Is the moisture content of aerated concrete a disadvantage?

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Potential buyers of aerated concrete blocks are intimidated by humidity. Due to the hygroscopicity of this building material, it is considered short-lived, not suitable for decorating facades. Let’s look at this question.

aerated concrete moisture

About moisture resistance of aerated concrete

Under normal conditions, humidity does not damage the aerated concrete block. Due to the peculiarity of the internal structure, it quickly part with moisture.

You do not need to protect a building made of aerated concrete blocks from dampness. It is only necessary to prevent the dampness of the wall near window and door openings. It is also recommended to cover the basement from the outside from moisture, isolate the wall from the foundation and from other materials.

For your information:

  • Russian rules for the use of aerated concrete block do not prohibit the operation of unfinished structures made of this building material..

  • For more than 80 years, a building made of such aerated concrete has been perfectly preserved – a residential building in Riga on Elviras Street. Its walls have darkened a little over the decades, but this did not affect the strength in any way..

aerated concrete blocks moisture

The outer cladding of the aerated concrete block is not required for protection from moisture. It is made mainly for the purpose of decorating a building..

Sorption moisture

The aerated concrete block always contains an insignificant part of moisture, and this does not violate the norms. This is sorption (equilibrium) moisture inherent in the process of material exploitation. GOST defines the rate of its content in 4-5%. YTONG building blocks fully meet this condition. Absorption and loss of a small amount of moisture is a natural phenomenon.

aerated concrete in moisture conditions

Due to its low hygroscopicity, aerated concrete absorbs very little moisture, which gives it frost-resistant qualities. It is able to withstand up to a hundred years of operation with sudden changes in temperature..

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