Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

The property of quartz lamps to propagate ultraviolet radiation has long been used by medical institutions for preventive and therapeutic purposes. Modern manufacturers offer models that can be used in the home. Quartz lamps for the home will help compensate for the lack of vitamin D in the body, disinfect the air in the room. But before using the device, be sure to learn the rules of quartz treatment of rooms and people.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Quartz lamps for home use

In the production of ultraviolet radiation sources use several types of materials for the manufacture of glass. Given this, such devices are classified into:

  • quartz;
  • bactericidal;
  • amalgamic

The source, which is based on a quartz bulb, gives a powerful radiation. As a result of the operation of such a device, a large amount of ozone is produced, which has a strong antimicrobial effect.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Helpful advice! High ozone concentrations are toxic and can lead to a negative effect on the human respiratory system.

The work of amalgam and bactericidal emitters is not accompanied by the release of ozone, which is more preferable for quartz treatment at home. Depending on the intensity of the radiation of lamps for quartz treatment at home, there are several types of devices:

  • open-type quartz lamps – these devices productively destroy viruses and bacteria in the air and on the surface of objects in the treated room. During the operation of these sources, a person should not be in the radiation zone. It should also exclude the presence in the room of domestic animals and indoor plants. The use of lamps of open construction is appropriate in the case when sufficiently powerful periodic disinfection is necessary;
  • Quartz lamps of the closed type – bactericidal lamps in this design are closed and can not cause harm to people in the room and other living organisms. The action of these irradiators occurs sparingly and their use is most preferable in living conditions. The share of the spectrum of negative radiation in such devices is negligible or absent altogether. It is not excluded the use of them, including, to repel insects. However, do not abuse the effect of the irradiator;

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

  • Quartz portable sources of the closed type – are used in the disinfection of air, as well as visible and hidden surfaces. It is used for preventive measures in case of illness of a family member. Promotes rapid recovery and prevents the spread of infection. The device is compact and can be installed in any convenient position.

Before you buy a quartz lamp for a room, you should familiarize yourself with the possible effects of devices on the human body, the basic rules for using radiators at home and the key characteristics of popular models.

The design of the mercury-quartz lamp is a sealed glass flask filled with mercury mass. With the passage of electric current through it, UV radiation is generated, which has an antimicrobial effect on the air environment and the surfaces of objects in the treated room. The action of disinfection occurs immediately after connecting the device to the network.

The main effect in the operation of the quartz apparatus is to disinfect the airspace with ultraviolet radiation. If the devices use quartz glass, it transmits all the radiation generated by mercury, including ozone. It is dangerous to all living organisms. That is why the treatment is carried out in the absence of people and animals, and after the procedure the room is aired.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Bactericidal UV radiation is used as an effective method of controlling pathogens, as well as a means of preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases in residential and public premises. Such irradiation increases the level of activity of the body’s defense mechanisms, normalizes the functions of respiration, positively affects the blood clotting, the supply of oxygen to the myocardium.

It is necessary to distinguish between quartz and bactericidal lamp models. The glass bulb of the latter is equipped with a protective layer that prevents the formation of large amounts of destructive ozone. This makes the functioning of germicidal lamps less hazardous to health than quartz ones. Despite this fact, the presence of people in the room during processing should be excluded.

Helpful advice! The main source of danger of mercury irradiators is the risk of bulb damage and the spread of mercury vapor, which have a negative impact on human health.

Processing the premises with ultraviolet rays helps purify the air from bacteria, viruses and microbes. As a result of this procedure, the air is filled with ozone, which contributes to the better functioning of the human immune system and provides the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. In order to properly quartz the house, it is necessary to know what benefits and harm such a process can bring.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

The undoubted advantages of quartz rooms at home include:

  • prevention of viral infections such as SARS and influenza;
  • reducing the risk of airborne infection to healthy family members;
  • relief of symptoms in inflammatory adenoids, bronchitis and sinus;
  • therapeutic effect in otitis;
  • treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin: acne, psoriasis, eczema and other ailments;
  • toothache relief, prevention of gum disease;
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases of the joints, as well as the treatment of osteochondrosis;
  • prevention of rickets in children.

It is worth noting that, if the instructions for use of a quartz lamp are not followed, such devices may also have a harmful effect. Improper use for cosmetic procedures can cause the eye to burn with a quartz lamp. In addition, the factors of careful or unwanted use of irradiators include:

  • personal intolerance – in this case, quartz treatment should be used with extreme caution or to abandon the procedure altogether;
  • skin sensitivity to UV rays;
  • increased body temperature;

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

  • the presence of cancer – possible risk of accelerating the formation of malignant tumors;
  • high blood pressure – people with this disease should not use irradiators.

Helpful advice! Before using the lamp to quartz the room, it is necessary to study the rules for operating the devices and consult with your doctor about the existing contraindications.

If you bought a quartz lamp for home use, you should carefully read the instructions attached to the device. There are certain rules for the use of devices for disinfection of premises, the implementation of which is mandatory. It is worth using a quartz lamp for disinfection in an apartment in the case when many guests come to you or your body is often subject to ailments of a cold or infectious nature.

How to use a quartz lamp at home? The rules for quartz room placement are as follows:

  • it is necessary to prepare the device and the electric carrier in advance;
  • it is better to connect the device to the network in the next room so that it is possible to turn off the device without entering the room to be treated;
  • before treatment, all people and animals should be removed from the room and the room should be freed from houseplants;

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

  • after connecting the device it is worth making sure that the lamp is functioning;
  • To activate the lamp and turn it on it is necessary to wear special protective glasses. Do not stay in the room while the lamp is operating. To automatically turn on / off the device, you can use the timer set for a certain period of time when there are no people in the room;
  • processing time is 30 minutes. After half an hour of continuous operation, the device should be turned off until it cools completely (the process takes about 40 minutes);
  • it is recommended to enter the room after processing not earlier than 1 hour after switching off the device;
  • after quartzing the room it is necessary to air it.

After studying the basic precautions and operating instructions for quartz lamps, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to be indoors when quartz is obvious. This is not recommended.

In order to use the apparatus for quartz treatment at home brought the maximum benefit, one should take into account the fact that the skin of each person responds differently to the action of ultraviolet rays. It depends on various factors: age, individual sensitivity, body condition, type of outer skin (epidermis), season of procedures and other conditions.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

People whose skin is prone to dryness may experience redness and cracking. Irradiation in some causes dilation of blood vessels. In these cases, quartz treatment is best not to apply. It should not be irradiated if a serious illness or surgical intervention has recently been postponed. With extreme caution, you should use the device for irradiating a child, because biologically active UV rays with improper dosage can cause a lot of harm.

Human exposure should be carried out on the recommendation of a doctor, taking into account the dosage indicated by him and adhering to the following order:

  • irradiation is carried out in protective glasses;
  • skin areas that are not involved in the treatment, close with a dense cloth;
  • The procedure begins after 5 minutes. after turning on the device in the network;
  • the distance from the lamp to the irradiated surface of the skin should be 50 cm;
  • before the procedure, the skin evenly smeared with cream or cosmetic oil;
  • the initial exposure time is 30 seconds. Each subsequent session is increased gradually, adding 30 seconds. The duration of one procedure should not exceed 3 minutes;
  • Do not use the lamp to get a tanning effect.

Some people experience individual intolerance to UV rays: a headache appears, the nervous system is irritated, and there may be other symptoms. In this case, the procedure should not be carried out. Contraindications do not affect the disinfection of the premises, since this process takes place without human presence.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Buy a lamp for quartz at home can be desktop, floor or mounted version. For modern large-sized apartments and impressive private houses, the floor-type model will be optimal. Its capacity is quite enough to disinfect a spacious hall, living room or children’s playroom. Such devices have average dimensions, they are mobile and can be easily transferred to any room.

Hinged type lamps are installed permanently. Depending on the preferences of the owners, they can be attached to the ceiling as well as to the wall. The range of ceiling appliances is very limited due to its low popularity. The most in demand at home appliances for quartz wall mounting. These lamps have a modern design and are always relevant in the interior.

Desktop models have sufficient power and are often used in everyday life. Due to the compact size of the lamp can be installed on any surface and if necessary, carry. Such devices are intended for local disinfection of the surface of objects and local irradiation.

It should be noted relatively recently appeared in the sale of lamps in combination with a bactericidal lamp. The basis of the operation based on alternating alternation of fluorescent and germicidal lamps. The devices are equipped with a switch that automatically regulates the operation of the lamps. Small in size, such lamps can be placed in any convenient place.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

The stability of the voltage in the household electrical network largely affects the useful life of a home-use quartz lamp, regardless of its design. There is also a dependence of the service life of devices on the level of humidity in the room, the frequency of on / off, the degree of contamination of the main elements of the device with dust.

Helpful advice! You can extend the life of the lamp for quartz at home by installing a voltage stabilization device for a household network or RCD.

Many, before buying a quartz lamp for disinfecting a room, are interested in the basic parameters of devices from qualified specialists of online stores selling specialized medical equipment. However, the final decision on the use of a quartz lamp should be made on the basis of a doctor’s prescription.

Like any other products, you can choose, order and buy a quartz lamp for an apartment on the manufacturers’ websites. Instrument catalogs contain complete information on the technical parameters of each device and are accompanied by several photo models. Preliminary acquaintance with the available in the range of devices, as well as competent advice will help in choosing the right option. Many companies provide the ability to deliver goods to the region of the buyer.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Before you place an order and buy a quartz germicidal lamp of the desired model, it is worth making a comparative analysis of prices on the websites of various companies. This will help find the device at the best price. It will be useful to inquire about the availability of appropriate certificates and warranty periods for quartz irradiators, as well as consult about the rules and conditions of operation of devices for different types of premises.

Helpful advice! Having bought a quartz bactericidal lamp for disinfection, which does not correspond in its parameters to your room, you will waste money.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a model range of quartz lamps portable or stationary type devices. Compact devices can be taken with you on trips if your work involves frequent business trips or use them to disinfect, for example, the surface of your workplace.

Not the last role in the correctness of the choice of a suitable lamp model is played by customer reviews. After examining them, you can eliminate the risk of acquiring poor quality or not corresponding to the needs of the device.

When you are going to make a purchase of a device for disinfecting a house or an apartment, ask the opinion of people using quartz lamps. Customer reviews will be very useful, given that many of them use devices for treating and disinfecting the air in rooms where they live with children. But remember that whatever the opinions of consumers, do not neglect the advice of an experienced doctor.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Many parents confirm the fact that, when they are periodically quartzed, children are less exposed to viral diseases. And if they are still sick, the use of the lamp helps to get rid of many symptoms and contributes to a quick recovery. In families with several children, the probability of spreading the disease from a sick child to a healthy one is minimal.

Quartz lamps have received good reviews in the treatment of skin diseases, especially psoriatic lesions. According to users, during 10-15 sessions, the condition of the skin is noticeably improved, and some recommend doubling the number of procedures to achieve a tangible result.

There are also positive reviews when using quartz treatment to eliminate mold in houses and apartments, an unpleasant smell in storerooms and cabinets. The lamp for disinfecting the space of the refrigerator works perfectly, and not only the smell is eliminated, but also the reason for its occurrence. According to pet lovers, a good result is the treatment of the premises with quartz irradiators to remove the specific odor.

There are cases when housewives share secrets of ultraviolet processing of vegetables and fruits when canning. Summing up all the reviews, we can conclude that the positive ones among them have a clear advantage. This fact suggests that a quartz lamp in household use is a very necessary and practical thing.

Quartz lamps for the home: the advantages of devices and selection criteria

Quartz irradiators have become very popular for home use. This is due not only to their therapeutic effects, but also the ability to take preventive measures, thereby excluding the onset of the disease. Knowing where to buy a quartz lamp for a home of good quality, you can buy a device at an affordable price.

Online stores offer a wide range of models of quartz lamps that can be safely used at home. The cost of the devices is affected by the power of the lamp, its design, method of attachment and manufacturer of the device. The table below shows the approximate prices of quartz lamps for an apartment or house.

Average prices for quartz lamps for domestic use:

Quartz lamp model Producing country price, rub.
“Sunshine” OUFK-09 Russia 2890
UFO-V “Electronics” Russia 3210
“Crystal-2” closed Russia 4450
Quartz lamp OBR-30 closed type with timer Russia 5520
Bactericidal recirculator MSK-909 “Megidez” wall Russia 4640
Bactericidal wall irradiator Dezar-3 “Kront” ORUbn-3 Russia 9600
The irradiator-recirculator Armed CH 111-115 in a plastic case China 4050


It is worth noting that the actual price of the quartz lamp should be checked with the consultants of companies implementing such equipment. They can consult on the ordering, timing and methods of delivery of goods. When choosing a quartz lamp for use at home, you must be guided by the volume of the treated room, the number of people who will use the device and in what diseases its use is planned. Having studied the offers of online stores, you can find a suitable and functional device.

Quartz lamp “Sun” OUFK-01: a bactericidal UV irradiator, reviews about the device

The main advantage of the quartz lamp “Sun” OUFK-01 is that it can be used for therapeutic exposure of children from the age of three. It is an open type device that can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes both in children’s institutions and in living conditions. Quartz lamps for home “Sun” is used to disinfect the space and surfaces in rooms up to 12-15 square meters. m, as well as quartz organism.

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