall, in which droplets of water flow down the stretched transparent strings. It can be made in any geometric form or have the form of an indefinite figure. Such waterfalls emit a specific rustle, very pleasant to human hearing. Such a design is usually placed on the terrace or veranda.

With the help of such an unusual element as a fountain or a waterfall, you can create a piece of paradise in the summer cottage or in your house, allowing you to relax after a hard day’s work, inhale a light coolness and tune in to the positive. A wide range of different compositions makes it possible to choose a design that will not only fit into the design of the site, but also become its main highlight.

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