Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete – a mixture that is used to protect foundations and other parts of the building from moisture. It is used both in private and in industrial construction. The composition of this mixture includes cement, sand, as well as various chemical components. The depth of penetration of active substances into concrete is 10-12 cm. This allows you to reliably protect the foundation from moisture and prolong its operational life.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

Penetrating waterproofing to protect concrete: principle of operation

Concrete blocks, which are part of the foundation, throughout the operation are exposed to moisture. Precipitation contributes to the erosion of the base of the building, which can lead to serious consequences. Concrete has microcracks, through which moisture penetrates, getting into the basement.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

It is also worth noting that water passes not only through microscopic cracks in the structure of concrete, but also through joints, which are located between the individual elements of the structure. These places are vulnerable and also need reliable protection. Brickwork is not self-resistant to moisture.

In order to protect the foundation or any other structure (for example, a garage floor made of cement) it is customary to use waterproofing penetration for concrete. It is most often applied at the stage of building a house. But in the case when the house is already built and there is a problem with moisture in the basement, then waterproofing is applied from the inside.

The principle of operation of the protective composition is simple and clear. After it is applied to the concrete, the process of absorbing chemical additives through microcracks begins. In case of contact with water, the mixture that fills the capillaries of the block crystallizes. Such crystals fill the empty space and prevent the subsequent penetration of moisture. It is important to note that they do not dissolve in water.

Useful information! In addition to waterproof qualities, such impregnation strengthens the concrete material, making it more durable and wear-resistant.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

To apply such a mixture, a wet surface is necessary, which distinguishes it from roll coatings and bitumen-based mastics. Before you buy a penetrating waterproofing for concrete, you should clearly understand the principle of its action.

Penetrating mixtures protect the foundation not only from moisture, but also from the occurrence of mold and fungi. The process, which is based on the interaction of free lime and moisture, allows you to securely close the pores in the structure of concrete and protect the structure from destructive factors.

To speed up the process of penetration of waterproofing substances into the concrete material, it is necessary to apply the composition to a wet surface. This method is very popular in cases where you need to carry out reconstruction of the premises. Often, penetrating formulations are used when it is not possible to use another method of protection.

Penetrating substances are actively used to protect the foundations of private residential buildings from moisture. Industrial buildings are also included in the list of objects that are treated with waterproofing of this type. Objects may be exposed to high humidity:

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

  • cellars;
  • wells;
  • swimming pools;
  • bathrooms.

This waterproofing material for concrete is not very popular, as some people simply do not know about its existence. However, the application of bitumen mastic is accompanied by certain difficulties, as they very quickly harden. In turn, the rolled materials do not guarantee one hundred percent protection of concrete from the damaging effects of moisture.

It is worth noting that penetrating mixtures are recommended for blocking microporous material. This means that for buildings made of foam blocks, this tool is not suitable.

Waterproofing of any construction can be carried out at the construction stage. Moreover, many experts recommend using this method. It takes into account the addition of dry matter to the cement mortar. This mixture has an impact on the structure of the future foundation, the waterproofing properties of which appear from the very beginning.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

Additives in concrete for waterproofing help protect the foundation from the effects of precipitation and water in the ground at all points without exception. The operational life of this insulation will be equal to the shelf life of the foundation itself, since they constitute a single whole.

Note! Crystals that form in microscopic pores are water resistant. They can be destroyed by passing water, but even in this case, their recovery occurs over time. Regeneration of this type allows for a high degree of foundation protection.

An important advantage of such additives is their ability to accelerate the process of building a house. This is due to the fact that their use eliminates the need to dry the concrete. Thus, there is a saving of time due to penetrating waterproofing for concrete. Reviews of such compositions are mostly positive.

When applying the mixture on a concrete surface, you need to know that it should be wet. Moreover, the higher this indicator, the faster the crystallization reaction occurs inside the pores. The material itself after processing does not lose its properties, retaining all the useful technical characteristics, such as:

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

  • air permeability;
  • vapor tightness;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • mobility.

The only indicator that undergoes a change after the application of waterproofing – waterproof. Such insulation is the most acceptable solution in the case when it is necessary to protect the foundation of an already finished structure from moisture. This is due to the fact that it eliminates the need to excavate the base. You can buy waterproofing for concrete in the profile shop or place an order via the Internet.

The penetrating composition provides reliable waterproofing protection, regardless of which side it was applied to the foundation. Groundwater pressure in this case also does not have any effect on the quality of protection. The insulated surface, as well as all the seams and butt points, become impervious not only to moisture, but also to aggressive media with different Ph values.

Any of the existing insulation today has some drawbacks. High characteristics of penetrating compounds make them most suitable for the protection of foundations and other structures, but they are not ideal. The main disadvantage of such mixtures is that they are recommended to be used in combination with other waterproofing agents. For example, to protect the seams of the foundation from moisture, it is recommended to purchase a special substance intended for this.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

Another disadvantage of penetrating water insulation is that it is quite expensive. Depending on the brand and the specialization of the mixture, the price of concrete waterproofing can vary from 50 to 350 rubles. for 1 kg.

Note! As a rule, this type of insulation is sold in bags weighing 25 kg.

Before starting work on applying such a composition to the surface, it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation. It is very important to clean the wall so that no (even minimal) pollution remains on it. Otherwise, the composition will not be well absorbed into the material. And also it is worthwhile to perform a surface degreasing in advance. Experts recommend using a garden hose to clean the wall, since the water coming out of it under pressure does a very good job.

The cost of waterproofing material can vary greatly depending on its variety and brand. The most economical and reliable option – penetrating waterproofing Lakhta. You can buy such a mixture at a very reasonable price (80-100 rubles per 1 kg).

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

All of the above manipulations are necessary in order to provide free access to microscopic pores. If there are large cracks and cracks in the concrete walls, they need to be fixed. It is recommended to gloss over such defects with cement mortar. This option is the most acceptable and simple.

It is also worth noting that waterproofing mixtures of this type do not work if used to protect the surface of the brickwork. With their help, you can only protect and strengthen the seams in this design. Thus, for brickwork it is better to use more common and familiar protection options.

Nevertheless, taking into account all the drawbacks, today there is no more effective means for waterproofing concrete structures. Before buying this composition is recommended to examine the companies that are engaged in its production. This will allow you to choose the most reliable means for a reasonable price.

Currently, the construction market is replete with a variety of materials designed to protect the foundation. Piercing insulation for concrete is also no exception. It is implemented by different companies, each of which has its own pros and cons. Experts do not recommend buying the cheapest formulations, as they are often not of high quality.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

The average price range is the most acceptable, as it includes good, high-quality brand compositions. When choosing the necessary tools should consult with the seller. And also before you buy a penetrating waterproofing, it is useful to study the reviews on the Internet about it. To date, the most common and effective are the following brands of penetrating mixtures:

  • Penetron;
  • Lakhta;
  • Kalmatron.

The first option is the most common. It is used for about half a century all over the world. Lakhta has a variety of choices. A mixture of the brand Kalmatron is considered the most universal penetrating waterproofing. Pools, wells, cellars and balconies – all these facilities can be protected using the products of this manufacturer. There are many other brands that differ in their composition, application and action. However, the above companies have best proven themselves in the production of products for the protection of concrete structures.

Building compounds of the Penetron brand are used not only for private, but also for industrial purposes. These mixtures appeared quite a long time ago, and the efficiency of their use is time tested. The composition of this mixture includes sand (quartz) and active chemical compounds.

Penetrating waterproofing for concrete: the best way to protect against moisture

The cost of such a penetrating composition is quite high – 250-300 rubles. for 1 kg. However, its technical characteristics fully justify such a price. Penetron penetrating waterproofing can protect not only the foundation, but also the walls, as well as floors made of concrete. Penetron consumption is quite simple to calculate, so as to protect 1 m? It takes about 1 kg of the composition.

Note! Be careful, as domestic markets are filled with various kinds of fakes, which can cost much less than the original. The quality of such mixtures is questionable, so you should not save on waterproofing the foundation and other concrete structures.

Penetron penetrating waterproofing for concrete is used to protect wells, pools, floors and walls in bathrooms and garages from water. Before applying such a composition, it is advisable to read the instructions and watch the training video, which will describe in detail all the nuances of the work.

In the next step, it will be necessary to prepare a solution for penetrating water insulation. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions, which describe all the dosage and method of use of the mixture. Next, the composition is applied to a previously prepared surface. To do this, use different tools, such as a brush, roller or a special spray gun (depending on the properties of the waterproofing mixture).

Penetrating compositions are modern means that allow you to make the foundation waterproof, thereby increasing its service life. Such mixtures can be very different from each other, but they all cope with their task better than traditional materials for the protection of concrete structures. When choosing a waterproofing penetration for building foundations, as well as other structures made of concrete, it is necessary to pay attention to its price, composition and method of application.

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