Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Coolers are devices that make it easier to get drinking water and make life easier and more comfortable. And given the fact that the quality of drinking water affects the health of those who use it, the cooler can be called one of the most important elements of the house. Consider what could be a floor cooler for water with cooling and heating and what are the advantages of using this device.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

What could be a home cooler: the main criteria for choosing a device

The first thing you need to know before you buy a cooler – all devices are divided into two types: bottled and dispensers. In the first case, water is used, which is located in a special tank. Typically, this bottle has a volume of 19 or 22 liters, although with a special adapter, you can use a 5-liter. Dispensers work a little differently and are designed for drinking water.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Here are a few basic parameters by which you can separate all the coolers:

  • installation method. There are not only floor, but also desktop models. In the first case, the volume of liquid will be larger, but it is worth buying a desktop water cooler if the flow is not too large;
  • color design and design. In this question, the only limitation is the manufacturers fantasy;
  • control method. There are electronic and mechanical devices;
  • availability of additional features and functions;
  • ways to spill water. There are three options: top, bottom and flow models.

If we talk about the appearance of the cooler, it is a rather large plastic structure, which is equipped with two taps (for supplying hot and cold water), as well as a funnel into which the neck of the bottle is inserted. In addition, a switch is usually provided, as well as an indicator that indicates the degree of heating or cooling of the liquid.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Helpful advice! Such a device as a cooler will be useful not only for adults but also for children. It is possible to buy a children’s water cooler in order to provide the child with free access to drinking water and to some extent accustom him to independence.

The basic principle of the cooler with water is the following: a certain amount of water flows from the main tank into a special tank. So the liquid is cooled or heated, depending on the selected mode. Then, through a suitable tap water can be typed.

The device receives power from a normal 220V network. And due to the presence of special temperature sensors, the process of heating or cooling stops immediately when the liquid reaches the set temperature. To maintain the achieved result, the device is periodically turned off, and while in standby mode, it does not consume electricity.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

The maximum temperature of heating or cooling depends directly on the model of the device, however, if we talk about general parameters, then water can be cooled with the help of such a device to a temperature of 4 ° C and heated to 95-98 ° C.

We should also note dispensers that work with running water from the water supply, cleaning and filtering it. Due to the use of a chemical purification method, up to 96-99% of all harmful trace elements are eliminated, which makes water suitable for drinking.

There are two methods of cooling water: compressor and electronic. Electronic models are used much more frequently, as they are easier to use, easy to maintain and, if necessary, repair. In addition, cheap to buy a water cooler you can only such. Yes, and the device weighs significantly less. However, it is worth noting that such devices have a rather low performance in hot time, and they spend more time on the process of cooling. Therefore, for a large family is better suited compressor.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Compressor coolers are characterized by high performance and reliability. Their work is completely independent of external conditions. True, such devices are much more expensive than electronic ones. For the sake of high speed of the process, one has to come to terms with the really large size of the device. Although on sale there are not only outdoor, but also desktop models.

As for the function of heating water, in this case, all devices work in the same way. It is worth paying attention only to the quality and reliability of this function.

As for the additional functionality that can be provided in the device, coolers for water with a fridge are most popular, as well as devices that provide ozonation and carbonation of liquids. If a refrigerator is built in the cooler, then such a device is capable of solving another important task – to provide space for storing products. Usually its volume is in the range of 20-60 liters, and the space is divided by shelves.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Separately, it is worth noting another device with ice generators. Such models have not two, but three taps: for cold, hot and water at room temperature. Separately, the device produces and ice, which is stored in a specially designated place. It is very convenient, though such a cooler will cost much more.

Definitely answer the question how justified any additions to the device, difficult. It all depends on the individual requirements and preferences of the owner, because everyone decides how much he needs these or other functions. For example, in the case of installation in the office, a small refrigerator will be very useful, while in the house it may not justify itself.

Aeration is an add-on to an amateur. And although in such models is always available and water without gas, such an acquisition would be justified only if you love and use carbonated water.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Interesting! In order to make water carbonation possible, a place for a cylinder with carbon dioxide is provided in the housing. Usually one cylinder is enough for 1000 portions of water, and the degree of carbonation can be adjusted according to one’s own preference.

As for the built-in fridge or freezer, they can be used as a mini-bar or just for storing food. Sometimes, instead of a refrigerator, there are simply shelves on which it is convenient to store various trifles.

For coolers in which the ozonation function is provided, there is always a place in the locker for storing drinks and food, ozonating water and for disinfecting dishes.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Undoubtedly, the number one in the list of advantages of this device is a high level of protection against various unsafe microorganisms and impurities.

However, there are other positive aspects:

  • devices are designed in such a way that energy consumption is as rational as possible;
  • You can carbonate water at home. This is also a significant savings;
  • regardless of weather and ambient temperature, you can always get water at a comfortable temperature;
  • during operation of the device, the water is heated to a predetermined temperature;

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

  • all beneficial trace elements are preserved;
  • It is very convenient to use the cooler and even a child will cope with this without problems;
  • Such a modern device significantly saves your time, allowing you not to spend it on the preparation of drinking water.

All these positive characteristics allowed the coolers to become popular. Today they are actively used at home, in offices, providing any number of people with drinking water.

Important! If young children have access to the cooler, be sure to take care of the availability of special protection for the tap with hot water. This will eliminate the risk of burns if the child mixes up the tap or is just not careful.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice


The design of the cooler is not always convenient, especially when it comes to devices for which the upper installation of the tank is provided. In this case, the water tank is mounted on a special holder on top. Much easier if the installation is done below. In this case, you will most likely be able to put the water tank yourself.

Here are some tips on how to do everything as quickly as possible and use the cooler with the bottom load of water correctly:

  • first of all you need to remove the cap from the bottle;
  • then a special adapter with a tube is inserted inside the container;
  • on a stand with wheels, the bottle slides inside the structure.

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

Another drawback noted by experts is that there is always the risk of water contamination by pathogenic bacteria. And given that the water in the tank is standing and is used by all residents, there is a possibility of poisoning.

Helpful advice! If a water cooler has not been used for a long period of time, for the first time it is advisable to leave it on all night.

As already mentioned, if you want to buy cheap, a desktop water cooler is the best solution. However, if this is not enough for a specific task, then it is worth considering what offers are available today among floor models and why they are worthy of attention.

  • “Khvalovskiye Vody” – from 210 rubles per bottle;

Floor cooler for water with cooling and heating: features of choice

  • in the company “Water 095” you can buy 19 liters of water for a cooler for 95 rubles;
  • order delivery of 19 liters of water for a cooler with delivery from Staro-Mytishchi spring – from 195 rubles;
  • “Studena Talitsa” – from 100 rubles for 1 bottle.

As you can see, it is cheap to order water for a cooler to your home or office. And the cooler itself can be purchased or rented very inexpensively. So if you want to solve the problem with the constant availability of drinking water can be quite easy. It is only necessary to carefully examine the issue in order to choose the option that is most suitable for you.

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