Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

There are such devices that for their work do not require a stationary heating system or heat carrier. Their use is convenient in any conditions, even in the absence of any communications. Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder work due to the supply of propane. And although this method of heating the room can not be called the safest, it is quite popular among a wide range of users. We will try to figure out why.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

Advantages of a gas infrared heater: consumer reviews

According to consumer reviews, the first and most important advantage of heating with infrared gas heaters is the absence of requirements for connecting to any networks. In fact, such a heater can be installed anywhere.

All that is needed for the full operation of the device is a cylinder filled with liquefied gas. If you believe the reviews, gas infrared heaters to give may well work in the case of connecting them to the centralized gas supply system.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

Manufacturers claim that such equipment can be used anywhere: in an apartment in a high-rise building, in a private house, in a garage, in a greenhouse, etc. At the same time, the device is quite mobile and, if necessary, easy to transport. In addition, there are several types of heaters, allowing you to choose the most suitable option.

All gas heaters can be of two types:

  • those that heat the surrounding objects;
  • those that give off heat to the air.

If we talk about infrared heaters, then they work according to the following principle: subject to heat, which, in turn, give off heat to the air. This method is considered the most effective, but it has a significant drawback: objects that do not fall within the range of the device remain cold. It is pleasant to sit near such a heater, for example, while reading a book, however, to heat an entire room, you will need sufficient device power.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

The use of infrared heaters has some special features. For example, in order for a device to cover a large area, it must be placed as high as possible above the floor surface. In this case, the range of its impact will be as wide as possible, and the room will be warm enough.

The gas infrared heater consists of the following elements:

  • body made of metal;
  • heat exchanger;
  • splitter;
  • automatic control unit;
  • gearbox.

As for the size of the heaters, they can be very different: from small compact models to overall devices designed for large rooms, warehouses, garages, etc.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

Note! Keep in mind that a distance must be maintained between the heater and the gas cylinder. Otherwise, there is a risk of an explosion triggered by a flame inside the device itself.

If we talk about the principle of operation of the device, we can distinguish the following processes:

  • the flow of gas from the cylinder to the gearbox, where the gas pressure is reduced, after which it enters the heater nozzle;
  • mixing gas with air and their joint hit in the ceramic panel;
  • uniform combustion of gas and, as a result, the complete absence of by-products of combustion;
  • heating the ceramic component of the heater and further heat transfer through infrared radiation.

As a result of the fact that the device heats the objects around it, the overall air temperature also rises. Therefore infrared gas heaters for giving, garage or the greenhouse perfectly will approach.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

Before you buy a gas infrared heater to give or at home, you must be familiar with a number of characteristics that determine the purpose of this device. Depending on the power and design features, each of the options is most suitable for specific operating conditions.

The main guideline when choosing gas infrared heaters is their safety, so here you should take the utmost care and attention. A mandatory requirement for the model being purchased is a built-in automatic shut-off system, which is triggered when the product rolls over or is strongly tilted. Today such a security measure is considered mandatory.

Note! Another useful feature is the automatic shutdown of the gas supply in case the burner is accidentally extinguished.

In choosing a major role is played by exactly where the placement of the heater is planned. So, for residential premises, it is necessary to have a special sensor that will indicate the level of carbon dioxide in the room. Indeed, in the process of burning carbon dioxide is released, which can accumulate. In large quantities, it is unsafe for health and for human life.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

In the presence of a special sensor, the level of carbon dioxide in the room is regulated as follows: the device regularly takes a sample, determining the current level. At the same time, he compares it with a given boundary. If the current level has reached the limit, the device automatically turns off.

In order to buy a gas infrared ceramic heater, you need to focus on the mode in which it is planned to use. Perhaps you will include it periodically when you come to the country for a few days. If long-term operation is planned, then the device’s economy will play a significant role, because its prolonged use will entail certain costs.

Choosing an infrared heater to give, be sure to pay attention to the power of the device. There is a simple rule to be reckoned with: the more powerful the device, the less mobile it is. And, accordingly, vice versa. A simple and lightweight appliance can never deliver the same power as a massive, bulky heater.

The choice in this case does not affect the total area of ​​the room. After all, such devices do not heat the entire room, so its size does not matter. Consider in advance where you install the heater, and what area it will need to be heated.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

Helpful advice! It is always better to purchase a heater with a power reserve, and not to use it in maximum mode. So you can, if necessary, heat a larger area.

The appearance of the device will also play a big role, because everyone wants the heater to naturally fit into the situation and not create visual discomfort.
Despite all its advantages, an infrared heater can still not be considered a full-fledged heating device, if we are talking about permanent residence in the house. Its use is justified as an alternative option for short time intervals, or as an additional source of heat.

Buy a gas heater for the garage – one of the most difficult tasks. After all, initially this room is filled with a large number of combustible substances, which, in combination with such equipment, create the risk of a fire. Therefore, to the safety of gas equipment here are more stringent requirements.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

According to the type of construction, portable models are considered to be the most suitable for a garage, since, if necessary, the direction of heat flow can be changed. Optimal in this type of room may be the use of a ceiling gas infrared heater.

Helpful advice! Think in advance about how the maintenance and repair of gas infrared heater will be performed. To all its elements should be a free approach.

Due to the rather wide popularity, it is easy to buy a gas infrared heater from a cylinder.

Prices for some popular heater models:

Title Power, W Heating area, m? Size, mm Weight, kg Average price, rub.
Floor gas infrared heater of Ballu Bigh 4 4500 60 or more 270 (length) 2.8 2800
Gas infrared heater Ballu Bigh 3 3000-4500 45 338x278x372 2.3 2400
Gas infrared heater Pathfinder Hell with the ability to cook 1500 15 275x275x180 1.8 3000
basic infrared heater NeoClima UK-02 2500 25 192x150x86 one 1300
Street gas infrared heater of Master 34 CR 3400 160x350x460 2.6 2200


If you use reviews as a guide, the Ballu Bigh 55 gas infrared heater is also a very good option. It has a high power of 4200 W, and also provides the ability to install the cylinder directly into the device itself. Of course, this is reflected in its size.

Helpful advice! If you want to buy a gas infrared heater for the greenhouse, then you need to choose among street models. Room heaters will not cope with this task.

The price of a gas heater for a garage is not always acceptable, and in some cases you have to rely only on your own strength. Independent design of heaters has been tested for a long time, and simple and clear instructions have been drawn up for craftsmen.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

Here are some simple rules to consider before you even get started:

  1. The main requirement for both factory and home-made gas appliances is safety. Give it as much attention as possible.
  2. Elements that are responsible for the supply and overlap of gas, it is better to buy ready (factory), because they determine the safety of using the whole structure.
  3. The simpler the mechanism of operation of the device, the better.
  4. Pay attention to efficiency, otherwise the use of such a device can cost you dearly.
  5. Use inexpensive, but high-quality components that will serve as a solid foundation.

In order to make a high-quality heater with your own hands, you will need the following parts: a sheet of metal, scissors, rivets and a rattan knife for their installation, a fine metal mesh, a sieve and a gas cylinder. In addition, you can not do without a special burner equipped with a valve.

The first step is to attach a heater to the burner. For this, the sieve attached to the metal sheet is outlined with a marker. After that, parallel and perpendicular to each other, you need to draw rectangular ears. At the same time one of them should be 2 times longer than the others. Then using scissors for metal, you need to cut the resulting pattern.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

After that, the elements must be fastened together: the burner is attached with bolts to the metal circle that was cut out. The ears are turned in opposite directions, and a strainer is attached to them, which will function as a diffuser. This is a ready-made element homemade heater.

Then you can go to the fastening of the metal mesh. For this purpose, it is necessary to draw a circle with ears on the metal sheet and then cut it out. Next, you need to fix the grid, which is attached to the ears of each of the circles, forming a mesh cylinder.

Helpful advice! The most convenient way to mount with rivets and staves. In this case, you need to start with mounting the bottom, and only then go up.

When all elements are ready, you can connect them together and connect the finished product to a power source.

Gas infrared heaters from the cylinder: the types and features

If independent manufacture of the device is beyond your power, then the main thing you should be guided by in choosing a gas infrared heater from a cylinder is customer reviews, as well as the manufacturer’s specifications. Be sure to consider exactly where you plan to use it, and also for what purpose. If you give the choice of a suitable model enough time, then the purchased device will certainly meet all your expectations.

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