Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

Every year, plastic is becoming increasingly popular, replacing the more expensive metal elements. No exception and drainage systems designed to ensure effective removal of rainwater from the roof and protect the facade of the house from getting into it. Consider the advantages of plastic roof drains: prices, features and features of some models.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

Plastic roof gutters: basic equipment

Drainage systems, regardless of the material of manufacture, consist of the same elements. On the roof are gutters that are mounted with special connectors, as well as brackets. In addition, for the full functioning and attractive appearance of the system, internal corners and plugs are used.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

Slightly lower is a funnel, which serves to direct water down the pipes. Fastening of drainpipes is carried out with the help of brackets and clamps. At the very bottom there is a drain elbow.

A separate element is considered to be a special mesh, which is inserted into the funnel and does not prevent large objects and debris from entering the pipe. It goes without saying that the presence of such a protective grid implies the obligatory carrying out of periodic cleaning (at least 2 times a year) in order to eliminate blockages and prevent water overflow.

Important! In order to avoid unpleasant situations associated with rainwater overflow, it is necessary to periodically inspect the entire system for damage, in order to detect them, to immediately replace or repair it.

Plastic drains have their own characteristic features that distinguish them from metal ones and make their use preferable. There are the following positive aspects:

  • noise isolation of plastic drains is much higher than that of metal and reaches 27 dB;
  • plastic pipes are not subject to corrosion and are not amenable to chemical elements;

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

  • the low weight of the material can significantly reduce the load on the building and the roof itself;
  • Any defective item can be easily replaced. In addition, installing a plastic drain for the roof does not present any difficulties even for a beginner;
  • plastic, which is used for the production of this system is able to withstand temperature drops from -40 ° C to 50 ° C;
  • The drainage system made of plastic will be at least 2 times less than the metal one.

To solve all the problems associated with the selection, purchase and installation of drainage systems made of plastic can be independently, without the help of professionals. However, in this case, it is worth paying attention to aspects such as the selection of a suitable color tone, the diameter of the gutters and pipes, as well as the calculations of the required amount of materials.

And if the subtleties of the calculations are worth considering in more detail, then the following color solutions can be said: the systems of white and brown are in the greatest demand. Here you can use one of two solutions: pick up pipes to match the roof or, on the contrary, give preference to a contrasting color.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

It can not be said that plastic is the most reliable among materials, but it is better than others to resist the effects of any chemical compounds. In the absence of protective coatings, the material is not susceptible to corrosion. Due to this quality, this material can be used for many years.

Color processing of the material is carried out evenly at a depth of 3-5 mm, which allows to avoid burning out and wiping paint. If you buy a plastic drain, you can forget about such procedures as partial tinting or filling of individual sections.

Whatever the shape of the roof, the installation of the drainage system must be made in any case. And since it is necessary to acquire all the component parts separately, it is first necessary to make measurements and calculations that will help acquire the right amount of materials and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

The first will require measurements of the width and length of the slopes, as well as the height of the house, taking into account the size of the cornice ledge. Using the first two indicators, you can calculate the area of ​​the house. Of course, much depends on the architectural features of the roof and the complexity of its design. In some cases, it is necessary to make additional measurements of individual parts of the roof.

In the process of calculations, the number of component elements is necessary, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • the step between the holders of the gutters should be 50-70 cm. For example, if the length of the cornice is 10 m, then the holders should be 20 pieces. For large gutters, it is preferable to observe the minimum step, and 70 cm is permissible only in a small area;
  • The standard length of one gutter is 3 m. Having determined the total length of the eaves of the whole house, it is necessary to purchase the elements in the required quantity. At the same stage, you need to determine how many plugs are needed. For a simple gable roof 4 pieces are enough, while more complex and multifaceted structures require individual calculations;
  • it is equally important to calculate the required number of drainage funnels. In this case, the calculation is made from the indicator 1 pc. on 10 m. But this is relevant only if the total area of ​​the slope does not exceed 50 m ?;

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

  • in order to calculate the required length of pipes, which are located on the walls of the house vertically, you need to know the height of the building. The pipes used for these purposes are 1, 2, or 3 m in length. In addition, you will need to bypass the eaves overhang. To do this, use one or two elbows drainpipe. If this is not enough, then a pipe can be inserted between the two elbows;
  • The final stage of the calculations – fasteners. Here the scheme is as simple as possible – 1 bracket per 1 m. The number of drain elbows is also very easy to determine: there will be as many of them as there are funnels.

Helpful advice! If you plan to collect rainwater in a tank, then there is no need to install a drain elbow. It is enough to leave the pipe at the required level and substitute the existing tank.

On the modern market, you can find a lot of different offers, despite the fact that this attribute for arranging a country house appeared in our country quite recently. And since it should be recognized that the manufacturers of drains have few people on hearing, consider the most popular of them, taking into account the features of their plastic drains, customer reviews and the price category to which they are located.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

Docke drains are products of the “standard” category. At an affordable cost, the quality of the materials used will please even demanding users. Of course, to provide the cost of at least one finished set is difficult, since it all depends on the size of the house, the pitch and the number of fasteners used. However, it is quite possible to consider the prices of individual elements of plastic Docke drains:

  • a three-meter trench with a diameter of 120.65 mm will cost about 317 rubles;
  • the drainpipe of the same length will cost 384 rubles;
  • the cost of one funnel is 215 rubles.

As you can see, these are economy class goods, available for purchase to everyone. Among the feedback from customers almost no complaints or significant criticism. The same price category includes drains Alta Profile.

Plastic drains from the French manufacturer Nicoll are middle class products, which are characterized by an attractive appearance and a rather high quality of each constituent element. But such purchases are no longer available to everyone, since the cost, for example, of a 4-meter-long gutter will be about 920 rubles, and one funnel will cost 850 rubles.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

In this case, the choice of models is very large, so it is possible to choose the right option for any home, regardless of the style and materials used.

Exquisite and expensive gutters Marley

Not to mention the classic drains produced by Marley. This is a great option for those who strive for original design solutions and at the same time are willing to pay a considerable price for such an element as a drain.

Of course, it makes no sense to buy plastic roof drains, the price of which is so high if the design of the house is rather simple. In this case, it will be quite enough to have conventional models that will not yield to Marley in quality, but will cost much less.

Important! The price of the heating cable for roofing and gutters, the importance of the installation of which will be discussed later, may also differ depending on the manufacturer.

Having made the calculations and having purchased all the necessary elements, you can proceed to the installation of the system. Consider the general order of the work, to understand what should be their sequence.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

The first is the mounting brackets that will hold the gutter. They can be fixed both on the most eaves board, and directly on the truss system. Then for these brackets fit the gutter, located at the required angle. It is very important to properly mount and ensure the reliability of the joints of the elements of the honey itself.

After that, you need to place the funnels in those places that are reserved for them. It only remains to assemble the elements of the system, holding them together: the drain elbow is inserted into the funnel and into the pipe that is attached to the wall. The final stage is the installation of a drainage pipe in the lower part of the system.

Helpful advice! If you purchase a ready-made kit from the manufacturer, then it can be accompanied by instructions with recommendations for installation and maintenance. Moreover, a guarantee is attached to the products of well-known companies, which is usually not less than one year and makes it possible to contact the service center in case of malfunctions.

The price of installing a drain can unpleasantly surprise an economical buyer, who is eager to spend as little as possible. Of course, if you have purchased an expensive system, then you should not risk it and try to do everything yourself. But on simple and affordable systems, even a beginner can try himself.

Plastic roof gutters: prices, features, manufacturers review

Installation of plastic drain must begin at the stage of the construction of the roof lathing, when it is possible to attach the brackets to the rafters. Although sometimes, as a last resort, the fastening of metal elements to a wall (concrete or brick) is allowed.

Helpful advice! In order to maintain the optimum level of inclination of the gutter, it is possible to make measurements only for the extreme elements and then stretch a cord between them, which will serve as a guide for fixing the remaining elements.

The second stage – mounting funnels and gutters. To do this, you need to put on the ground in a row the required number of elements, without joining them together. You can shorten one of the gutters, using a hacksaw for metal, if necessary. After that, you need to perform the following steps:

  • in those places where the funnel will be installed, with a hacksaw, you need to cut openings of a suitable size;

Such anti-icing systems (heating the roof and gutters) are not cheap, but the owners claim it is worth it. Some decide on their own to reduce the cost of work, laying the cable only on the roof surface. In fact, this is not enough, and if snow and ice cause gutter clogging, the melt water will have no place to drain, which can cause overflow and system breakdown.

Important! Independent installation of the heating system of the roof and gutters is a rather risky enterprise. If a mistake is made, it can lead to a short circuit. Therefore, to carry out such work is recommended to contact the experts.

It is very difficult to unequivocally answer the question about the price of plastic drain without taking into account the area of ​​the house and the peculiarities of its design, as well as of the manufacturer’s products. The best thing is to initially carry out all measurements and calculations, and then, having familiarized yourself with the maximum number of offers, buy a plastic drain, the price and quality of which will meet your requirements.

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