Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

Nothing pleases the eye of homeowners and gardeners like a fountain with their own hands at a dacha, surrounded by beautiful vegetation. It is not only a non-trivial decoration of the site, but also is capable of positively influencing the microclimate of the surrounding space. You can look at the descending water surface indefinitely, renouncing everyday problems from these moments and enjoying unity with nature.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: the main advantages

A pond with a fountain in the country with their hands with flowing water is the personification of the transience of life. This is a symbolic structure with special magical powers. The murmur of water creates a feeling of peace, tranquility and unity with nature. The water flow thrown up can take a different form, which is fascinating, conveying the holiday atmosphere. In the descending water surface, exquisite water patterns drawn by the sun are viewed.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

The fountain in the country is a real decoration of the site, which will make an unforgettable impression on guests and will be a real aesthetic joy for the owners of the site. It will surely become the basis for the birth of the tradition of throwing coins in order to return to this place again. Using various lights, organizing the unusual effects of water transfusion, you can create with your own hands a true landscape masterpiece, which will noticeably distinguish the country site from the neighboring territories.

Important! A fountain or waterfall on the site allows you to optimize the humidity and temperature of the surrounding space.

Near this oasis, it will be nice to just stand, enjoying the coolness on a hot summer day. Rest near the water after a week of work is very useful. The water element is able to saturate a person with energy, relieve fatigue, give calm and a sense of absolute harmony with the world around.

According to the technique of execution, fountains in the country with a pump with their own hands can be immersed and stationary. The first option is simple to perform and is located inside the pond. To create it will require minimal financial costs. The submersible structure consists of a pump, a pipeline that supplies water, and a nozzle, thanks to which water is sprayed in the form of a specific composition. With the help of such fountains you can get a trickle that beats from the depths of the reservoir.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

Stationary structures can often be found in city squares and parks. The structure necessarily contains various decorative elements that play the role of a water source. There may be statues, sculptures, landscape decoration items. Performed such works of art made of polymer stone, characterized by durability, reliability and frost resistance. These fountains are lightweight and are not subject to rotting and deformation. The construction of such a structure requires special skills and imagination. The process is time consuming. However, such a composition will have a very spectacular look and beautify the overall concept of landscape design.

Depending on the device, flow and circulation fountains are distinguished. The first option is established with the involvement of water supply or wells and sewage. The flow of water is fed up, falls down and goes into the sewer. Despite the fact that it is an irrational type of fountain, it has its advantages in terms of saving water resources. Such an aesthetic structure will be a source of drinking water.

Helpful advice! Flowing fountains can be used for watering flowerbeds, lawns, trees and shrubs.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

Circulation facilities assume the circulation of water that fills the tank. From it, with the help of a pump, water rises to a certain depth, is sprayed in the form of splashes by means of a special nozzle and falls into a tank. In this case, there is no need for a constant supply of water. It is enough to periodically replenish its reserves, which are spent on evaporation and spraying.

By appearance, fountains can be classified into single, group, single-level, multi-level, jet, cascading, waterfall, dancing, colored, singing and others.

When choosing a place to install a fountain, you should not only take into account the type of construction and its dimensions, but also a number of additional factors. The structure should not be located under the trees or in close proximity to them. Falling leaves, seeds, fruits will clog the filter and can cause damage to the pump. The root system, sensing moisture, will rapidly grow and sooner or later destroy the structure.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

It is also impractical to place a fountain near the house or another building. As a result of constant high humidity and splashes of water, the foundation and the facade will be adversely affected, which will affect the technical performance and appearance of the structures.

When choosing a good place, you should take into account the direction of the wind, which is characteristic of a particular area. If the fountain is placed on the leeward side, various large and small debris will constantly fly into it. As a result, instead of enjoying the view of the falling water, you will have to constantly purge the structure.

Do not install the fountain in a fully open area that is exposed to direct sunlight. Water, gradually heating up, can reach a high temperature, which will lead to its flowering and a high probability of failure of the pump unit. Throughout the day, light and shadow should replace each other.

Helpful advice! An ideal place for the location of the fountain in the country is a plot with light penumbra surrounded by low shrubs and flower arrangements.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

Since the fountain is powered by an electric pump, you should worry about the presence of a socket near the structure. The farther it is from it, the longer the cable will have to be laid, which will not only increase the economic component, but also increase the likelihood of damage to the wire during operation.

The fountain is better to install in the lowland area. This technique will allow you to saturate the air with additional moisture, which is especially valuable on hot summer days. In addition, this way you can adjust the amount of groundwater in the right direction.

The water structure can be an original decoration of the playground or complement the relaxation complex. Also a good solution is to install a fountain near the gazebo or an open terrace, which will allow you to enjoy the unobtrusive sound of water over tea.

The fountain should harmoniously fit into the exterior of the territory, so its appearance should be properly considered.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

For a classical garden, a stationary hydrotechnical installation in the form of a sculpture of a young maiden, an angel, a mythical monster or an ancient deity will be perfect. The natural style of the site design requires naturalness from the structures located on it. Waterfalls, geysers, springs framed in wood, pebbles or stones will look harmonious here.

For the modern style, a fountain made of concrete, steel, glass, polymers, artificial or natural stone is suitable. When creating a structure, it is important to strictly adhere to clear lines and regular geometric shapes. Boulders, earthenware jugs, a mill wheel or an old well is the best way to create a country style fountain.

A properly selected or created container will keep the water inside the tank, keeping it clean. For arranging a mini-fountain with your own hands, you can purchase a ready-made bowl of various designs made of composite or plastic. The first type of material has an increased resistance to temperature fluctuations and is not deformed under different weather conditions. The plastic tank for the fountain has a lower cost and is less durable and durable. However, this bowl can be selected in different colors.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

The prepared container can be dug into the ground flush with the surface or leave a small rim. To do this, you need a pit, the bottom of which is carefully rammed and leveled. Next is laid sand cushion thickness of about 10 mm, which is watered and compacted. A bowl is installed on the prepared base, which should be immediately filled with water.

The space between the pit and the walls of the bowl is filled with soil, if it is well drained, or with sand (in the case of clay soil). Compactor compacted well. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in a few weeks you will still have to pour more sand or soil, which will sit for a few centimeters. The bowl on the sides is usually decorated with pebbles or stones.

Helpful advice! As a container for the fountain, you can use an old acrylic bath that needs to be dug into the ground and decorated.

To create a large stationary home fountain in the country in two ways. Both options involve the digging of the pit of the desired size and shape. All roots and stones are removed from the pit.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

The first method is cheaper and less time consuming. After creating the pit, it is necessary to level and tamp the bottom and walls. To achieve the desired result, the base is filled with a layer of sand, on top of which a special film for pools is placed. It will last for many years without losing the integrity of the structure. Its main disadvantage is the high cost. You can also use any high-strength polyethylene film, but after 2-3 years it will pass water.

The film should be laid freely, without tension. Its edges are covered with soil and pressed against boulders. To prevent plant roots from sprouting through the film, it is recommended to spread geotextiles under it. This non-woven fabric is used when laying roads to prevent the collapse of the soil and root germination. This material is very durable to break. Stones, boulders, pebbles or other decorative material are laid on the laid out film.

Important! To prevent deformation or tearing of the film, the stones for the fountain should not be sharp.

The second variant of the construction involves the construction of a bowl of solid concrete, the sides and walls of which can be laid out with bricks. This is a more time consuming and costly process, which will be discussed later in this article.

Fountain do-it-yourself in the country: a bright accent in the design of the suburban area

The pump is the main mechanism of the fountain, which carries out the continuous movement of water in the tank. The principle of its operation is as follows. Water is taken by the pump, on the suction pipe of which a filter is installed, where coarse and fine cleaning of the liquid is carried out, and is discharged into the tank through nozzles.

When choosing a pump for the fountain, it is necessary to consider the operating voltage, capacity, height of water rise and power of the unit. It is better to give preference to models equipped with various hoses, nozzles and spray heads, since it will be extremely problematic to purchase additional elements if necessary.

It will be interesting to look at the cascade fountains in the country with their own hands, the photo clearly displays the various variations of designs. This design provides a transfusion of water from one bowl to another. To do this, you can use a kettle, cups, watering cans, buckets and even garden carts. The principle of the organization of such structures consists in fixing capacitive elements one above the other so that the flow of water flows from one to another. The most voluminous bowl is located in the lower part of the structure. It installs a pump that supplies water through the pipeline to the uppermost vessel.

Having understood in detail the question of how to make a fountain at the country house with your own hands, it becomes clear that the process does not cause any difficulties, as it may seem at the initial stage. Showing a little imagination, you can create a true work of art, thereby transforming your summer cottage beyond recognition.

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