Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

Today there is a huge amount of equipment that can facilitate the work on the land. An example is a cultivator. Automated tillage is important for any gardener, as it saves effort, time and greatly improves the quality of tillage. The most popular option is an electric cultivator to give. It has a number of substantial advantages, which are beneficial for it to emit from gasoline tillers and hand rippers.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

The best electric cultivators: advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of an electric cultivator for giving is its size. Although these agricultural machines are also divided into weight groups, which will be clarified below, they have a relatively small weight and dimensions. This is good for all users, and women and elderly people will especially appreciate this quality.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

It is much more convenient to do any work, putting a minimum of effort and not feeling very tired. With a low weight, the electric cultivator is more maneuverable. He can easily squeeze in without damaging plants or shrubs where a heavy and powerful machine will be completely useless. Due to the size of this type of technology is very compact in use.

Note! Many models have an ergonomic handle and easily removable engine, so they can be easily transported.

It often happens that it is not always necessary to trust the reliability of storing valuables in the summer cottage. Therefore, with this type of technology problems and unnecessary experiences will not arise. Easily transported electro-cultivator will be in a safe place, and when needed, it can be easily delivered to the desired point.

Good performance is also one of the important advantages of an electric cultivator for garden beds. Everyone who bought such a car will be pleased to note that the results of its work are very good. Even a very scrupulous gardener can be satisfied.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

Since the use of electro-cultivator does not burn gasoline, there is no exhaust of harmful gases. This is very important both for the environment and for those who use such equipment in greenhouses. And in this closed room, the accumulation of harmful substances in the air is extremely harmful to plants.

Among the advantages worth noting ease of maintenance. This type of cultivator needs only the minimum necessary care for cleaning cutters, lubricating parts and timely changing the oil. In addition, there is no need for continuous monitoring of fuel. Since the electro-cultivator is powered from the network, it will work continuously. There will be no problems with a sudden stop of the equipment due to the lack of fuel.

Experts have calculated that the cost of using an electro-cultivator to give less than when using equipment on gasoline, and this is a significant advantage in terms of efficiency. Electrocultivators are easy to manage, as they have no additional levers and accessories. To get started, you only need to press the start button.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

The most obvious disadvantage of electro-cultivators is their dependence on the network. It is the length of the cord that will determine the area that you can process. The use of additional extenders will increase the radius of the treated area, but it will not be very convenient to work with a large number of wires under your feet. And absolutely this type of equipment is not suitable for land plots that are not equipped with electricity.

Another disadvantage is low power. This parameter can be attributed even not to the shortcomings, but simply to the specifics of the device. For the range of works for which it is intended, high power is not needed at all.

The most common characteristics of electro-cultivators are differences in weight and power consumption. Such equipment, regardless of the type of drive (electric or gasoline) is divided by weight into three groups:

  1. Ultralight. Representatives of this category weigh from 10 to 15 kg, the width of cultivation and the depth of cultivation – 30 and 10 cm, respectively.
  2. Lungs. They weigh 35–40 kg, cultivation width 40–50 cm, depth 10–15 cm.
  3. Average. Weigh 65-70 kg, treated areas 80-90 cm wide and up to 20 cm deep.
  4. Heavy. Weigh more than 100 kg and are considered professional farming equipment capable of handling large areas.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

Electrocultivators can be attributed to ultralight and lightweight units. The remaining two groups are more powerful gasoline and battery models. Among the electro-cultivators of the soil, which are the lightest representatives anyway, mini-electro-cultivators are particularly popular for the garden. They are so compact that they can even fit in a backpack. Will be indispensable for the treatment of densely planted beds, land under the bushes, in greenhouses and greenhouses.

All electrocultivators have the following technical characteristics:

  • weight;
  • power;
  • number of cutters;
  • depth of processing;
  • processing width

The main parameter, among the above, is power. This is the defining characteristic of any model of electro-cultivator. All other indicators depend on its value. Therefore, with more powerful electro-cultivators, the depth of treatment is higher than that of machines with less. Depending on what needs to be done on the garden plot (deeply gnaw the ground or get rid of weeds), the depth of treatment is determined. Adjustment of this parameter is present at each electrocultivator.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

The width of the cultivated area is also an important characteristic. Some models are equipped with an additional set of cutters to be able to change the width of the cultivated soil. Thus, the consumer can expand the capabilities of the device.

Electric cultivators in their configuration have a different number of cutters. They can be an additional set, or be an integral part. At the specified width can fall 2-4 cutters. Sometimes electrocultivators with a small width of processing, but with the maximum number of cutters, are in a very advantageous position. Such a thoughtful decision of manufacturers provides a cultivator with a small width of the grip, but with four instead of two mills-knives, a very productive development.

Note! Some models are equipped with an additional set of cutters – this will greatly expand the range of tasks performed.

One of the important technical characteristics is the ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the cutters. The choice of speed will affect the quality of tillage. Using a higher speed, the power of the cultivator will help the gardener to handle more complex areas. And also in an advantageous position there will always be an electric cultivator with a reverse – the possibility of reversing.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

When purchasing an electric cultivator, the consumer has already specifically set goals for himself: what it is for, who will manage it, and how much you can count on when buying. Based on the answers to these questions, you can choose the best option. Very often, this kind of car is needed by women. They strive to bring beauty near their summer cottages, and want to be independent of men in this. To facilitate their physical work in small beds and in greenhouses, suitable female electro-cultivator.

Helpful advice! Choosing an electric cultivator for giving for the woman, pay attention to light models weighing 7-8 kg.

It is convenient because you do not need to fill up the fuel, but you can simply plug the plug into the outlet. It is light and maneuverable. It will be absolutely not problematic to take him out of the garage, to carry in the trunk of the car. A convenient wheel will always help move it around the site. Due to its small size, any woman will cope with its management. By pressing only the start button, you can get the expected result without attracting men to it. Therefore, electric mini-cultivators are so popular for giving, their prices are very well suited to customers in this category.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

The modern market of agricultural machinery is represented by brands of both imported and domestic producers. Russian factories produce a large number of models capable of competing freely with Chinese, German and Japanese.

One of the representatives of the Russian electro-cultivators is the brand “Tarpan”. It is a heavy electro-cultivator, which has a large capacity and is capable of producing a wide range of work on any soils. It can work with any additional equipment, for example, with a plow, hiller, polisher, grouser, etc.

Note! Many experts believe that this technique is a great tandem of imported motor and domestic iron, which will show the maximum result.

The handle can not just be adjusted in height, as in many models, but also to the sides. This makes it possible to organize your work as conveniently as possible. Consumers often point out that it is very easy to remove the motor from the frame. Such an operation can be done even by a not very experienced person in the technique. Easily removed engine will help to freely transport equipment to any desired place.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

It is also necessary to mention a few drawbacks. For example, the lack of reversing sometimes makes it impossible to use the Tarpan electro-cultivator on already densely planted territories. The cutters are made at right angles, and in very overgrown areas it is often necessary to stop the unit and clean it. It is also not desirable that it be for a long time at an angle of more than 15 degrees. It may leak out, and changing it is not very easy.

Electrocultivators of this brand are distinguished by high-quality development of virgin soil, weeding of plants, hilling of beds with even grooves. They weigh an average of 35 kg, loosen the soil to a depth of 18 cm and seize a width of about 30 cm. Power consumption 1.1 kW. This mechanism very well grinds the roots of weeds, which improves the appearance of any area and this fertilizes the soil.

Control of electric cultivators for the vegetable garden of this brand does not require special skills. You just need to follow a few specific steps depending on the task. Installation of knives occurs strictly according to the instructions and is determined by the type of operation. Depending on whether it is mulching, harrowing or deep loosening, the cutter blades are located on the power or high-speed shaft.

Electric cultivator for gardening: an indispensable gardener technique

Loplosh has a depth control. After manning, the electric cultivator is placed at the beginning of the furrow to be treated, the electric cord is checked, the knives are turned on and gently lowered into the soil. The main advantage of this unit, many buyers consider the possibility of reversing. Such a processing procedure resembles the work of a shovel, gives the opportunity not to trample already treated areas. It is very convenient to use reverse gear on densely planted areas. It can be considered an electro-cultivator for heavy soil.

When reinstalling the cutters, you need to raise the handles of the unit to the extreme upper position, lay it on a horizontal surface and only after that carry out all subsequent operations.

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