Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

For the last decades, a real breakthrough in the struggle against everyday routine is characteristic. There are practically no skeptics who reject automatic washing machines. Now it was the turn of the dishwashers. One may argue and doubt as much as necessary, but it is impossible to disprove the fact that they wash perfectly, while saving water, time and effort. A built-in dishwasher is a worthy alternative to ungrateful manual labor.

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

Dishwasher selection by installation method

Modern kitchens have different layouts, sometimes so unconventional, that the working surface in its classical sense (floor stand, sink, table, etc., united by a common worktop) is completely absent. Sometimes styling requires originality in the arrangement of furniture. Due to the specific conditions of the room, a dishwasher variant is selected. According to the type of installation, two types of devices are distinguished:

  • freestanding (solo);

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

  • embedded

Freestanding machines consist of the actual dishwasher cabinet and protective housing, which simultaneously performs a decorative function. Such units have significant dimensions, but their advantage is that the installation site can be changed. Freestanding dishwashers with a width of 45 cm are most in demand, as they have a good capacity and moderate external parameters.

Built-in models are installed in the niches provided in the kitchen furniture set. In turn, these dishwashers are divided into the following types:

  • fully embedded;
  • partially embedded.

Fully embedded devices are closed by the door of the furniture set. Partially embedded models have an open control panel, only the bottom part remains hidden.

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

Of great importance for the comfortable use of this household appliances are its parameters – first of all, the width of the built-in dishwasher. There are two main indicators:

  • 60 cm – full-size model;
  • 45 cm – compact device.

They also produce devices whose width is 40 cm. These are narrow cars – mini-variants.

The depth of the built-in full-sized structures most often reaches 60 cm, height – 82-85 cm. For compact and small cars, the depth is 55 cm, the height can be different – from 50 cm to 85 cm.

Dimensions are important not only for the technical possibilities of placement of this household appliances. Functionality is directly dependent on the size. The greater the size, the greater the number of sets of dishes can be loaded into the machine. Traditionally, a set of dishes consists of the following items: 3 plates of various sizes, cups, saucers, forks, spoons, knives.

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

A full-size dishwasher can hold up to 16 sets. Small machines – from 4 to 13 sets. The main advantage of small-sized machines is, of course, in their simple placement, the economy of water and electricity consumption. However, every day it is necessary to wash not only cutlery, but also pots and pans. In this case, the advantages are clearly on the side of full-sized machines.

Features built-in dishwashers 45 cm

The built-in dishwasher, which has a width of 45 cm, is a rather demanded type of household appliances. Far from everyone can afford a full-size design. In terms of aesthetics, the compact version is more successful, since the closing doors of kitchen furniture and the built-in car are the same size, which allows this home appliances to fit organically into the interior without creating clutter.

The capacity of this type of machine may be different even with exactly the same dimensions. Compactness is achieved in two ways:

  • limited size placed dishes;

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

  • reducing the number of sets.

These characteristics are extremely important. Choosing the first option, you need to be prepared for the fact that the car will not wash all the dishes. The second type is suitable for a small family. Otherwise, it will be necessary to use such a device more than once a day.

Selecting an optimal dishwasher capacity is easy. It is necessary to carry out an elementary calculation: during the day, 1 person uses 3 sets. Therefore, for a family of 3 you need a device for 10 sets, of 4 – for 12, etc.

Helpful advice! Calculating the required capacity of the machine, it is better to make a reserve for 1-2 sets. After all, when cooking and serving the table will certainly be used additional utensils.

Functionality of compact built-in dishwasher 45 cm

All dishwashers, regardless of their size, have a mandatory set of functions. The name of the modes may be different from different manufacturers, however, in fact, it is:

  • standard washing (at 50-60 ° С);

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

  • washing very dirty dishes (provides for additional washing);
  • washing with soaking (for coarse dirt);
  • economical option, ie, incomplete cycle for not too dirty dishes.

There are designs that have modes biomika, washing children’s dishes, delicate washing. Some models can independently select functions using sensors.

Machines with a capacity of more than 8 sets are equipped with an economical washing program, which consists in laying only part of the sets of the potential number of sets. In such cases, half the required amount of water is used.

In built-in compact dishwashers, drying is traditionally carried out in one of three ways:

  • condensation;

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

  • due to the fan;
  • using a heat exchanger.

Condensation drying is performed by rinsing dishes with hot water. Moisture evaporates from the heated surface of the pledged sets, settles on the cold walls of the machine and flows down in the form of condensate.

Turbo-drying is carried out with the help of a fan mounted on the rear wall of the machine. This method provides a faster process in comparison with the condensation method, but such machines are much more expensive.

The presence of a heat exchanger allows you to dry the dishes by pouring cold water into it, which is why the wall between the machine and the heat exchanger cools quickly, and the steam settles, falling into the drainage.

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

Narrow model: dishwasher 40 cm wide

Is it possible to carry a dishwasher, the width of which does not exceed 40 cm, to a complete construction? What are its features? Despite the minimum width of technology, kitchen furniture manufacturers leave a niche for embedding devices with precisely such dimensions. And this can only indicate one thing: many narrow cars acquire. The reason most often lies not in saving money, but in sensible use of the kitchen space. The capacity of such structures is 4-10 sets.

A narrow built-in dishwasher 40 cm wide necessarily has a standard set of functions and additional modes, the number of which depends on the manufacturer. A very important characteristic of this type of device is ergonomics. If the machine is in the use of a family consisting of 4 people, at the same time wash the full set of plates, as well as pots, pans will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the trays so that the large-sized dishes fit.

Helpful advice! Choosing a narrow dishwasher, you should pay attention to models equipped with a holder for plates. If necessary, load the pots this element is easily folded and removed. This greatly facilitates the use.

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

Regardless of energy class, a narrow dishwasher is economical, as the consumption and heating of water will be less for a small amount of dishes.

Most often, a small-sized dishwasher is placed in a reserved space for a kitchen unit. It is better if it is located near the sink. This position has the following advantages:

  • the difficulty of connecting to communications;
  • close location of the cabinet for storage of dishes (most often it is placed above the sink);
  • the absence of the rear wall of the sink cabinet makes it easy to turn off the machine if necessary.

If for some reason the position near the sink does not suit, a dishwasher 40 cm wide can be installed in the bottom of the case. This greatly diversifies the interior. It is also worth refusing a traditional kitchen cabinet, having adapted a pencil case for this. Retractable tall and narrow drawers with trays for various types of dishes are much more convenient to use.

Built-in dishwasher: modern appliances for a comfortable life

It is desirable that the side walls of the boxes were lattices. In this case, you can remove the dishes from any convenient side. This provides easy access to even the most distant object, and the possibility of airing is an important factor.

In order to avoid any problems with the installation of the machine with water supply, sewage, electricity, the connection scheme should be thought out in advance, even at the project level of placement of all kitchen elements.

The use of chemistry in everyday life, of course, it is better to limit. But if you compare the quality of rinsing dishes for hand washing after using gels and other compositions that dissolve grease, we can conclude that machine rinsing is more thorough. Skeptics may be asked to submit the results of the swabs for analysis to the laboratory.

The best dishwashers are those that work stably, satisfy inquiries with the availability of the necessary programs and give out crystal clear kits. Built-in models, if they do not create an interior, then definitely do not spoil it. Even with a strong desire to feel the perfect hostess, it is probably better to spend time on something creative than on the monotonous everyday process of washing dishes. It is worth noting another significant fact: all members of the family of conscious age will be able to use the dishwasher.

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