Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan is often used in country houses and in country houses. It harmoniously fits into the landscape, helps to create comfort and have a good time with your family or friends outdoors. However, this aesthetic and durable material is not yet sufficiently familiar to customers. About its pros and cons, about the manufacturers, the features of choice and operation, as well as how to make wicker furniture with their own hands, and will be discussed in this article.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Pros and cons of artificial rattan furniture

Artificial (or synthetic) rattan (aka polotang, tehnorotang) appeared in Southeast Asia almost seventy years ago. In its manufacture, a viscous mass of a mixture of rubber, polyethylene and special additives is forced through a forming hole.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

There are several modifications of synthetic rattan – in the form of a crescent, a rod and stripes of various widths and textures, can imitate wood bark. The size of the thickness of the fiber material varies from 4 to 12 mm.

Thanks to a special technology it is possible to obtain a tape of almost any length, thickness and texture. This allows not only to improve the appearance of the product, but also to avoid a lot of problematic and unaesthetic joints, seams and protruding twigs, typical of furniture from natural wines.

Ease, durability and durability. In the manufacture of a set of garden furniture made of artificial rattan, synthetic tape is wound on a wooden or metal frame. Such a product can withstand a very large weight. If the life of a natural rattan is on average 10-15 years, then its synthetic analog will last twice as long.

Wear resistance and UV resistance. Synthetic vines are not afraid of scratches and do not lose brightness under the influence of direct sunlight. This is due to the fact that they owe their color not to the external coating, but to mixtures of dyes added to their composition at the production stage.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Artificial rattan is not susceptible to mold or mildew, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions. Wicker garden furniture made from it is great for verandas, gazebos and open spaces. It does not need to be brought into the house during the cold season. It retains its shape and is not deformed due to rain, snow or temperature changes.

Resistance to chemical and mechanical stress. Care of a polyotang does not take a lot of time. It is enough to periodically wipe it with a sponge dipped in soapy water or ordinary detergent. Even if you have to rub hard, the material is not in danger. If the contamination is very persistent, it is easy to remove with alcohol. As for dust, you can easily get rid of it with a vacuum cleaner.

A huge variety of colors and textures. Artificial rattan can completely imitate the natural counterpart. Presented by the widest palette of shades and colors. It perfectly combines with the most diverse materials, whether it be stone, glass, ceramics, aluminum or steel, thanks to which it fits perfectly into any room design.

The price of furniture made of artificial rattan is several times lower than the cost of analogues made from natural materials. And the reason is not only the high cost of natural wood or wicker. Synthetic tape can be made in any regions where there are enterprises with the necessary production capacity, while the lion’s share of the price of natural lianas for wicker furniture is the cost of its delivery from the Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Environmental friendliness. Polarotang is absolutely safe for both people and the environment. It is even recyclable.

It is interesting! On sale there is furniture from recycled plastic bottles. One medium-sized product (for example, a chair or sofa) requires about 300 containers. Despite all the exoticism of this kind of artificial rattan, furniture for the garden, made from it, retains all the advantages of this material.

The main disadvantage of cheap synthetic rattan is its peculiar smell. It usually disappears in two weeks. However, under the influence of direct sunlight, an unpleasant odor can begin to stand out again. It should be noted that with high-quality products of well-known manufacturers, as a rule, such problems do not arise.

In some cases, when the furniture for the garden of artificial rattan is exposed to sunlight, the tape can be deformed and stretched. Therefore, to preserve the aesthetic appearance they will have to be tightened from time to time.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Due to the temperature difference in condensate wicker furniture from Paulina, condensation may occur, which must be regularly removed with a soft cloth.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should read reviews on the forums and on the websites of specialized online stores before you buy the furniture that you like.

Garden wicker furniture for the garden recently appeared on the domestic market. These are mainly products of foreign (Swedish, Dutch and Chinese) companies. Recently, however, a lot of domestic producers have appeared, successfully competing with them.

Furniture made from natural materials from the Swedish manufacturer KWA has been in production since 1946. It is distinguished by its stylish design, high quality and loyalty to traditions, which does not prevent the supplier from closely following new trends. Nowadays, artificial rattan is used in production as often as raw materials from Swedish pine, while all the company’s products are environmentally friendly, safe and durable.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Another famous Swedish manufacturer is Brafab. Its enterprises are located in Sweden and in China. During its eighty-year history, the company has gained a good reputation in the European and world markets. In addition to natural materials (teak, pine, natural rattan and tropical wood), the company uses the most modern raw materials. Brafab’s exclusive development is Brafatex polymeric material. Furniture made from it is not afraid of dirt, water, or aggressive sunlight. It retains its appearance in the summer heat, and in the winter cold.

A wide range of furniture from tehnorotang represented by well-known company IKEA. Wicker furniture is distinguished by emphatic Scandinavian minimalism and quite reasonable prices.

It is interesting! Despite the carefully maintained reputation of a truly Swedish company, IKEA has been a Dutch company for several years now and its headquarters is located in Delft (South Holland).

Good quality is characterized by the products of the Dutch company AZZURA, whose activity began in 1992 with the supply of furniture from Indonesia and Vietnam to Europe. However, soon the company opened two of its own production, specializing in high-quality garden furniture. The original design and environmental friendliness of products distinguish the wicker furniture of the Dutch from similar products of competitors.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

As for Chinese products, you should pay special attention to the reviews of other buyers. It is Chinese wicker furniture that most often emits a characteristic chemical smell, which may indicate extremely harmful additives that make up its composition. For the same reason, you should not buy the cheapest products. Usually, such a low cost is achieved due to a serious loss of quality, which occurs in the almost complete absence of state control.

The largest supplier of garden wicker furniture made of artificial rattan is the firm RAMMUS. In 1999, the company began to import German polyotang, but for five years RAMMUS has been specializing in the production of furniture made from ecotanga, which was made using its own formula. According to the manufacturer, his products compare favorably with those of competitors by increased wear resistance, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity. These qualities make it suitable for use in children’s and medical institutions. In addition, the products are characterized by durability and resistance to large temperature changes (from -50 to +80 ° C).

The color spectrum of the ecorotung from the company RAMMUS differs by restraint and proximity to natural shades and varies from milky to anthracite and brown tones.

This company has established a full cycle of furniture production – from the manufacture of polymeric rattan to the assembly of finished products and sewing soft items. The manufacturer guarantees high quality products at reasonable prices.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

Two years before the opening of the enterprises of the company RAMMUS (in 2011), another Russian company MEBIUS started its own production of artificial rattan. Furniture made from it, ergonomic, durable and environmentally friendly. It is represented by the widest range of chairs, chairs, tables and lounge chairs, as well as coffee, dining and bar sets. In addition, the manufacturer can make a set of furniture made of artificial rattan to order.

The Ekorotang produced by this company is UV resistant and has a certificate of quality of the EAEU. The colors presented in the corporate catalog are restrained and suffer from the natural range. These are various shades of milky, beige, yellow, gray and brown tones (up to saturated chocolate).

It is interesting! MEBIUS garden wicker furniture was used in the “Dachny Answer” TV project, which can be seen by looking at the photo on the company’s website.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to take into account some very important points.

Tension density and number of joints. A quality product has only one joint. If you press on it, then you can feel with your palm a significant resistance of the material.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

The quality of weaving. It is necessary that the pattern was smooth, without breaks and damage. Scratches and cracks should not be present on the material itself, since it is in these places that a breakthrough occurs during operation, as a result of which the integrity of the entire product will be impaired.

Frame material. Furniture with a wooden base is not particularly resistant to adverse weather conditions and moisture. It is perfect for a covered gazebo or a veranda – it is better to clean it from the street during rain and frost. Metal frame weighs less. Furniture made on the basis of this material fully possesses all the above-listed advantages of country furniture made of artificial rattan. The best solution for giving will be interior items on the frame not from steel, but from aluminum. This metal is characterized by special resistance to corrosion and rust, it is light and very durable.

Strength and stability of the frame. To verify these qualities, you can sit on a wicker chair, hammock or chair in the store without hesitation. The chair should not sag or swing, unless, of course, we are not talking about a rocking chair.

Garden furniture made of artificial rattan: how to make the right choice

The quality of the pillows. Upholstered furniture for the street should not be afraid of moisture and dust, and should also be resistant to UV light. For this reason, it is worth making sure that the pillows are made of dense high-quality material. An excellent solution will be products with removable covers.

The cost of the material and the furniture made of it is quite affordable and affordable for a middle-income buyer. The important point is that buying a line of furniture from one manufacturer, it is not necessary to take a full set of garden furniture made of artificial rattan. You can select only a few elements, arbitrarily arranging them in the interior or purchasing them as needed.

Such furniture is easy to do with your own hands, while further reducing costs. All the necessary materials can be purchased at a regular hardware store, where buying rattan for weaving furniture is also not difficult. Currently, wicker furniture made of artificial rattan is gaining great popularity. It fascinates with its attractive appearance and original design.

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