Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

From this article you can find out what features have a narrow washing machines for household use; get acquainted with the technical and operational characteristics of structures, with brief reviews of the best models and manufacturers in this category, with customer reviews. The text contains useful information and tips on choosing a machine with optimal parameters.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

Narrow washing machines: features and classification

A small area of ​​the room significantly narrows the scope of selection of home appliances. Many manufacturers have taken into account the needs of the owners of such housing by developing compact versions of washing machines. The first to enter the market products of the company LG. Under this brand appeared small washing machines under the sink, occupying a minimum of space. On the market there are other brands offering equipment with vertical and frontal type of loading.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

Due to the diversity of the modern market, consumers can choose and buy a narrow washing machine with a compact size. Many well-known brands offer this technique, including Bosch, Samsung, Hotpoint-Ariston, etc. Some modifications allow you to wash more than 5 kg of laundry at a time.

According to the type of loading, two types of existing models are defined:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

Among the compact models emit narrow and supersize washing machines. The maximum depth of the first is 36-40 cm. Indicators of the second variant are even smaller – 33-35 cm. The width and height vary within 60×85 cm.

Note! Despite the fact that super-slim models have a shallow depth, these machines have a full range of functionality. They are practically in no way inferior to standard units..

The main advantage of washing machines in this category is their compactness. This property is convenient for owners of small apartments. Such machines optimally fit into the interiors of any premises. Many models are built into furniture or installed under the sink, which allows efficient use of space.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

The shallow depth of the washing machine (40 cm) indicates that the unit consumes the minimum amount of washing powder. The stores have an extensive range of this technology, thanks to which every customer will be able to choose for himself a model with optimal characteristics.

These units have an affordable price. Consumers can buy a narrow washing machine for about 13000-15000 p. In this case, the machine will have all the necessary data for effective washing 4-5 kg ​​of linen.

As with any technique, compact machines have drawbacks. Among them – a limited amount of loading. Mostly narrow models are designed for servicing lonely people or small families, therefore most modifications cope with only 3-3.5 kg of clothing. Also, they are not intended for washing large items. Restrictions relate not only to the amount of linen, but also some options.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

For example, devices do not have a drying function. On the other hand, wet laundry is easier to smooth out. Therefore, the presence of drying, many users do not consider it a priority.

Machines with a vertical type of loading are ahead of the standard models. Their advantage is to save space by opening the top cover. In addition, the user has the ability to add laundry to the tank during the washing process.

But such devices have disadvantages. A machine with a vertical type of loading of linen will not be able to install under the countertop in the kitchen or sink in the bathroom.

Overview of the narrow washing machine Candy CTH 1076

This model has the best combination of functionality and size. With a tank depth of 40 cm, the washing machine is capable of processing up to 5 kg of linen in one cycle. In this case, the unit has the ability to gradually add clothes in the washing process.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

Despite its compact size, the Candy narrow washing machine has a sufficient number of programs, functions and modes. All of them are clear and easy to manage. The dimensions of the structure are 60x40x85 cm, its weight is 58 kg.

Note! This model can wash and effectively remove contamination from clothes, even without pre-heating the water.

Among the shortcomings of this washing machine, users note the lack of a drying function, as well as difficulties that arise in the event of a breakdown, since it is far from always possible to find the necessary details in the repair services.

Ariston MVTF 601 H C CIS: 40 cm wide multifunctional washing machine

The Hotpoint-Ariston product range includes several models of narrow-body washing machines. Modification of MVTF 601 H C CIS deserves special attention, since, having a width of 40 cm, it is able to wash up to 6 kg of dirty clothes in a quiet mode.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

This model has 18 different programs, among which special attention should be paid to the function of economical consumption of water and electric energy. In addition, the machine is convenient for washing children’s clothes. In the rinse mode, all traces of detergents are removed, so that the remaining powder does not fall from the clothes on the baby’s delicate skin.

Characteristic of a narrow washing machine Bosch WOT24242550E

The WOT242550E model is a machine with a vertical loading type. The drum holds up to 6.5 kg of clothing. The dimensions of the construction are 40x90x65 cm. Despite its compactness, this machine has a high class of energy consumption and washing (A), as well as a spin (B). The maximum rotational speed is 1200 rpm.

The machine provides the following features:

  • quick wash;
  • washing with and without spinning;
  • spin speed setting;
  • additional rinsing function;
  • easy ironing;
  • function designed to effectively remove stains.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

In this small washing machine there are several programs for washing linen of various types, for example, children’s, woolen, silk clothes, linen of the mixed type. If necessary, you can use the delayed start function (24 hours) to start the washing process at a convenient time.

The unit has other, equally useful features:

  • economical consumption of electricity and water, taking into account the degree of load;
  • system of smooth opening of the hatch;
  • automatic calculation of the dosage of water, taking into account the type of fabric, as well as the degree of loading;
  • control of level of foaming;
  • maintaining balance in the spin mode;
  • built-in child lock;
  • reliable system of protection against leakages of multistage type.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

Note! The machine provides for the possibility of delicate cleaning of silk and wool items.

Front-loading machines are more familiar to users. These units are designs with a horizontal way of loading laundry. To do this, use a round door located in the end of the machine. Even if the equipment will be installed under the sink, you still have to provide additional space for its opening.

Features of the narrow washer dryer Samsung WW4100K

The Samsung company releases the equipment of the compact sizes with the improved characteristics. Particularly noteworthy is the model WW4100K. With a washing machine depth of 45 cm, the width of this unit is 60 cm. These dimensions are enough to load a record amount of laundry – 8 kg.

Narrow washing machines: how to choose compact appliances for the home

The Samsung machine has a lot of useful features. The unit performs deep cleaning of laundry using steam treatment. As a result, not only impurities are removed from the tissue, but also bacteria that are harmful to humans. Eco Drum Wedge special technology is designed to clean the drum. This program not only cleans this part, but also warns the user about the need to perform this procedure. Moreover, the operation is carried out without the use of chemicals.

Evgeny Mushkin, St. Petersburg

Buying a narrow washing machine is a great way to save space in a home with a small area. Depending on the needs and method of installation, consumers can choose the optimal model with horizontal or vertical load of linen. Moreover, many washing machines with a narrow body and compact size are almost in no way inferior to the standard versions of equipment with large dimensions.

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