Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

The article describes such an aspect of using metering devices as electricity meter readings: how to remove data without disrupting the procedure from single-rate and multi-tariff devices, how the payment is calculated and where the readings are sent. It also considers the probability of receiving a fine for violation of the rules of operation or breakdown of the seal, and the specificity of using antimagnetic seals on electric meters.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

Energy meter readings: how to remove data from the device

Electricity consumers are obliged to pay in full the consumed electricity. To do this, they must transfer the meter readings to the appropriate authority or perform an independent calculation of energy consumption.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

Induction type devices are equipped with a rotating wheel, placed under the frame with numbers. These data are necessary for carrying out calculations and transfer of indications. The device model and the number of digital values ​​determine which readings of electricity meters need to be transmitted.

The most common scoreboard displays induction type displays from 5 to 7 digits. The last digit stands out from the total due to the difference in size, color or a comma. In rare cases, the last two numbers can be distinguished.

When reading the meter readings, the numeric values ​​after the comma are not taken into account. These data represent hundredths and tenths of a kilowatt, so they are not taken into account.

Note! There are modifications of devices where a comma or another type of selection is missing. In such a situation, all the numerical values ​​shown on the scoreboard are taken to carry out the calculations, otherwise there will be discrepancies in the payment, which will still have to be covered.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

After installing or replacing an electric meter in a private house or apartment, the owner is issued a certificate confirming the correct conduct of this procedure. The document records the initial numeric values. To remove the data from the unit, you need to transfer to the paper all the numbers displayed by the device at the moment, not counting the decimal places. Also, do not take into account the zeros standing before the first significant number, i.e. 1 or more.

For the calculations will need data for the previous month. In the first month after the installation of the equipment, these figures are taken from the act. Next, you will have to keep a log book or save all receipts to record indicators.

Some subscriber services save electricity consumers from having to make their own calculations. It is only required to transmit data in a timely manner for a certain period of time. This became possible thanks to an automated system that, either by itself or through an operator, enters data into a personal account, calculates charges and generates a receipt. In this case, the consumer will only have to pay on the basis of the invoice.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

The amount to pay for electricity bills can be calculated independently. To do this, you need to take away the latest data from previous readings. The result is the amount of electrical energy consumed in the last period of time. It remains only to multiply it by the current rate.

For example, if the meter displays a numerical value of 5204 kW, and the previous figure was 4954 kW, the calculations will be as follows: 5204 – 4954 = 250 kW (power consumption).

Note! Sometimes the counters are automatically reset. Especially for such cases, a special calculation system is provided.

When the counters are reset, the readings correspond with all zeros, and the number “1” is put at the beginning of the number. However, the values ​​after the comma should not be taken into account. For example, if 00001.7 kW is displayed on the meter, you need to rewrite this value as 100001. The previous readings are subtracted from this indicator, and the result is multiplied by the tariff. This method of calculation is used once, after which the reading is carried out according to the usual system – without preceding zeros and an additional “1”.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

Electronic models of counters are completed not with mechanical disks with figures, but an electronic board. In addition to the consumed kilowatts, it may display other data, for example, the device operation time, date, etc. Most often, the change of indicators is carried out several times a minute. If the device keeps records by zones, it alternately displays data on each of them.

How to take readings of electricity meters day-night (two options):

  1. Wait until the board displays the necessary information.
  2. Get data by pressing the “Enter” button. Sometimes, to get the necessary information, you need to do it several times. The numerical values ​​on the scoreboard are marked with certain marks to make them easier to distinguish: T1, T3, T2, T4, TOTAL.

When the data is received, they are recorded in the receipt and the calculations are performed according to the scheme described earlier, or transferred to the appropriate authority. In electronic devices, the decimal numbers are also not taken into account.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

How to take readings of the electricity meter Mercury 200

Counters Mercury are presented on the market by single-rate and multi-tariff models. Devices with a single tariff are marked as follows: 200.00; for multi-tariff models, digital values ​​appear after the period, for example, 200.01, 200.03 or 200.02. Among them are electricity meters with a remote control and a different number of zones.

Note! Regardless of the modification, readings from the instruments are taken according to a single scheme. The difference is only in the number of clicks on the “Enter” button.

In the meters Mercury 200 in turn displays the following data:

  • time;
  • date;
  • charging by zones.

The first is the time indicator in the normal tariff zone. Seconds, minutes and hours are displayed above. After a few seconds, the data is replaced by the date in the standard form: date, month and year.

After that, additional rates are displayed on the board. On the left in the upper corner is shown marking. Each of the available tariffs is displayed in turn. At this time, you can rewrite the numerical data for kilowatts without numbers after the comma.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

Depending on what the device settings are, the numeric readings on the scoreboard change every 5-10 seconds. This time is enough to rewrite the data. If this did not work out, the tariffs can be switched manually using the “Enter” button. For the calculations, it will be necessary to calculate the amount of electricity consumed (kW) in each zone, multiply by the corresponding tariff, and add the results together.

How to take readings of the electricity meter Mercury 230

The accounting device Mercury 230 belongs to the category of three-phase meters. The calculation of electricity is carried out in several tariffs. On the device screen displays the credentials corresponding to a specific rate.

Note! The three-phase electric meter is designed in such a way that its display shows 4 digits. If 2 of these figures are marked with T2 or T1, then the device works on a multi-tariff payment system.

Tariff Zoning:

  • marking T2 denotes the night zone;
  • the value of T1 indicates that the peak zone on the screen;
  • To designate a low peak zone, the marking T3 is used.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

Therefore, before taking readings of three-phase electricity meters and proceeding with the calculations, it is necessary to take into account all the indicators:

  • tariff icons with markings by zones;
  • a digital value representing the amount of electricity consumed;
  • phase icons.

The three-tariff electricity meter has one feature. In order to achieve correct calculations, we need readings on all tariffs for the previous month and data at the time of calculation. Finding out the difference between these values, you can get the amount of energy consumed at each rate for the last month. It remains only to find out the payment for each zone, taking into account the corresponding tariffication for it, and to summarize the values ​​obtained.

Electric meters Energomera come in various modifications. There are multitariff devices. Calculations on them are made in a similar way, which was described earlier.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

The price of day-night meters is relatively low. Therefore, many apartment owners install such accounting devices in their home. The difference between such devices lies in the design features. Depending on which modification of the counter is installed, the number of buttons changes. A button for viewing digital data has a different name – “PRSM”.

The buttons themselves can be several, usually 2 or 3. When you click on the scoreboard, the data for each tariff zone is displayed. Otherwise, there are no serious differences, so it does not matter if the landlord would prefer to buy a three-phase electricity meter or if he wants to install the device day-night.

Note! Electric meters Neva, Energomera and Mercury 230, 234, 201, 200 belong to the instruments of the modern generation. The models of the new model have a similar device, so the scheme of taking readings is the same.

In many ways, the instruments of the new model are superior to the old models. However, their main disadvantage is cost. The price of day-night electricity meters and three-phase devices is much higher. The same applies to multi-tariff devices divided into several zones.

Energy meter readings: how to take data from metering devices

Of course, you can buy a single-phase electricity meter, which is cheaper. The high cost of multi-tariff metering devices is due to their broader functionality, which allows them to save on electricity, differentiating tariffication by zones.

Many apartment owners ask themselves the question of how many meter readings of electricity meters should be submitted and how this procedure should be carried out. In connection with the innovation, which came into force 4 years ago, the rules for the transfer of evidence have changed. According to it, individuals should independently transfer actual data to the bodies of local power supply.

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