Aluminum windows – why choose aluminum joinery?

On the construction market, windows are represented by structures made of different materials. Wood or plastic window systems are in demand, but less popular aluminum windows can also be a good alternative. What motivates them to buy, what models are on the market? Find out in our material.

There are many advantages to metal window systems. Their most important advantages include the possibility of using large glazing, high energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, high strength, aesthetics of performance..

Aluminum, PVC or wooden windows?

Basically, window structures are made of PVC, wood or aluminum. How do they differ, and in which case is the type best suited? Plastic products are chosen because of their price, resistance to changes in weather conditions. This type of window system is available to most of the population and is found mainly in apartment buildings. On the other hand, wood products, although much more expensive than PVC products, require systematic maintenance, are a natural decoration of the home, so they are suitable for single-family homes..

Aluminum window systems are a good solution for large glazing. Thanks to the stiffness of the profiles, even large glazing can be securely fastened. Due to their high strength, such profiles can also be equipped with heavy anti-burglary glass. Wood-aluminum glazing is also an interesting solution, since they have the advantages of wood products, and thanks to the aluminum coating, they are more durable and do not require special maintenance. Metal overlays cover the entire outside of the window.

Manufacturing of aluminum windows

The design of such a window system is a frame (frame), as well as a double-glazed unit with blind or opening sashes. When assembling the components, profiles with different shapes are used. Various accessories for aluminum windows and technologies allow the following variations:

  • Swing. The doors open in one plane, taking into account the installed fittings, you can open the window to the right, left, inward, outward or even up.
  • Swing-out. The sash opens both vertically and horizontally with the possibility of installing micro-slot ventilation.
  • Sliding. Used on loggias, balconies, in rooms with a limited area.
  • Folding. The doors can only be opened from the top, which is suitable for small spaces.

Dimensional profiles open up opportunities for the use of thick multi-chamber insulating glass units. The degree of thermal insulation depends on the thickness of the panel. The joints between the frame and the sashes are sealed with gaskets. “Cold” products are made with one or two glasses, do not provide for such sealing. Due to the good heat transfer of metal, window systems that are designed for complete thermal insulation of premises must have many chambers. Also, glass panels act as stiffeners for the frame, thereby increasing its reliability..

Aluminum windows pros and cons

These window systems have many advantages. Advantages of aluminum structures:

  • Fire-fighting properties. Compared to wooden systems, the installation of metal products is a guarantee that there are no risks of sudden fires and the spread of flames, for example, due to the ingress of a cigarette butt. Their degree of safety is much higher than that of analogues made of other materials..
  • Durability. The service life is up to 80 years, with the preservation of its original appearance and operational properties. According to this indicator, metal window systems exceed the average service life of polyvinyl chloride models by 2 times..
  • Resistance to adverse natural factors. Such structures are well resistant to strong winds, prolonged rain, snowfalls, are not subject to corrosion, deformation.
  • Easy maintenance. Anti-static surface, resistance to moisture, allows you to wash the profile with a variety of detergents.

Considering aluminum windows, the advantages of such systems for any type of glazing are undeniable, but with all the advantages, they have one drawback. The disadvantages of aluminum windows are the high cost of structures, so not all people can afford their installation..

Aesthetics of aluminum windows

A wide choice in shape and color is another indisputable advantage. The shape and color can be ordered from the manufacturer almost free of charge. An interesting solution is wood-like window systems, which will appeal to lovers of the classics. It is easy to match the color to the color of the roof or facade of the building. It will not change when exposed to time or sunlight. They always look stylish and modern like this, combined with modern architecture..

Aluminum windows glazing large areas

Metal products are distinguished by rigidity, strength, so investors choosing such window designs can afford large-format glazing – terrace and balcony systems, as well as corner windows and conservatories. This solution is especially relevant in modern buildings where large aluminum window structures are aesthetically pleasing. The wide frames can accommodate glass with a height of 290 cm and a width of 170 cm. Another advantage is the possibility of creating large corner glazing – even up to 300 cm in height, and several structures of different widths. The decorative character is also influenced by the freedom of choice of shapes – you can order square, rectangular and even arched or round options..

Energy saving windows

Energy savingaluminum windows – warmsystems with good heat transfer parameters. Their energy efficiency is influenced by the multi-chamber structure – currently, single-chamber cold products are no longer used. In them, the gaps between the glasses are filled with argon, the separation of the warm distance frames is carried out by separate glasses. In the middle chamber, special gaskets made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide or insulating foam are used, which significantly increase the thermal parameters of the windows. The warmest models with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.53 W / (m2.K) are used in passive houses, and manufacturers usually offer models with a coefficient of 0.8-1.0 W / (m2.K).

High strength and easy care

Such window systems are almost completely resistant to changes in weather conditions, corrosion and deformation. They do not change their properties under the influence of prolonged moisture and solar radiation. Metal products are not overgrown with fungus, moss and mold. They do not require maintenance like wooden products. They can be washed with many detergents. Water and dishwashing liquid will help remove small stains. In addition, such systems can be treated with vehicle body products from time to time. However, when cleaning, it is not recommended to use abrasive materials, acids, solvents, which can damage the surface of the profile..

Panoramic aluminum windows features

For the first time, floor-to-ceiling window structures began to be used in the southern regions of France, where a mild climate is noted. Due to the geographical features, the panoramic structures are called “French windows”. Today, when installing panoramic window systems, climatic conditions no longer play a role, because the structures are strong, reliable, lightweight, and can be used in any houses and regions. Having planned the installation of panoramic structures, you need to determine the type of opening, double-glazed windows, profile, correctly calculate the area, and also take into account the aesthetic features.

Panoramic structures are a stylish design, they provide excellent illumination of the premises, visual expansion of the internal space, have a moderate weight, and allow glazing of any area. Among the advantages are fire safety, thermal insulation, durability. With the help of panoramic products, it is possible to create corner, solid, facade or frameless glazing. Due to the large selection of decorative solutions, it is possible to create structures in any design – with a decorated, painted profile.

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