Architectural concrete

Modern materials such as architectural concrete play an important role in interior decoration. Unfortunately, they often have a high cost, but at the same time, it is also made independently..

Architectural concrete is one of the most fashionable trends in interior decoration in recent years. Art concrete is available in various shapes. It can be smooth, travertine, gray, multicolored, very thin, or impressively thick. So it comes as no surprise that so many interior designers use it in their best projects..

Manufacturing of architectural concrete

Due to the relatively high price of articulated concrete, many decide to make it on their own. First of all, we need a form and a ready-made fiberglass mixture. You can buy a ready-made form or make it yourself, for example, from a laminated board. When choosing a concrete mixture, you should know that there are different types on the market. Each of them will meet different expectations in terms of structure. For example, GRC Classic is recommended for art-concrete with travertine structure..

Modern concrete mixes are very easy to prepare, because most often they are simply enough to mix with water. Of course, the recommended water-to-mix ratio should be followed to get the best consistency that allows you to quickly and easily apply the material to the wall.

Architectural concrete composition:

  • Portland cement.
  • Fillers (quartz sand, marble chips, glass powder, crushed stone).
  • Water.
  • Coloring pigments.
  • Modifying additives.
  • Reinforcing additives.

Have you decided to make architectural concrete with your own hands? Such a solution, first of all, will save a lot of money..

Articulated concrete device

Where is this type of material most often used? Of course on the wall. It is very popular in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. This is one of the most modern finishing materials that fits not only in minimalist interiors, decorated in accordance with fashion trends. Also, the material looks good with more traditional and classic furnishings and decorations if tastefully chosen..

Architectural concrete for the facade

Building material is also used on facades. Modern buildings often have facades of smooth gray material and wood. Gray facades have been considered the most fashionable for several seasons. Also, this color is practical in big cities. Art concrete for facades also has a high aesthetic potential, since it allows you to create different styles in any building..

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