Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

Repair of the kitchen requires special attention from the owners, as the specific use of this room implies high humidity and significant risks of contamination for all surfaces. For this reason, kitchen panels are one of the most popular finishing methods. They are made from different materials and to figure out which of the options suits you the most, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

Kitchen panels: advantages of use

Kitchen panels are widely used due to a variety of characteristics. First of all, it is moisture and steam resistance. In addition, such panels are not deformed as a result of exposure to high temperatures. Another positive quality is environmental friendliness. Walls decorated in this way are easy to wash and do not absorb smells that you constantly encounter in the kitchen.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

A significant role is played by a large selection of materials, as well as colors and textures. A wide range allows you to choose the design absolutely for any interior, and at the same time decorate the space. Moreover, such panels can be dismantled at any time, and their installation or replacement does not take much time and can easily be carried out independently.

Let us consider several arguments in favor of buying panels for the kitchen and using them as an apron for the working area:

  1. First of all, it is worth noting the cost of such a decision. The prices of wall panels for the kitchen have fairly wide boundaries, which makes it possible to choose the right option for any wallet.
  2. You can install the panels yourself. Photo panels for the kitchen, supplemented by step-by-step instructions, will help familiarize yourself with the process of fixing and do everything correctly. In addition, for the work you do not need any specific tool, and you can easily do the set, which is available in every home.
  3. Installation of panels can be done in several different ways: using glue or special batten. Behind the panels you can easily hide all the necessary wires. At the same time the draft basis does not need preliminary preparation or alignment.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

As can be seen from the proposed arguments, wall panels for the kitchen are a great option for both budget repairs and if you are ready to radically transform the interior. Excellent technical characteristics and ease of installation allow this solution to take a leading position among the rest.

It is difficult to say unequivocally which kitchen panels look the most advantageous. Much depends on the area and interior of the room, as well as personal preferences of the owners. However, experts suggest to consider several recommendations that will help you navigate the huge choice of products and choose the most suitable option:

  • the use of bright color panels is permissible in cases where the rest of the kitchen furniture has a rather neutral color scheme, or the area of ​​the room is large enough;
  • Take into account the features of the lighting: for a dark kitchen it is better to use light panels, and here for a well-lit space and color options are suitable;
  • Pay attention to how the panel of your choice will be combined with the rest of the furniture: they should be made in the same style or just look harmoniously;
  • since the kitchen is one of the most polluted rooms in the house, it is worth considering this when choosing finishing materials. For example, on snow-white ones, as on glossy black panels, all splashes will be visible. If you are not ready to wash them after each meal, it is better to choose another option;

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

  • Consider using LED backlighting around the panels: this solution can be not only an additional source of lighting, but also perfectly decorate the interior;
  • if necessary, you can think about the installation of shelves in the locations of the panels. This will give you extra storage space for small items, such as spices.

Kitchen panels can serve as a supplement to an already existing interior, or become its main accent and decoration. The main thing is to choose a color and pattern that will not bother you in a month and over time will not become annoying. If you want to be sure that you will like your choice for a long time, choose the most neutral colors and patterns.

Depending on the material from which the panel is made, it may have certain characteristics. Some options are more popular, and the operation of others requires compliance with certain rules. Consider all existing options, their advantages and disadvantages.

PVC wall panels for the kitchen are made of solid polyvinyl chloride with the addition of a minimum amount of softener. This production technology allows to obtain a material that is as resistant to water, fat and high temperature as possible. Such panels serve for quite a long time, and provided they are treated with care throughout their entire operational period, they retain their original appearance.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

Among the additional functions that plastic kitchen wall panels can perform are heat and sound insulation, since the porous structure of the inside of the sheet makes it possible to perfectly absorb sound waves and not release heat from the room.

As for the installation and further care of the panels, then this option can rightly be called one of the most simple and practical to use. Panel decoration can be almost anything. Including it is worth considering the option of wall panels for the kitchen with a photo printing. You can purchase ready-made products, or you can choose an image yourself and make an individual order.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

Among the drawbacks of finishing the kitchen with plastic panels, users note the low resistance of the material to various kinds of mechanical stress. This limits the range of cleaning products that can be used to clean the surface and excludes those that have a granular structure.

Helpful advice! Considering the characteristics and possibilities of this material, it is often used not only for wall decoration, but also for other purposes. For example, you can consider the option of mounting the ceiling of plastic panels in the kitchen.

Another extremely popular option is glass wall panels for the kitchen. They are also called skinali and are most often used to decorate the space above the working surface – a kitchen apron. Such panels appeared not so long ago, but very quickly took one of the leading positions.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

In order for the panel to have sufficient strength, for manufacturing use heavy-duty tempered glass, whose thickness is more than 4 mm. Due to the special processing technology, such panels are resistant to shock, high temperatures and are not prone to deformation. In addition, any chemicals can be used to clean them. All these characteristics allow you to safely place the glass panels in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen stove and work surface.

Helpful advice! As an original interior solution, you can use not solid panels, but folded from separate pieces of glass – mosaic. This will create a creative accent in the room and generally diversify the interior.

The main advantage of glass panels over all others is a perfectly smooth surface, in the pores and microscopic scratches of which dirt and dust cannot accumulate. The only thing you should pay attention to during installation is skinali – the distance between an open fire source and the panel should be at least 7 cm. This is due to the risk of damage to the pattern on the panel, and in some cases the material itself.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

As for the choice of colors, there are no limitations for glass panels; you can use your own photos or any image you like.

The use of wall panels for kitchens from MDF was made possible quite recently, since such wood chip products react negatively to moisture and do not tolerate direct contact with water. However, modern manufacturing technology provides for the presence of a protective layer on the panels consisting of PVC film. Such lamination allows you to make the surface more resistant to external factors.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

Depending on the model chosen, the panel may have a smooth or textured surface, and in some cases mimic different textures. Wood wall panels made of MDF are very popular. This design looks very impressive, and removing stains and splashes from it is much easier than from natural wood.

Nevertheless, such panels can not boast of a fairly high level of strength, and it is possible that over time they can crumble and collapse. Although their high heat and sound insulation properties are more than cover these disadvantages. Moreover, it is very easy to replace the damaged panel yourself.

Panels for the kitchen: a practical and beautiful design of the walls and apron

Helpful advice! To combine the details of the interior, you can choose a tabletop made of the same material and in the same style as the wall panels.

One of the most expensive options are wood panels. Renovation of the kitchen with natural wood panels is not everyone can afford. However, those who wish to equip the space in the style of country or Provence, may consider such a decision. Also this option is very fond of eco-style adherents.

Another important point is to think in advance about the location of sockets and switches. If you order a sheet model panel, it is better to initially determine the location of communications, to make accurate measurements and ask the contractor to make the appropriate holes. So you can minimize the risks of spoiling expensive material with self-assembly. If you use rack panels, it is quite possible to do everything without the help of specialists.

It is difficult to underestimate the positive aspects of using kitchen panels. Possessing all the characteristics that are necessary for using this type of wall covering in conditions of high humidity, the panels also have an excellent appearance. And even with minimal care will last a long time. It is enough to look at the photos of plastic panels for the kitchen in various interiors to make sure that this option is quite deserved.

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