Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

To create a cozy, comfortable and stylish place where cooking will bring only real pleasure, it is necessary to carefully plan the kitchen space, rationally arranging all the elements of furniture and equipment. The ideal solution today is the built-in kitchen: photos of unusual design solutions clearly demonstrate the variety of options for decorating the room.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

What is a built-in kitchen: photo

Under the built-in kitchen, it is customary to imply an individually designed project of a kitchen set designed for a specific room, behind the facade of which most of the multi-functional appliances are hidden. Such furniture for the kitchen is represented by a composition of several modules, each of which has a specific purpose and can be used to house a specific type of household appliances, such as a hob, oven, hood, refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine and microwave oven. This is clearly seen in the photo of kitchens with built-in appliances.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

Embedded kitchens are characterized by ergonomics, functionality, performance and stylish design. Properly planned and well-designed kitchen set with hidden appliances is very convenient to use, where everything you need is at your fingertips and does not take up much space. This is the key to successful and efficient work, which is especially important for small-sized kitchen premises. In this case, the most successful option is a corner kitchen with integrated appliances. Photos clearly show the style, attractiveness and ergonomics of the presented models, which are very capacious and visually expand the internal space.

Any version of embedded kitchen has its own distinctive features. Corner headsets are spacious. Linear characterized by modesty and simplicity. Small built-in kitchen for a small kitchen allow you to efficiently use the space without cluttering it, and the volumetric are more functional.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

The main advantage of built-in kitchen sets is the visual unity of all the individual furniture elements. This is due to the fact that the dimensions of the kitchen are planned directly under the dimensions of the room and the size of the equipment. There are no gaps between the individual modules, which allows you to see the whole picture, with the result that the kitchen design looks flawless.

Built-in kitchens are characterized by a high level of ergonomics. Even in a small room, you can arrange all the necessary equipment, as a result, during the preparation of food there will be no feeling of excess things and crampedness. Cabinets, built-in appliances, have high functionality. They can simultaneously be used as a place for storing equipment and a working surface.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

The undoubted advantage of modern models of built-in kitchens is their spectacular appearance, ideally combined with the style of the room and not cluttered with appliances, skillfully hidden behind the facades of furniture.

One of the main drawbacks is the high cost of the furniture, since the built-in kitchen to order is mainly manufactured. Photos clearly show the uniqueness of models developed by individual design projects. Such a headset requires planning the location of the equipment, since after installation there will be no possibility to change anything.

Helpful advice! It is not recommended to modify the furniture layout and fixing points of household appliances that were determined by the project. This will worsen the efficiency of work in the kitchen.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

Another drawback of kitchens under embedded appliances is the time-consuming process of carefully removing the appliance from the furniture during its breakdown. In addition, the new device should have the same dimensions as the previous model.

In developing the design of the built-in kitchen, it is important to properly plan the future layout of home appliances. Here should be located a standard set of devices, such as:

  • convenient and compact cooking surface, which can be gas, electric or combined and should be installed on the cabinet, where a special opening is provided in its upper part, corresponding to the dimensions of the appliance;
  • oven, located in a separate cabinet behind a closed or open facade;
  • a refrigerator located in front of the worktop or sink disguised as door trim or furniture façade;
  • exhaust system, which is usually located in the lower part of the wall cabinet and is not visible when folded;
  • a dishwasher hidden under the countertop and closed by doors;
  • sink, which is conveniently located in the kitchen countertop in the corner area.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

The standard set of equipment today is complemented by a microwave oven, a double boiler, a slow cooker, a coffee maker, a food processor and a TV, which is clearly demonstrated by the photos of built-in kitchens to order. And the price of a headset also depends on the quantity and cost of household appliances. The locations of such household appliances can be planned in wall-mounted cabinets, on a worktop or on hanging brackets. It looks good vertical layout of household appliances in the form of a closet-case. In the lower part, you can position the oven, above build a coffee maker, over which to place a microwave oven.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

Household appliances can be located in the cabinets of the lower row or in the hinged structures. Drawers, carousels and kitchen islands have good functionality.

A kitchen set with built-in appliances may differ in the constituent elements, their configuration, production material, location and aesthetic design.

Depending on the location of the modules, the built-in kitchen can be angular or rectilinear. The first option is the most successful solution for small premises. Here is usually used L-shaped modification. A small built-in kitchen allows you to efficiently use the corner of the room, placing it in the working area with the necessary composition of functional elements. Inside the corner cabinets, it is advisable to have shelf-roundabouts for kitchen utensils, shelves for spices and drawers for cutlery, as shown in the photo of the built-in kitchen in Khrushchevka.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

Helpful advice! To save space, it is recommended to provide a tabletop with adjustable height, which can be used as a dining table.

The corner kitchen with built-in appliances, as shown in the photo, is also relevant for spacious rooms, where you can install not only an L-shaped structure, but also create three working areas using the U-shaped view of the location of the modules. Here it is advisable to additionally organize a comfortable dining area or arrange an island in the form of a bar counter, which is convenient for friendly get-togethers and a quick snack. The bar counter can be turned into a tabletop, work surface or a small table for a child.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

Direct built-in kitchen is located along one of the long walls. This option is used for small families where there is no need to prepare large volumes of food. With this placement of furniture will be able to arrange a minimum of household appliances. However, in this case, you can even in a small room to organize a complete dining area with a sofa or chairs.

The design of the cabinet is selected for a certain type of household appliances. The hob can be part of the cooker or be combined with the oven. It is built into the special cabinet flush, located at the level of the tabletop or lifted 4-5 mm above the surface of the cabinet. The lower cabinet under the hob often has a width of 60–120 cm, height is 70–85 cm, and depth is 55 cm. Different options for the location of the hob are clearly shown in the photo of the corner kitchens.

Built-in kitchen: photos of original design solutions

Helpful advice! For a built-in hob, preference should be given to a countertop made of artificial stone, concrete or heat-resistant chipboard. The thickness of the product can vary in the range of 30-50 mm.

The oven is usually located under the hob. But there are other options where it can be embedded in a low floor structure or a kitchen pencil case at any height. In this case, the width of the cabinet should be 60–90 cm, depth – 55 cm, and height – 80–180 cm.

Initially, it is necessary to determine the number of home appliances and their location. At this stage, you should consider the configuration of the furniture and the internal filling of the kitchen. Next you should choose the style design of the kitchen. Now you can feel free to contact the company, ready to fulfill the built-in kitchen under the order, taking into account the size of the room and personal preferences of the customer. The company will select and purchase the necessary equipment that fits perfectly into the planned kitchen set.

Built-in kitchen is a good design solution, which saves free space by embedding technology in furniture. With proper and competent planning, you can not only create a convenient and comfortable place for efficient work in the kitchen, but also get a radically new look for the usual room.

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