Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

Floor plinth – an element necessary for the design of any interior. It gives the decor a finished look and hides the joints of various materials that are used to decorate the walls and floor. However, not everyone knows that baseboards are different and can be made of different materials. Consider what stands out among other floor polyurethane baseboards, as well as its advantages and features of installation.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

Floor polyurethane baseboard: the advantages of using

Polyurethane plinth for the floor is more popular than products made from other materials. And this is largely due to the technical characteristics of this material:

  • resistance to external factors and long operational life: with careful handling, the plinth is able to retain its original appearance for 20-30 years. At the same time, during service, it is resistant to water and steam, and also does not absorb odors and is easy to clean. Such plinths can easily be installed in the bathroom, as they withstand the conditions of high humidity;

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

  • polyurethane is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and therefore is perfect for rooms where heating devices are installed. As a result of heating, it does not deform, does not lose its original shape and does not crack;

Helpful advice! If you need to issue a zone located in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace, you can safely use polyurethane plinth for this purpose.

  • simple and convenient installation: due to the flexibility and plasticity of the material, its installation does not require much effort and can be carried out independently. Moreover, it can be used to design various projections and uneven surfaces, which are difficult in the case of ordinary baguettes. Fitting and trimming is very easy and takes very little time;
  • one more indisputable advantage – for installation of a polyurethane plinth no difficult or expensive tools are required. An ordinary sharp knife is fine. And later, after all the elements are fixed, they can be painted with any suitable paint: water-based, acrylic, etc .;

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

  • as for the care of polyurethane plinth, then there will be enough simple washing. Being a material resistant to the effects of various chemical elements, polyurethane does not react with any detergents and can be completely cleaned from contamination with their help. At the same time you do not risk damaging its color or texture;
  • A large selection of polyurethane baseboards is another advantage that cannot be said about. The modern market is rich in offers for every taste and is able to easily satisfy even the most demanding consumer. Differing from each other in width, texture and color, such baseboards are able to stylistically complement any interior.

The first and main function of the floor plinth is to clearly outline the perimeter of the rooms and at the same time to hide the transitions and deficiencies of the finishes that were made during the renovation process. An important role is played by the plinth in the event that carpet or carpet spreads to the floor. In this case, using the plinth fix its edges.

In addition, if you have a need to take care of laying the cable, you should buy a polyurethane plinth for the floor, which provide such an opportunity. It is sold in stores and on the market along with traditional models.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

Polyurethane plinth is many times stronger than products made from many other materials, and its cost is significantly lower than others, which can be called another positive aspect of using this particular option. Despite the fact that there is both a hard and flexible polyurethane baseboard, the second option is undoubtedly more popular, since it provides the opportunity to decorate any kind of construction complexity and uneven surfaces.

With regard to the installation of polyurethane plinth, then this process can not be called difficult if you pay due attention to the preparation of the necessary materials and surfaces. The plinth is fixed to the floor with the help of special glue, putty or decorative nails. Later in the article will be considered the installation process in more detail.

It would seem there is nothing easier than buying a floor plinth made of polyurethane. However, the choice of this element also requires attention and good taste. Otherwise, this detail may adversely affect the entire interior. And first of all it is necessary to repel the three initial data:

  • finishing material and color of the floor covering;
  • texture and color design of the walls;
  • style and color of the door.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

It is impossible to deny that the most daring design decisions involve the use of contrasting colors, but it is much more difficult to choose the right shade and decorate the interior with taste. Therefore, most people prefer the traditional solution to this issue: the plinth in the color of the floor covering or different from it by 1-2 tones.

If you have decided to use walls as a guideline for choosing a plinth, then the easiest way to do this is by choosing among ready-made samples that were previously painted or painted with a special compound. So the probability of miscalculation with a touch will be the least.

Speaking about the compliance of plinths to the floor covering, there are certain difficulties. After all, if the selection of panels of suitable color for parquet or laminate is not particularly difficult, then in the case of laying linoleum, carpet or tile, this process is noticeably more complicated.

Even more difficult – to provide a combination of doors and baseboards. The best design solutions provide for a smooth transition from the plinth to the door casings of the same color, which allows you to create the effect of an uninterrupted line.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

If you decide not to take risks and do everything according to the traditional rules of interior design, then you should follow a simple recommendation: the plinth should merge with the floor and not stand out. Although the use of a shade of 1 tone lighter or darker is not excluded. Such deviation practically does not affect the visual perception.

Many users say that they do not like the combination of carpet or tile with the baseboards of the same color. In this case, designers are advised to make a choice in favor of a fundamentally different shade. At the same time, making the edging darker or lighter depends on what effect you want to have on the perception of space: a dark one will make the room more comfortable, and a light one, on the contrary, will be more spacious.

There are cases when owners want to choose panels that will be an extension of the wall. This option is quite acceptable, but it should be understood that this option is only available if the walls were decorated in a minimalist style, for example, painted or plastered. In this case, they must be monophonic. It is categorically not recommended to combine motley, patterned wallpapers with embossed color baseboards. This combination never looks good in the interior.

If you prefer door trim as a guide, then in this case not only the hue of the panels used should match, but also their thickness, and in any case you will need to buy a wide plinth. It is also worth noting that sometimes edging for the floor is selected, focusing on some other elements of the decor, although this is quite rare.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

Today, white plinths have become popular. This solution can significantly transform the interior, provided that all the elements of the decor will be combined with each other. Think over the color, texture and shape of each element in advance to make sure that this decision is appropriate even before purchasing materials. It is recommended to even draw an interior plan using a special computer program.

Selection of bright, contrast baseboards also requires compulsory and careful planning to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies of shades. Pay attention also to the fact that wooden floors do not fit well with contrasting colors and in this case it will be much more appropriate to choose panels of the same color.

The dimensions of the baseboards for the floor are different and are selected on the basis of several indicators: the color design of the interior, the height of the ceilings and the overall size of the room. It is obvious that for a small room with a low ceiling it is categorically not recommended to use wide and high baseboards for the floor. Here it is necessary to give preference to thin baseboards, which will not take up much space, but only visually outline the perimeter of the room.

In large, spacious rooms, the use of thin narrow baseboards is also unacceptable. They violate the visual perception of space, change and distort its geometry. It is better to give preference to wider baseboards for the floor, which is mounted directly to the wall.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

The standard size of the plinth is considered to be the width from 45 to 70 mm, but you can find a variety of models on sale, which will be much smaller and much larger than these sizes. The wide polyurethane floor plinth can easily reach 20 cm. The main thing is that the height of the room allows the use of edging of such a height.

It cannot be said that buying a flexible plinth for the floor is very expensive. But at the same time, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the pricing policy for these products. Also pay attention to the cost of professional services for the installation of the plinth. The price of installation can also be very different, and before contacting the first ad, it is recommended that you carefully study the feedback on this wizard or the company you are planning to contact.

As an example, consider the pricing policy of the most popular companies that provide the opportunity to buy polyurethane baseboards of any size at affordable prices:

Manufacturer Size (shXg), mm Length mm Material Price, rub / piece
Orac decor 20×20 2000 duropolymer 210
NMC 19×12 240
Perfect Plus 54×16 272
79×13 314
69×15 340
Fabello decor 30×20 2440 polyurethane 348
Europlast 70×17 2000 composite material 400
80×22 527
Perfect Plus 99×14 2000 duropolymer 560
Europlast 70×13 polyurethane 674
Perfect Plus 126×16 duropolymer 780
100×15 2400 polyurethane 842
Fabello decor 80×12 2440 940
Orac decor 200×22 2000 duropolymer 2023
Perfect Plus 100×15 2400 rubber + polyurethane 2040


It is possible to purchase wide skirting (height from 15 to 18 cm) from the company Cezar for 690-1050 rubles. Thinner models will cost between 300-500 rubles, depending on the complexity of the texture, etc. Among the proposals of companies to find such plinths on the floor, the price of which exceeds the mark of 2000 rubles is difficult, but they are worth the money, as they are able to transform the interior and bring sophistication and style into it.

Having considered all the advantages of this option, you can decide whether to buy a polyurethane floor plinth. The prices for it are quite affordable, and the mounting procedure is so simple that it will be quite possible even for a master who is not too experienced in repair work.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

The more thoroughly the surface preparation is carried out, the easier and more qualitatively you will be able to fix the plinth. For this purpose, perfect silicone or glue, designed specifically for polyurethane. It is applied on the reverse side of the plinth and on the place of the corner cuts.

Another, simpler method of fixing baseboards involves the use of special screws or nails. They are masked with special linings, which are sold on a par with the skirting boards themselves. At the same time, the abundance of color solutions presented in the sale of baseboards allows you to easily select the necessary shades.

Preparation for the installation process begins with determining the type of skirting board that you are going to use. How to choose the right color and texture solution for a particular interior, we consider next, but for now we note only the fact that the width of the plinth directly affects the visual perception of space. The wider the baseboard, the lower and smaller the room seems. This must be considered before making a purchase.

Floor polyurethane plinth: features of choice and use in the interior

If you need to arrange a small room, for example, a bathroom or a corridor, it is better to prefer narrower models. Calculations of the required amount of material can be made on the basis of the perimeter of the room, taking into account the margin required for trimming corners.

Helpful advice! If you are installing the plinth for the first time on your own, then you should not expect that you will get perfect cuts from the first time. It is better to leave a margin of at least 10 cm to be able to correct errors.

Not less attention should be paid to the transportation of purchased baseboards. Polyurethane is a rather fragile material and requires careful handling, so in order to avoid breakage of the elements, as well as the appearance of dents and unwanted bends, take special care during transportation. In order for the material to adapt to the conditions in which it will be installed, leave it indoors at least for a day.

Another point that should be paid attention to if you are painting the plinth after fixing it – the width of the brush. A brush that is too narrow will not allow you to cope with the task quickly enough, and a wide one, on the contrary, will dirty everything around too much. Therefore, take care of a suitable tool in advance.

As you can see, buying a polyurethane floor plinth is not so expensive, especially if you compare its cost with similar models made of natural wood. In addition, you should not forget that, unlike solid analogs, you can buy a flexible floor plinth to decorate a wall with any irregularities, as well as projections and grooves, which is a considerable advantage and greatly simplifies the installation process.

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