Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

This article discusses the features of products such as beds made of galvanized steel: the main parameters and classification of metal structures, their advantages and disadvantages, performance. This article contains information about the most sought-after products in the market, the opinions of buyers and prices for the purchase of beds made of steel.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Galvanized steel beds: advantages and disadvantages

The design of the beds is a box made of metal, in this case, steel. The product consists of four elements in the form of side walls. They are fastened together with special clamps. The dimensional parameters of the structures depend on the purpose of the beds and the conditions in which it will be further exploited. Products may be square or rectangular.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Most often, a standard package includes a pair of longitudinal parts measuring 0.2 m and a pair of transverse, the length of which is 1 m. These elements are used to increase the level of rigidity of the bed. In addition, it is possible to carry out sectional separation of the structure. All modern products have a polymer coating.

Note! Polymer spraying significantly increases the service life of the beds of steel. Such products can last for 30 years.

Arrangement of steel beds at the dacha has its advantages:

  • maintaining cleanliness and order in the area – the side walls of the beds keep the soil inside the structure, which does not pollute the paths during heavy rains;

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

  • enhanced soil heating inside the structure – in such conditions, plant growth accelerates, a quick adaptation of the root system occurs and, as a result, it becomes possible to get an early harvest;
  • special design of products, including transverse and longitudinal crossbars, allows you to simultaneously grow several types of plants on the same bed;
  • protection of landings against infections and pests that may be contained in the ground (provided proper care);
  • galvanized beds are ideal for the formation of an effective drainage system;
  • since the fertilizer area is clearly delineated by the boundaries of the beds, the effectiveness of feeding the soil increases significantly;
  • the products have stiffening ribs due to which the structure is able to withstand high pressure and heavy loads, keeping its shape;
  • metal beds allow you to install non-woven material to create the greenhouse effect;
  • there is no need to constantly weed the bed, since the bumpers effectively restrain the spread of weeds.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Note! Galvanized steel sheets used for the manufacture of beds, have rounded edges. Due to this, the site owner can safely work in the garden, without fear of injury about sharp metal cuts.

If the arrangement of metal beds at the dacha is supposed, it is worth paying attention to the disadvantages that may be associated with self-installation of structures:

  1. At home, it is very difficult to create and apply a polymer coating on products by yourself.
  2. The price of products covered with galvanization is too high. The construction of such beds will cost much more than the arrangement of similar structures made of wood. With a limited budget, not every summer resident can acquire steel beds.
  3. If you buy a low-quality metal for assembly and do not take care of its protection, the fences will very quickly be damaged by corrosion. For this reason, it is imperative to treat any metal operated in the street with special protective equipment.
  4. The advantage that allows you to create beds of unlimited size, can turn into a disadvantage for the owner of the summer cottage. Oversized designs are heavy and inconvenient during transportation.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Ready-made bed designs on sale are presented in the form of standard sets. There are modifications that have one or more sections. The process of assembling such products does not require special tools and professional skills, so any one can handle assembly. Before assembly, check the number of parts in the package.

Interesting fact! Upon contact of the polymer with water or soil, there are no reactions. The same thing happens with fertilizers. That is why designs with this type of coating are so in demand.

Garden beds are made in the same way as corrugated sheets.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Advantages of fencing for galvanized steel beds:

  • metal surface is not suitable for the development of fungi and other pests living in the garden. This advantage will bring a special benefit to summer residents who will use structures in the greenhouse;
  • factory beds have a collapsible design, thanks to this the product turns mobile. The assembly and disassembly process is very quick and easy. If necessary, such a bed can be moved from one place to another;
  • There are no restrictions on dimensions. The design, if necessary, can be lengthened or increased the height of the fence;
  • due to the light weight, the assembly can be performed independently. One person can handle this job;
  • polymer coating on metal can have any color, as well as sheets of corrugated. The wide range of colors allows you to create an interesting design at the dacha and support the exterior of the house;
  • on fences for galvanized steel beds, you can install the arc for organizing a greenhouse, as well as a pipe that provides drip irrigation of plants.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Despite the obvious advantages, metal structures have several disadvantages. A significant disadvantage of products is their high cost. In addition, steel is heat-conducting, because of which the material is excessively heated in the sun. Being close to the fence, the root system of plantings can suffer from high temperatures, and the fruits are completely susceptible to severe damage.

Note! It is not recommended to use metal structures in the southern regions. But high thermal conductivity will be an advantage for places with a cold climate, providing the soil with additional heat.

Galvanized beds for protective purposes are covered with special types of coatings of polymeric origin.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Manufacturers use only two types of coatings:

  1. Printech – is a decorative type of spraying. With it, on the surface of the product, you can create an imitation of different textures. The coating is resistant to moisture and the effects of aggressive environmental factors.
  2. Polyester – spraying has plasticity and resistance to ultraviolet rays. Due to these properties, it is excellent for both greenhouse structures and open-type beds.

The polymer-coated metal from which the beds are made has a multilayer structure:

  • Sheet steel;
  • a thin layer of zinc;
  • passive layer;
  • primer coat;
  • a layer of coloring composition intended for protection;
  • polymer spraying.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Each manufacturer uses its own parameters in relation to the size of the box, as well as its modifications.

But there are generally accepted standards:

  1. Height – within 15-18 cm, and also 36 cm.
  2. Width – varies in the range of 50-65 cm.
  3. Length – the minimum figure is 195 cm.

Note! These standards may be slightly violated. For example, the design of the fence may have the following dimensions: 17.5 cm (height), 100 cm (width), 400 cm (length). The thickness of the walls may be 0.05 cm.

The classification of structures according to height is discussed below.

Low beds – the most budget option of designs. As a rule, their height is 14 cm, the thickness of the side is 1.2 mm. The weight of such structures is approximately 8 kg.

Galvanized steel beds from popular manufacturers

Standard designs – the height of the products is 19 cm, the thickness of the side is 2.5 mm. The length of such structures is in the range of 50-200 cm. The approximate weight of the products of this modification is 9-16 kg. This indicator is influenced by the number of segments in the design.

Kristina Listyeva, St. Petersburg

Galvanized beds are a great alternative to designs made from natural materials. Due to the variety of sizes offered by manufacturers, you can choose the design for any greenhouse.

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