Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

A feature of the interior loft is its adaptation to virtually any room and budget. Rooms equipped in accordance with the trends of this direction are distinguished by a combination of simplicity and style. Loft-style living room combines the atmosphere of a megacity and the comfort of a home hearth. It is this room that is characterized by multifunctionality, because how is it used for recreation and for gathering guests? This is a study and a library at the same time.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

History of origin and distinctive features of the design of the living room in the loft style: photo

The loft-style industrial style first appeared in the 40s-50s of the last century in the United States, when in New York, old warehouse and industrial buildings in the city center began to be converted into residential apartments. The founders of the style were artists, musicians and people of other creative professions who were not frightened by high ceilings, the lack of walls in apartments and open communications.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

Important! If there is an opportunity to choose a room for loft repair, it is better to give preference to a two-story apartment or a two-story house.

The main feature of the living room loft design is considered to be a harmonious combination of various style decisions. Some negligence in the design: shabby floor, brick wall, concrete ceiling? combine perfectly with ultra-modern lighting elements and new-fashioned furniture. Other features that distinguish the interior of a loft living room include:

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

  1. Very high ceilings. The first apartments were created in large industrial premises with high ceilings from 3.5 m and above, where massive ventilation pipes and communications systems were located at the top.
  2. The presence of the second tier. In the photo of loft-style living rooms you can often see a staircase that leads to the second floor, or the upper level, where the bedroom or sofa bed is located. The ladder can be arranged in the form of a simple metal construction or can be made functional with drawers in the steps.
  3. Space. When designing a living room in a loft style, you should avoid unnecessary walls, partitions and doors. The room should be as open and lighted as natural and artificial light.
  4. Big windows. Window openings should not be covered with thick curtains, for this it is better to use light curtains, blinds or shutters.
  5. The combination of new and old. In the living room the loft will look great modern plasma TV, which is installed on the cabinet in the form of an old suitcase or on a homemade table made of pallets.
  6. Finishing with a careless effect. Shabby bricks, specially aged surfaces of laminate or parquet, walls with imitation of holes and painted graffiti are all considered distinctive features of the style.
  7. Unusual decor. Pictures in the style of modern art in massive frames, grass in buckets arranged around the room, interior luminous letters will make the interior of the living room in the loft style unusual and memorable.
  8. Oven or fireplace. If the style is recreated in the conditions of a country house, then the living room with a fireplace in the loft style will be the main highlight, creating a sense of harmony and comfort.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

When organizing space, it is very important to correctly execute a loft-style zoning in an apartment or a private house. It should be a spacious room connecting the kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom.

For zoning, you should not use solid walls or massive solid doors. Screens, curtains, false walls, furniture, industrial-style columns, and various wall and floor finishes are considered the best way to divide the space. The main areas that should be present in the interior of the living room in a loft style:

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

  1. Bar counter. Used for zoning space in the kitchen-living room loft.
  2. Dinner Zone. It is recommended to equip between the kitchen and a place to rest. There must be a large dining table.
  3. Place to rest. The sofa in the living room, made in the style of a loft, should be chosen large, and if the apartment is small, then it is better that it folds out and creates spare places to sleep. Additionally, you need to install several chairs or chairs, as well as a coffee table, you can fix the TV on the wall.
  4. Work zone. Equipped according to the needs of the owners? it can be a place for reading books, where a rack with literature is placed, or a computer desk, necessary for work. If an artist lives in an apartment, you can install an easel.
  5. The entrance hall. It is considered the beginning of the living area. If the apartment is small in size, so that the hallway and living room create the impression of a single space, the walls and the floor should be made in the same style.
  6. Wardrobe. Loft style does not accept large closed cabinets. More often for storage are used hangers, open shelving, shelves, or even just cardboard boxes.

The advantage of the direction is the lack of standards in the design, therefore, picking up colors, the first thing you should focus on is personal preferences. But still, based on the meaning of the word “loft” (translated from English means “attic”), it is better to select muted colors that can be diluted with bright accents.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

Important! The main thing is not to make a loft-style living room in a house or apartment too gloomy and boring. Any interior can be diluted using bright elements of decor.

In the photo of the loft design of living rooms, the most common colors are:

  1. White. It is considered traditional at registration of a small drawing room in the loft style. White walls and ceiling visually expand the room, making it easier and free.
  2. Gray. The most common design option. Stylish living room, in which 3 walls are made in gray, and the fourth – in blue.
  3. Cream and beige. These colors are ideal for decorating the living room-bedroom loft. Such an interior will make furniture in coffee color even more tender.
  4. Brown and its shades. It goes well with bright colors, especially with blue and orange. The ideal option in the brown living room is the placement of wooden furniture.
  5. Yellow. Suitable for people with non-standard creative thinking. The best solution is to perform a pure yellow wall behind a massive light sofa.
  6. The black. More suitable for arranging large areas. Designers are not advised to get involved in using only black in order not to make the room a poem bleak.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

Other accent colors are blue, shades of blue, green, burgundy, orange, pink, red, purple, as well as the color of metal and natural wood. In the other photos of the living room loft, you can see successful collections of interiors, made with the use of two shades: black and white, blue and gray, brown and olive, white and red. If it was decided to perform the living room in one color, then you can create an emotional mood with the help of a bright sofa, colorful pillows or bean bags.

Making the design of the kitchen-living room in the style of a loft, should responsibly go up to the choice of building materials. It is the proper decoration of the walls and the ceiling will emphasize the features of the interior. It should be understood that the materials should not only be suitable in color and texture, but also be highly resistant to damage and easy to maintain.

If the living room is made out in a country house, the floor is better to make of wood. Most often for these purposes are used oak and pine. It would be appropriate to use wood flooring or high-quality laminate with a pattern that imitates wood or natural stone.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

In a situation where the kitchen is combined with the living room in a loft style, it is recommended to put ceramic tile “under the tree” on the floor of both rooms. In this case, you should foresee the presence of an electric or water heated floor, and in the area of ​​the sofa you need to put a carpet.

The design of the room in the loft style implies the presence of at least one wall, which is lined with bricks. If the room is small, you can limit it to imitation. For this purpose, ceramic tile with an appropriate pattern is most often used, wallpaper is less commonly used. Also, one of the walls in the living room loft can be decorated with the help of wooden boards laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

It is recommended to leave the ceiling of the room just concrete, but it should be covered with water-based paint, the color of which is selected depending on the interior of the apartment.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

The living room with low ceilings can be visually elevated by means of a glossy white stretch ceiling. If there are metal or wooden ceilings on the ceiling, they should not be closed, because they ideally complete the interior design in a loft style.

The interior of the kitchen-living room in the loft style should be saturated with a variety of lighting items. The best option is the presence of large panoramic windows, on which there are no curtains and curtains. The living room should be as much as possible to illuminate with the help of sunlight. The missing lighting is complemented by the use of unusual lamps, evenly placed around the perimeter of the room.

It is interesting! Lighting items in the living room are used not only as a source of light, but also for zoning space.

Loft-style living room: a spectacular spacious room with minimal decoration

Lamps should be different unusual design, they contain glass and metal elements. On the ceiling, the lamps on cable systems interconnected, track lights, large spotlights and spotlights located around the perimeter will look beautiful. Lamps can either be decorated with various shapes of lampshades, or left uncovered.

You also need to remember that all the shiny and chrome elements visually enlarge the room. To save space, you can place wall shelves on the walls. In a small kitchen-studio, it is imperative to arrange as much light as possible to minimize the number of shaded areas.

The direction of the loft is considered the style of creative people who like to experiment and create something new. Basics of style can be fully recreated by any person who is not afraid to show imagination. The main thing is not to strive to exactly repeat what was seen in a fashion magazine photo, because the loft style should correspond to the features and sizes of a particular room, as well as the mood of its residents.

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