Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

One of the most successful innovative technologies in the field of lighting is the method of using solar-powered lamps. These lights have gained popularity due to such characteristics as efficiency. After all, they do not spend electricity, and use the energy of sunlight to work at night. In addition, these lamps do not have a negative impact on nature. This article is dedicated to this article.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

Solar-powered luminaires: scope

Solar street lighting is extremely popular with the owners of private houses, summer houses, as well as specialists in the field of landscape design. These lamps do not need to be connected to the electrical network. They are easily installed on the summer cottage in any suitable order along the tracks. Also, lanterns can be used for additional decoration of some elements of the garden: lighting of the pond or flower beds.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

Due to the frequent use in landscape design, such lamps are often called garden. These lamps are a favorable decor of the dacha due to its unique design, which gives comfort and coziness to the atmosphere of the garden or courtyard. In addition, the use of lighting allows you to walk the garden at night and enjoy the beauty of the plants at dusk.

Solar-powered flashlights are a great find as it is convenient, inexpensive and does not require additional site preparation. But the use of solar-powered lighting is not limited to private ownership. They fit perfectly into the landscape design of city parks and squares, as well as used for decorative lighting of buildings, fountains and sculptural compositions, used to illuminate the streets and dark alleys.

Street lights with a motion sensor are very popular. They allow you to save money and guarantee safety in the dark.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

It is possible to place a part of the sun in a corner of the garden with the help of an autonomous lamp on a solar battery. Arranged lamps are quite simple and consist of the following details:

  • LED lamp – emits a cold or yellow glow, and it can also be a certain colored light or a gradual change of colors;
  • solar panel – converts solar energy into electrical current;
  • battery – accumulates energy during the day and gives in the dark;
  • charge controller;
  • photocell – automatically turns on the light with the onset of the evening and turns off at dawn;
  • housing and parts for mounting.

In addition to these elements, lamps can be equipped with motion sensors and light levels. Some models are designed using sound effects. Such a lamp is usually made of anti-corrosive materials. It provides resistance to precipitation. The cover of the product itself is made of three types of glass: tempered, structured and smooth.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

Tempered glass has the best characteristics, but it affects the cost of the product. It is also dustproof and waterproof. The level of protection is recorded on the profile or the flashlight box and is denoted by IP and numbers.

The luminaire is solar powered by a nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 700 mA / h. Throughout the daylight hours, the device converts solar energy into electrical energy and charges the battery. And with the onset of dusk, a photocell is triggered, which includes a diffuse glow. And at dawn, if the minimum battery charge controller did not work before, the photocell turns off the lamp.

Most often, the light source in such lamps are LEDs or LEDs, the brightness of the lighting depends on their number. The average power of the product is 0.06 watts, and the service life is 100 thousand hours.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

Solar-powered lanterns for the dacha, regardless of the manufacturer, have a small battery capacity, which is able to provide the lamp with a full charge for 8-10 hours. And in the autumn, when the sunny day is reduced, the battery does not have enough charge until dawn. But there are models that are equipped with features that allow you to increase the time of uninterrupted operation of the product, for example, motion sensors.

Helpful advice! It is also necessary to take into account such parameters as the height and installation method of the lamp. Since the choice of products is huge, everyone will be able to choose the best option.

Before you buy garden lamps on solar batteries, you need to learn all the nuances. Many buyers who have installed such products are satisfied with the purchase, but negative reviews also occur.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

For the implementation of any ideas relating to the design of the garden, it is necessary to choose the best lantern option for the garden. This is possible thanks to the pluses of these products:

  1. A wide range of lanterns of different types, shapes and designs.
  2. Savings that come from using solar panels.
  3. Autonomy – no need to control the battery level.
  4. Practicality. The main requirement for the placement of the lamp – is access to sunlight.
  5. Long period of work.
  6. Absolute security.
  7. Mobility.

Using solar lamps, it is possible to light the entire garden at low cost without overpaying for electricity. In addition, there is no need to connect the device to the mains, and therefore there will be no spending on wiring. The cost of the most common models is very democratic. This allows you to install any number of lamps in every corner of the garden. Installation of the device is so simple that even a child could handle it. A long service life, with the implementation of all recommendations on the operation, ensures the return on the purchase.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

The disadvantage of these devices is that they cannot be repaired after a breakdown. Also in cloudy weather, the battery does not become infected at 100%, and in the cold season, the battery may fail.

Solar panel lights can be used to illuminate any corner of the garden and courtyard of various styles. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products that are able to meet the needs of all potential buyers. These are both ordinary simple models and unusual sculptural compositions on legs.

Of all the variety of lamps on solar panels, they can be classified according to their functional purpose as follows:

  • bollards – strict lanterns in the form of posts, designed to lighten paths and lawns;

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

  • wall or hanging lamps that are mounted on poles, fences or walls of any structure;
  • built-in lamps used for decorating stairs and paved areas;
  • floating lighting for a pond, fountain or pool;
  • underwater lanterns for ponds;
  • lamps for the decoration of flower beds made of transparent material, which ensures their invisibility in the daytime;
  • decorative lights, performance in the form of animals or fairy-tale characters.

Such a classification of lighting fixtures for the garden helps to orient in a variety of models and makes it easier to make a choice. But this division is conditional, since the garden lamp on solar batteries of the same modification can be used for different purposes.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

Also street lamps can be divided into the following types:

  • lawn;
  • park;
  • wall mounted.

The most common are wall lights. They are used as garden lighting and are also used in parks and squares. At the same time such a lamp can be placed anywhere where the rays of the sun fall. Such lights can emit light for 10 hours.

Park lighting models are made of stainless steel. The service life of these lamps is durable. In addition, such a lamp on the solar battery can work fine even in gloomy weather for several days in a row.

Solar lamps for autonomous illumination of the garden and the plot

Lawn lights are small. In these products, LEDs are used as the light element. The shape of the products can be any, they always look original and fashionable. Lawn lamps are used as a decor for objects:

  • tracks;
  • lawns;
  • mansard;
  • trees and bushes.

If you decide to buy garden lights on solar batteries, then first of all you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the battery, the material from which the case is made, the degree of protection of the ceiling.

The form of garden lamps can be the most diverse. This allows you to create a unique design of the garden and local area.

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