Corner shower 90×90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

All owners of small apartments want to save space and make every square meter of housing functional. Bathroom is no exception. It is an angular shower 90×90 with a high pan helps to cope with it. It is very comfortable, modern and takes up much less space than a regular bath. This product is a choice of practical people who want to make their homes comfortable and convenient.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

High-bay showers: benefits of using

The modern plumbing market is replenished with new and new options. Therefore, in specialized stores it is easy to find cheap corner showers for every taste. Such products are very popular because they have several advantages. Even in the smallest bathroom corner shower 70×70 easily accommodates. Its use frees up space for other things, such as a washing machine.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

This is the main advantage of such a booth, because in 1 square. m contains a convenient device for making hygienic procedures. The optimal and most popular is the size of 90×90 cm. In such a shower stall, any person will feel comfortable, will not be constrained by the walls, and the design itself will easily fit in the bathroom.

Most often, the shower corner cabin with a high tray 100×100 or 90×90 is chosen by young families. After all, thanks to the deep tray, you can soak up yourself in it, wash the child or wash small clothes. Also significant advantages of such booths are the following characteristics:

  1. Warming up the internal space of the shower. The air heats up quickly and the temperature lasts a long time.
  2. The capacity of the pallet. Because of this, you can take not only a shower, but also a bath. Product dimensions allow to wash both adults and children.
  3. Hiding communications. Special metal frame easily hides all pipes.
  4. Minimal risk of injury and lack of probability to flood your neighbors. From the cab water does not fall on the floor of the bath, which means that it is impossible to slip or spoil the repair to yourself and the neighbors from below.
  5. High side allows you to make relaxing foot baths.
  6. In addition, many showers are equipped with a variety of additions that allow making the shower more comfortable. For example, the hydromassage function will help relieve fatigue after a working day, and the radio will raise your spirits.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Helpful advice! The 90×90 shower cabin with a high tray is not very comfortable for the elderly, as it is not very convenient for them to step over the high side of the product. In this case, it is better to buy a corner shower cabin 100×100 with a low tray.

Some modern models are equipped with a special place where you can sit down to take a breath during a shower or to sit comfortably in a recruited bath.

It is possible to buy the angular shower cabin as with the high, and low pallet. Manufacturers also share their products according to the geometrical principle:

  • semi-circular – suitable for medium-sized bathrooms in apartment buildings;
  • square – for small bathrooms;
  • angular – for non-standard layouts;
  • rectangular – for medium and large rooms.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Small cabins are perfect for apartments, small country houses and villas, baths and saunas. Large cabins are also available with an exclusive package. Such dimensions have standard models of angular shower cabins: 80×80, 70×90; 90×90; 100×80 These products are equipped with the usual features.

The average size of the shower stall is suitable for the standard average family. Since the walls do not constrain the movements of a tall man and are comfortable for bathing a small child, the tall tray makes it possible to swim while sitting. Such modern products are supplemented with additional functions, for example, hydromassage. Sizes of such showers: 100×100; 110×80; 120×80; 120×120

Owners of bathrooms of 15 sq. M. Can afford large spacious cabins. m and above. Sizes of large showers: 130×130; 140×140; 150×90; 170×90

When choosing a product, it is better to give your preference to a corner shower. It is more spacious than a rectangular or square one of similar size. The person in the corner shower is located from corner to corner, and not in the center.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

The modern market of shower cubicles offers a choice of a huge amount of products, among which it is easy to get lost. Choosing a product, you must rely on the following characteristics:

  • shower envelope;
  • pallet height;
  • booth brand;
  • product model;
  • design.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the shower. After all, this thing is not cheap, which means it will often not be possible to change it.

Helpful advice! Preference should be angular shower with a bathroom of well-known brands, models with a proven reputation. After all, it is better to lay out a lump sum once than to constantly spend money on structural repairs.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Now the most popular brands are: Polar, Niagara, Timo, Erlit, Roca. Consider the most common models in more detail.

Cheap Angular Polar Shower 80×80

This corner shower 80×80 with a high tray – a versatile option for any room. Such a model is compact, but it will not be quite comfortable for a large person to take a shower.

The model is equipped with a mixer, a small shelf, aluminum profiles and arcs are used here. The doors are made of frosted tinted glass. Safety glass fitted with a thickness of 4 mm, painted white in the shower. The shower head is attached to a flexible hose. The height of the pallet is 40 cm. It is equipped with a metal frame. During the manufacture of reinforcement is used, which provides additional strength of the pallet.

This corner shower 80×80 has a height of 200 cm, which allows the product to fit perfectly into a room with a low ceiling.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Popular model: corner shower 90×90 Niagara

We present you a shower with a high tray manufacturer Niagara.

The frame structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Pallet legs are adjustable. The rear window of the cabin is made of white hot glass. Glass curtains opaque, corrugated, 5 mm thick. The top of the product is covered with water-repellent material. The doors are made in such a way that if they break, they will not fly apart into pieces, but into pellets, which reduces the risk of injury.

The profile of the shower stall is chromed. The shower faucet is made of brass alloy. It is possible to switch modes. There is a shelf for hygiene products. The manufacturer of the product gives a warranty on the product – 1 year.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Timo Finnish Angular Shower Enclosures

The manufacturer of this model is the Finnish company Timo. Corner shower tray products made of acrylic sheet. This material is characterized by a long service life. The doors are sliding, placed on self-adjusting rollers. The shower cabin is equipped with a reliable and high-quality hydromassage system.

Thanks to t-stiffness technology, the design profile is resistant to deformation. Its surface is treated with a protective crystalline oxide film. The processing method — electrochemical anodizing — ensures the resistance of the material to mechanical damage.

The shower is equipped with extensive functionality: a rain shower, a mixer with several modes of operation, internal ventilation, decorating lights. A remote control is included with the product control kit. The glass of the model is tempered, safety – broken into granules.

Pallet form – semicircular. Installation is simple, but it requires compliance with instructions. The price of this model is above average.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Shower 120х80 with the deep pallet Erlit

The manufacturer of this model is a Chinese company Erlit. The main feature of this shower is the asymmetric form. The pallet has a reinforced frame. Front glass model matte, rear walls – white. Sliding doors made of tempered glass 4 mm thick. Equipped booth all the basic functionality. There are also additional options: ventilation, hydromassage, tropical shower. Control is exercised by the remote control. The watering can shower fastens on the railing, also several shelves are available.

Most often, these booths are chosen for installation in private homes and apartments. Despite the good quality and extensive feature set, the model is inexpensive. In addition, such booths are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials. And due to the fact that the pallet is equipped with a siphon, the owner of the booth is protected from the appearance of unpleasant odors from the sewer. The shower drain closes and opens by pressing the foot.

Volume angular cabin shower 120х120 firms Roca

The overall model shower 120×120 is designed for installation in large bathrooms. Cabin doors are sliding, mounted on a metal profile, made in two versions: white and silver. The front part consists of 2 parts: 2 doors and 2 fixed glass on the sides of the doors. The thickness of the glass 4 mm. User feedback on this model is extremely positive.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

This model is an excellent replacement for the products described above with a deep tray. The peculiarity of such a shower in a specific drain system that does not trap water inside the equipment. Because of this, you are not afraid of the strongest water pressure. This is especially true when using features such as a tropical shower and hydromassage. Another advantage is the low threshold, which does not cause difficulties to enter and exit the shower.

Corner shower 90x90 with high base: the best option for the bathroom

Optimally selected shower allows you to make the space in the bathroom as functional and spacious as possible. It is best to choose a corner shower with a high pan, allowing to perform the functions of a bath. For a standard small room, a corner shower with a size 90×90 is best. Thanks to modern design ideas, a simple standard stall has become an extraordinary highlight.

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