Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

This article presents a rating of the best models of gasoline trimmer: reviews, which design option to choose for lawn care and other areas of the site. You will understand the difference between professional and household trimmers, the characteristics of their use and choice. Learn the specificity of products of popular manufacturers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each individual model, you will see a comparative table of prices.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Top gasoline trimmer rating: reviews, which one is better

Many owners of suburban and suburban areas are asking which one is better to choose a gas trimmer to take care of such areas, which firms should pay attention to and what technical indicators an optimal model should possess.

All these questions are answered by the ratings of the best gasoline trimmers, as well as customer reviews, which have already experienced this technique in practice and appreciated its strengths and weaknesses.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Petrol trimmers have a similar structure:

  • barbell;
  • engine;
  • cutting headset.

Note! The bar is the most important component of the gasoline mowers, since other components of the structure are mounted on it.

On the bar are installed:

  • trimmer motor;
  • the handle with which capture is carried out;
  • cutting elements;
  • protective brackets;
  • dump

To ensure convenient operation, the bar in the device is telescopic, and the handle has a rotary structure of the following types: T, D, J.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The cutting set is a knife that can be made of metal or plastic. In some models, a line is used for mowing grass, twisted on a rotary trimmer element. Over time, the fishing line may become thinner or stretch out, but there are many shops where you can buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers on any given day.

The staples have a very advantageous shape, due to which the operator during the mowing of the lawn has the opportunity to eliminate unwanted plants, without disturbing the rest of the plantations.

Before the buyer in the store in the first place there is a dilemma regarding which trimmer it is better to buy: gasoline type or on electric power. For comparison, we denote the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The most significant advantages of devices powered by electricity:

  • environmental friendliness due to the absence of exhaust gases;
  • preparation of the unit for work does not require significant effort and time;
  • low noise level;

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

  • easy start of the motor;
  • long service life;
  • high power

The advantages of devices on electric power can also include reasonable cost, compact size and convenient system of use.

Disadvantages of electricity-based trimmers:

  • limited radius of movement (working area is limited by cable length);
  • the cord often creates obstacles during operation;
  • Most of the models are prone to overheating, so there is no possibility to work without interruptions for a long time.

Helpful advice! It is recommended to carry out the work in small stages, for about 20-30 minutes. Thanks to this, you can extend the service life of electrical equipment.

In terms of which gasoline trimmer is better, the price, quality, and practicality of the design play an important role.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The advantages of petrol models:

  • easy control system;
  • high cutting speed;
  • work with the tool does not require significant physical effort;
  • Extensive number of manufacturers and wide model lines.

The ability to handle hard-to-reach places is another reason to buy a trimmer for gasoline type grass.

Disadvantages benzokos:

  • high level of noise exposure;
  • during the combustion of gasoline, a large amount of exhaust gases;
  • considerable weight of a design.

Regarding which brand should be paid attention to and which gasoline trimmer is better, consumer reviews differ.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Buyers market offers a lot of manufacturers. Conventionally, the device can be divided into two broad categories: Chinese and European. On the range of Chinese gasoline lawn mowers, manual trimmers, the price is significantly lower than in the case of models of European production. But the quality of parts, as well as the assembly in this case is lame. In the Asian market, only Japanese Makita braids are significantly distinguished, the cost of which is 15 thousand rubles.

German-made benzotrimmers are still headed by quality model ratings. They provide quality results, work without interruption and offer a large selection of technical parameters.

Note! Calm is present on the market for quite a long period, the brand is known to many consumers, thanks to its equally effective gasoline saws.

Petrol trimmers Calm price is in the range of 11-20 thousand rubles. The company’s ridge is reliable two-stroke type motors that are lightweight, give a minimum level of vibration and rarely fail for minor reasons.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Chinese trimmers, in contrast, are accompanied by a variety of breakdowns:

  • the spark disappears;
  • gas trimmers do not start;
  • oil leaks from the muffler;
  • in the carburetor does not hold momentum.

To buy a petrol trimmer Huskvarna, you need to lay out at least 50 thousand rubles. Among the Chinese braids there are some good options, but the quality should be checked independently, carefully inspecting the unit. Averaged over the price Calm is not only reliable, but also allows you to easily buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers.

Many users of the virtual network are in search, wanting to buy cheap gasoline trimmers in the online store. However, the cost is not the fundamental factor on the basis of which the selection of equipment for the care of the garden and the local area is made.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

There are a number of points that should not be overlooked, namely:

  • the nature of the vegetation prevailing on the site (perennials, lawn grass, shrubs);
  • the area of ​​the territory to be treated;
  • relief features of the site;
  • weight of the structure;
  • type of gasoline engine (two-stroke or four-stroke);
  • type of cutting element, its parameters and the material from which it is made;
  • handle shape.

Note! In the rating of gasoline trimmers price, quality and performance play a key role. But at the primary stage, you should decide on the purpose of the instrument, which can be professional or domestic. The differences between them are not only in performance and functionality, but in parameters such as weight and power.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The best gasoline trimmers for household herbs are equipped with two-stroke engines and have certain technical parameters:

  1. Power of the unit does not exceed 2 horsepower. This is quite enough to process the area of ​​5-10 acres.
  2. The total weight of the structure is in the range of 2-3 kg. To this indicator still need to add the weight of gasoline, a volume of 0.5-1.5 liters (depending on the size of the fuel tank).
  3. The tool is able to work continuously for 20-40 minutes. The cooling period is 10-15 minutes.
  4. The control system is located on the bar, which creates inconvenience, since access to control is limited.
  5. In most cases, the boom on the equipment has a curved design that ensures comfortable grass mowing, especially in hard-to-reach places. Manufacturers use a folding system to facilitate the transportation process.
  6. The package includes several varieties of handles, so you can choose the most convenient option for solving certain problems.
  7. In the design there are two types of cutting parts – a circular knife made of metal and fishing line from nylon.
  8. Gasoline used as fuel is mixed with engine oil before refueling. Standard proportions of the formulation for the preparation of the filling mixture – 1:50. However, you should follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Helpful advice! When choosing a unit, pay attention to the location of the control buttons. They must be fully accessible.

The price of gasoline trimmers for mowing household herbs is almost half the cost of professional designs. This equipment is also suitable for weak operators: retirees, women, people with poor health.

If you decide to buy a 4-stroke trimmer, this type of gasoline spit will weigh about 5-7 kg. The capacity of the fuel tank is usually 0.5-1.5 liters. The design provides for special tanks, located separately from the tank with gasoline. They are designed to mix fuel and oil. In professional models, this process is carried out automatically, unlike household braids.

A person with an average configuration, who does not have experience in handling a gasoline spit, with the help of a professional tool is able to cope with the treatment of an area of ​​10 acres in about 5-6 hours.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The use of equipment applies to the processing of large areas in order to:

  • ennobling of the territories assigned to large enterprises;
  • harvesting hay in agriculture;
  • solving problems of providing cloven-toed animals with grass feeds for the winter period.

The cutting headset has been significantly expanded to include:

  1. Knives made of plastic.
  2. Capron fishing line with a different type of section and thickness. The more horsepower is contained in the engine, the thicker and stronger the fishing line should be.
  3. Plastic knives and discs that can be equipped with different numbers of blades or teeth.

Note! Professional equipment is recommended to buy only physically strong and hardy people who have a strong physique, for the reason that not everyone is able to withstand the weight of a structure of 6-10 kg for many hours in a row.

To facilitate the work of the operator, for the redistribution of loads in the configuration there are special belts. Thanks to them, the design is conveniently fixed on the back.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

With regard to the cutting set, household and professional units differ from each other in the thickness of these elements, diameter, their structure, as well as the type of material used for their manufacture.

To solve certain problems at the site, various cutting elements are used:

  1. The knife, which has a pair of blades, is designed for mowing juicy grass with young and thin stems.
  2. To combat high thickets need a knife with 4 teeth.
  3. To overcome the grass interspersed with perennials will help design, equipped with a knife with 3 teeth.
  4. 8 teeth on the knife is useful for harvesting hay when you need long-term work without overload and overheating.
  5. For solving such tasks as mowing grassy vegetation and small trees (trunk thickness not more than 30 mm), disks with 40 teeth are used.
  6. The most durable discs have 80 teeth. They are designed to remove shrubs and branches whose diameter reaches 40 mm.

Convenience in the process of working with a trimmer is provided through the use of handles of suitable shape. Such elements include D-shaped (for hard-to-reach zones) and U-shaped (for open spaces) handles.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Experienced owners benzokos argue that the weight of the design belongs to the category of the most important criteria for selecting a tool. This is due to the fact that in the process of operation the unit must constantly be kept on weight, so every 100 g is important.

Note! For this reason, in deciding how to choose a gasoline trimmer, reviews, prices can be considered last. The category of lightweight models may contain devices with a low power level or with a sufficiently high cost. As a rule, constructions weighing no more than 5 kg fall here.

Most often, the total weight of the equipment depends on the size of the motor and its power. Manufacturers of modern gasoline braids for the manufacture of spare parts for gasoline trimmers use practical and lightweight materials. Due to this, the designs that enter the market are lightweight, which makes them more convenient to use.

The average price of engines for trimmers petrol Champion:

Modification of the engine with a manual starter Part weight
Engine power,
l with.
Engine capacity
 G180HK  sixteen 6 179 4350
G120HK sixteen four 118 4600
G210HK sixteen 7 212 4950
 G200HK sixteen  6.5  196 4800
G210HK-II  18 7 208 5450
 G270HK  26 9  270 8500
 G390HK 31  13  389  10,000
G390H 34 13  389  10550
 G390HK-II 33  13 389 11,000


Advantages and disadvantages of trimmer gasoline Calm FS 55

If you decide to buy the Calm trimmer, the FS 55 gasoline spit will become a universal acquisition suitable for processing large-sized garden or summer cottages. In the range of its capabilities is the implementation of an effective haircut, even in areas with complex terrain.

Note! This model is able to cope with grassy lawn, dead wood, hard weeds, reeds, young shrubs, but only under the condition that you pick up the appropriate cutting element.

Advantages of the model:

  • light weight;

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

  • ergonomic design of the structure;
  • simple launch system.

Due to the low weight of the structure and soft “harness” on the shoulders, the operation of the gasoline mowers is comfortable and easy. The multi-function handle ensures safe and easy operation. At the price trimmer Petrol Calm FS 55 in the ranking occupies an average position.

The disadvantages of the device weighing 5 kg can be attributed only restrictions on the use of heavy disks. They cannot be installed on this trimmer.

Features of the Huskvarna Benzotrimmer 323 R

The tool, thanks to appropriate care, is able to last for many seasons. In some cases, its operation can be faced with the problem of high fuel consumption. Similar troubles arise if it is wrong to prepare a filling mixture of oil and gasoline. At observance of dosages the trimmer is rather economic concerning fuel.

In the line of petroltrimmers Husqvarna, the model 323 R has one of the highest power ratings. In this case, the design has a weight of only 4.5 kg.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Advantages of the petrol trimmer:

  • high efficiency;
  • light weight;
  • attractive design;
  • revving motor;
  • high power level;
  • there is the possibility of installation.

Helpful advice! When buying a gasoline spit, be sure to read the included equipment. In some cases, the kit may be protective equipment, for example, headphones or glasses. Sometimes there is a saw blade.

Taking into account the rather poor configuration, the price of the Husqvarna 323 R gasoline trimmer, according to users, is somewhat overestimated.

The functionality of the Hitachi Benzotrimmer CG22EAS

The operation of the mowers from the Japanese manufacturer Hitachi is accompanied by a minimum release of combustion products, which are contained in the exhaust gases formed during the combustion of gasoline. For this reason, this model of the spit can be used even in areas with high building density. To preserve the functionality of the device for a long time, it is enough to periodically flush the metal filter in the form of a mesh, installed inside the muffler.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The design has a relatively low power level of the motor (only 12,500 rpm). Despite this, the vibration reduction system is installed in the gas trimmer, making it very comfortable to work with a scythe. Knives reach speeds of up to 9900 rpm.

The height of the handle can be set at your discretion, since its position is adjustable. The model is equipped with a straight barbell. The body part of the gasoline trimmer, as well as its deck, is made of plastic, which has an increased margin of safety. For more comfort, the manufacturer added this model of the braid with a T-shaped bicycle handle.

Some users have noted a malfunction of the reel, which sometimes increases the consumption of fishing line. In such cases, it is recommended to buy a starter for a petrol-type trimmer that corresponds to this model. The cost of the new coil is 2600-6400 rubles. The complete set has a shoulder strap and cutting elements in the form of a knife and fishing line. The weight of the device is 4.7 kg.

Technical characteristics of the petroltrimmer Partner XS

Lightweight and comfortable enough design of the gasoline trimmer. The XS modification partner is suitable for solving virtually any problems in different types of areas. Uninterrupted operation is ensured by the engine, whose power is 700 watts. High efficiency in this spit is the key to effective and stable functioning of the cutting elements.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Note! The design is equipped with a fuel pump built into it. Due to this, the remnants of fuel and air are quickly removed from the carburetor. The result is a simplified start of the motor.

Capacity of the fuel tank (0.34 l) is enough for the operator to use the braid for a long time without interrupting work. The maximum width of the working area is 41 cm. The work of the trim head is based on a semi-automatic principle of operation. During this feed of the cutting element is carried out in an accelerated mode. To lengthen the line, simply press the part to the ground.

The operation of the gasoline trimmer of this model can be described as the simplest and most convenient. To a large extent, this is ensured by the lightened weight of the structure – only 3.6 kg. The reason for the rest of the comfort share is the curved shape of the shaft and the D-shaped handle, due to which the use of the tool is very simplified.

Features of application of the trimmer of the petrol Calm FS 38

Quite a small and compact trimmer from the brand Shtil suitable for users with an initial level of experience in the operation of gasoline braids.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The handle of a circular shape, which is present in the design, provides the conditions for comfortable grass cutting, even in confined spaces. These spaces include zones located between shrubs and trees. In this case, it is necessary to carefully remove weeds and unwanted plants, while leaving the cultivated plantings intact. This task trim trim FS 38 copes without problems.

For this reason, it can be used to care for areas where there is a landscape design and elements of landscaping:

  • care for flower beds, flower beds and lawn;
  • removal of vegetation under the bench, around lampposts, along the fence;
  • roadside clearance;
  • weed removal of houses, cobbled grounds and tiled garden paths.

In addition, the equipment contains mounted spare parts for the FS 38 gasoline trimmer. Such equipment includes a pruner suitable for cutting thin trees, bushes and knots.

The weight of the structure is 4.1 kg. The management of the gasoline spit is very easy and safe for humans. This is facilitated by built-in controls that have a convenient location.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Additional advantages of this unit include the presence of a fuel pump that pumps fuel to the carburetor.

Note! The fuel pump is particularly advantageous in that it excludes starting jerks, which usually appear at the start of the engine.

To make work as safe and comfortable as possible, safety goggles are included in the set of additional equipment.

The type of engine installed in the trimmer affects the consumption of gasoline, as well as the functionality of the device. The higher the power level, the greater the range of functions the tool will have. And the more it will require gasoline.

Motors with a capacity of not more than 1 l. with., installed in a simple device for domestic purposes. They are able to cope with a small range of work. As a rule, 170-550 W trimmers are used exclusively for lawn grass care. As a cutting headset in such tools, a thin fishing line is provided.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Price lawn mowers, gasoline trimmers in this category is the lowest. For example, the model ART 23 Easytrim from the manufacturer Bosch, having an engine power of 280 W, is 1300 rubles.

Units with a capacity of 1 to 3 liters. with. are among the professional and universal benzokos. They allow you to care for areas of medium size, garden and dacha plots.

Parameters greater than 3 liters. with., as, for example, with a powerful Vega benzotrimmer 4 liters. c. (Germany), allow you to perform very complex work.

The range of features of this unit includes:

  • grass mowing;
  • cutting of young trees;
  • elimination of large weeds;
  • cut shrubs.

Helpful advice! Pay attention to the thickness of the stems of vegetation that is present on the site and is subject to elimination. Power of the trimmer which will be capable to cope with it depends on it. Some tools are equipped with special nozzles designed to combat certain types of vegetation.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The price of gasoline trimmers for grass with coarse and tall stems is almost three times higher than that of designs with minimal power. For example, Bosch petrol mower ART 37, whose power is 1000 watts, is 4,600 rubles.

The specificity of the powerful trimmer Hitachi CG40EY (T)

Modification of the Hitachi CG40EY gasoline trimmer (T) is considered to be one of the most suitable for the performance of work on areas with a complex landscape structure. In this case, not only power, but also a comfortable control system, as well as a carefully balanced design, testify in favor of purchasing this model.

In the spit is present:

  • adjustable bicycle handle;
  • convenient system of backpack belts;
  • anti-vibration system.

Thanks to these components, grass mowing on the site with any relief forms will be easy and comfortable. Due to the powerful engine (1.8 hp.) And the fuel tank of 1 liter, the duty cycle is significantly increased. The trimmer is able to work for a long period of time without interruption, withstanding serious loads.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Advantages of the model:

  • increased fuel tank capacity;
  • simplified and fast cutting element replacement system;
  • powerful motor with a large number of revolutions.

Given the advanced features of the engine, the design is inherently heavy, and its operation is accompanied by high fuel consumption. This is where the disadvantages of the Hitachi trimmer end.

Technical characteristics of the Husqvarna 143R-II gasoline trimmer

The capabilities of the 143R-II gas trimmer from the manufacturer Husqvarna allow you to achieve optimal cutting results even in difficult working conditions. The extensive capabilities of this unit are due to the presence of a powerful engine with reliable overload protection.

This model of the garden tool is characterized by durability and a long period of smooth operation.

Scope of application extends to:

  • areas with difficult terrain;

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

  • space-restricted sites;
  • lawns of a large area.

Note! This modification of the trimmer allows you to install additional equipment, so you can extend its functionality.

The gasoline spit from the Swedish manufacturer is able to cope with the mowing of hard weeds, shrubs and young shoots of trees. This is facilitated by the presence in the structure of a forged shaft made of steel.

Advantages of modification 143R-II:

  • big capacity of a petrol tank;
  • wear-resistant coating on the cylinder walls;
  • efficient drive shaft forged type.

Among the minuses marked too noticeable vibration and considerable weight.

Features of the petrol trimmer Champion T527-2

In accordance with the possibilities, this modification of the gasoline spit can be attributed to the budget “heavyweights”, since the total weight of the unit is 8 kg. The engine is not whimsical at all, but it is capable of producing considerable power and efficiency.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The drive from the combustion of fuel is transferred to the cutting elements due to a reliable shaft with a forged structure. Thanks to this, the trimmer can be used in combination with heavy discs designed for cutting dense stalks, shrubs and small trees.

The bar in the petroltrimmer Champion T527-2 does not understand. Candles and air filter, which need periodic maintenance, do not cause significant difficulties in this matter, because access to these elements is very quick and easy. The manufacturer has made it as easy as possible to maintain.

In the standard configuration, you can find a metal knife (rotational speed of 8200 rpm) with three blades and a trimmer head. The unit provides the ability to use the lopper and brush cutter, however, these nozzles will have to be purchased separately.

The working width of the grass bevel covers 25 cm. Engine power – 2 liters. with., its speed – 10500 rpm. It is located at the top of the structure. There is a protective brake preventing unplanned start of the tool.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The functionality of the Vega benzotrimmer (Germany, 4 l. C.)

In the Vega petroltrimmer, a single-cylinder two-cylinder type motor is installed. The maximum power is 4 liters. with. (3200 watts). The engine is able to work without overloads at a speed of 8000-9000 rpm.

Helpful advice! Use for refueling gasoline brand AI-92. Less quality fuel in this case will not work.

The bar of the Vega benzotrimmer has a non-collapsible design. The handle on it is made of an alloy of light metals, therefore, the operation of the braid is pleasant and as simple as possible.

Functional advantages over other models:

  • the presence of thermal protection of the motor;
  • rigid shaft with a non-separable structure;
  • quick start system Smart Start;
  • the system of Tap En Gow.

The cutting headset in the benzocos has also been expanded to include 5 knives manufactured according to proprietary technology: four steel knives are designed for different cutting methods and one for dealing with shrubs.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

In addition, the set has two reels (plastic and metal) with a fishing line. They facilitate mowing grass in hard to reach places, and are also suitable for lawn care in the local area.

Specificity and equipment of the Echo SRM-4605 petroltrimmer

The gasoline spit modification SRM-4605 is considered one of the most powerful specimens for mowing the lawn in the product line of the manufacturer Echo. This high performance unit is designed for professional use.

Possibilities of the trimmer are successfully shown:

  • in harsh working conditions;
  • with continuous use over large areas;
  • in the process of cutting hard and dense vegetation;
  • when cutting off shrubs and outdated dead wood.

The instrument has a protective cover for universal use. In its category, the gas trimmer is high in power and total weight.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

In the configuration has:

  • metal knife with three blades (diameter 25.5 cm);
  • a pair of covers to protect the cutting elements (one for the knife, the second for the fishing line);
  • candle key;
  • knapsack “harness” with fixation on the shoulders.

The trimmer is fitted with a condenser direction ignition system. Transmission drive is carried out by a rigid shaft (diameter 8 mm). The throttle valve is held in place by a secure latch.

Note! The braid has a comfortable U-shaped bicycle grip. The handle is secured with a handy, handy nut.

The advantages include the presence of a vibration-insulating system, as well as easy and fast access to the air filter. The unit is reliable, even under condition of use in the intensive mode.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

When looking for where to buy a petrol-type trimmer, do not forget to take into account the relief features of your site. The terrain with difficult terrain places high demands on the technical parameters, cutting headset and equipment. In this case, the best choice will be the choice of a unit with an extended set of nozzles.

Thanks to this set of tools can be used as:

  • braids;
  • garden shears;
  • cultivator;
  • edge cutter;
  • snowthrower.

It doesn’t hurt to buy a trimmer with an integrated overheating blockage system, as with difficult landscaping the lawn will need a longer treatment to get the desired result. In such constructions, a special sensor is installed that monitors the temperature of the engine and sends a signal for automatic shutdown if this indicator exceeds the permissible rate.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

In some versions, there is a system of turning of the cutting elements, which facilitates work in difficult relief conditions. Such a tool is much more expensive, and due to the presence of rollers or wheels, significantly lightening the load, the price increases even more.

Helpful advice! You should not get a low-power trimmer on the line, if its characteristics are not enough to cope with the care of the site with difficult terrain. Such savings are questionable and will not bring the desired result. Even if you can not afford to make an expensive purchase, there are always compromise options, or you can wait for the sale of gasoline trimmers due to the end of the season or updating the range.

Advantages of the semi-professional Echo SRM-2655SI (L) petroltrimmer

This model of garden tools belongs to the universal structures in the category of semi-professional gasoline spit. This means that the trimmer can be used to care for the site, the area of ​​which does not exceed 25 acres, regardless of the nature of vegetation and relief features.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

The engine is powerful enough to allow the operator to cut high grass, dead wood, weeds and shrubs without any problems with the trimmer. Such opportunities will be useful not only to owners of dacha plots, but will also be useful in agricultural work, as well as in the activities of housing and communal services.

Advantages of the trimmer:

  • translucent tank walls, allowing to determine the level of fuel without having to open the lid and look inside;
  • rotary carburetor;
  • easy engine start system.

Rotary carburetor allows you to cope with the work on the difficult terrain. The position of the tool may vary depending on the surface. Among the minuses of the design was noted only not very convenient mounting system.

Characteristics of the petroltrimmer Stihl FS 55

Petrol Spit Stiel FS 55 is good for use in large areas and relief areas. Often it is used in forestry. The trimmer has a high level of power, so mowing grass and shrubs is carried out quite easily.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Energy is supplied by a flexible shaft hidden in a rod. A mixture of oil and gasoline is used as fuel. The total weight of the structure is 5.1 kg.

Note! For convenience of operation the anti-vibration system is provided in the trimmer. It extinguishes the negative impact of vibrations, which are formed during the operation of a powerful engine.

This modification of the gasoline spit has a comfortable shoulder strap, which facilitates the process of holding the tool on weight, evenly distributes the load and eliminates fatigue.

Many owners of country houses prefer to buy Shtil gasoline trimmers to care for the territory. And this is not surprising, because using a two-stroke engine and a steel knife to take care of the lawn is very simple. In addition, the tool cutting headset includes a fishing line.

The advantage of this model is that the working trimmer produces little noise and emits the minimum amount of exhaust gases.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Technical features Spit Champion T233

The budget braid T233 from the Chinese company Champion is quite in demand in the consumer market. This brand originated in the United States and produces proven reliable technology. For this reason, all Champion’s petrol trimmers have customer reviews that are mostly positive.

Many users note a particularly handy inverted handle in this model. This D-shaped design element is turned upwards with its semicircular part. Due to this ergonomic design, the tool can be tilted as you please in order to effectively process the slopes and other complex relief forms on the site.

The design of the handle has a structure, suggesting the presence of a straight arm of a one-sided type right under the bar. Thanks to her, the petrol trimmer looks like a “real” braid. Many users will find this design very convenient.

The cutting width is 40 cm. The knife has a speed of 5050 rev / min. If necessary, the handle can be adjusted in height at its discretion. The cutting set consists of fishing line and knife. The total weight of the gasoline spit is 5.4 kg.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Functional side of the Huter GGT-1000S benzotrimmer

The GGT-1000S trimmer from the German producer Huter has an extensive scope.

Kosa can be used to care for different areas, including:

  • lawns;
  • parks;
  • courtyards;
  • lawns

Note! Opportunities benzotrimmer Huter allow you to use this tool not only in the city, but also outside the city, as well as to solve agricultural problems. With it, you can cut the grass, even in the most difficult and uncomfortable places, for example, along fences and walls, in corner areas or in confined spaces.

Advantages of the Hooter Spit:

  • the engine has an efficient air cooling system;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • a bar with a collapsible design, which allows to place the tool in the luggage compartment of a light car;

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

  • small dimensions, saving space during storage;
  • convenient form of the handle and the control system on it.

For mowing, a reel with a fishing line (semi-automatic feed) or a metal knife with three blades is used. The line is capable of cutting the grass around the shrubs and trees without damaging the bark of these plantations. To eliminate weeds and dry grass will need the help of a rotating knife.

Characteristics of the Patriot T 545 Pro benzotrimmer

The petrol spit T 545 Pro is suitable for work in areas with a large area and complex relief shapes. The design is different thoughtful design and convenient to maintain the structure. When there is a need to upgrade the spark plug, the procedure for changing this element can do without the use of special tools.

Bike handle on the Patriot gasoline trimmer greatly facilitates its use. The cutting elements are represented by a fishing line (thickness 3 mm) and a knife (diameter 25.4 cm).

The model is able to cut off any type of vegetation:

  • soft grass cover on the lawn;
  • small shrubs;
  • dry grass;

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

  • marsh grass;
  • wild plants.

Note! The tool has a fairly large weight – 7.8 kg. However, due to the shoulder belt, weight loads can be evenly distributed over the operator’s body, eliminating fatigue.

This petrol trimmer has all the features and capabilities of a professional tool. At the same time, its operation is accompanied by a very low noise level, which ensures additional comfort.

Regarding which gas trimmer is better to buy, consumer reviews differ. Based on a large number of similar responses about quality, reliability, power and functionality, ratings were made that you read in this article.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Here are just some of the reviews:

“Last year I bought the Stihl FS 55 braid. And I was pleased with my purchase. After several unsuccessful attempts to find an inexpensive and high-quality model among Chinese firms, I left this venture. The trimmer is just a fairy tale: practically does not vibrate, copes well with sharp bushes. The belt is a little inconvenient, but I would not call it a significant drawback. ”

Alexander Vasilenko, Yekaterinburg

“For two years I have been in the garage of the Husqvarna 143R-II gasoline spit. Two seasons worked as a watch. I like the fact that it is powerful enough and has a large fuel tank. But a strong engine and a voluminous tank significantly weight the structure. There are no complaints about the work, but I would add a system at the manufacturer’s site that facilitates launch. ”

Victor Kapralsky, St. Petersburg

“I have a Spit Champion T233. It works well, but there are a lot of minor flaws. Refilling the line takes a lot of time, fixing parts is uncomfortable, it is difficult to fix the belt under you. I am glad that the weight is small. Mowed for three hours without a belt and almost never tired. “

Sergey Mitin, Moscow

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Helpful advice! Use the below video to select the gas trimmer.

The table shows the average prices for the purchase of gasoline braids, which were previously considered in the ratings of the best devices according to three characteristics: weight, power, the ability to effectively carry out work in areas with difficult terrain.

Average prices of gasoline trimmers for giving from ratings:

Device category The brand Device model Country of origin price, rub.
Light trimmers Husqvarna 323 R Sweden 24,000
Calm FS 55 Germany 16,000
Hitachi CG22EAS Japan 10,300
Partner XS China 6800
Calm FS 38 Germany 11,000
Powerful trimmers Hitachi CG40EY (T) Japan 23,000
Husqvarna 143R-II Sweden 26,000
Champion T527-2 China 7600
Vega VTG-3200 Germany 7,000
Echo SRM-4605 Japan 34500
Devices for work on difficult terrain Echo SRM-2655SI (L) Japan 20,000
Calm FS 55 Germany 11,000
Champion T233 China 5100
Hooter GGT-1000S Germany 6700
Patriot T 545 Pro China 12,100


Most of the trimmers from this table are able to work without problems for many seasons. But sooner or later you may face the problem of repairing petrol trimmers at home.

Operation of the device may be accompanied by various breakdowns, because gasoline trimmers do not start for various reasons, which can be identified in the home. And in each case, you will need your own approach and a definite solution to the problem.

Note! You can repair the petrol trimmer with your own hands, if the failure is not too serious and you managed to identify it. In most situations, you can do without the help of specialists.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

To find an effective solution for repairing a petroltrimmer with your own hands, you must determine the exact cause of the problem. To do this, you need to conduct a diagnostic study of the instrument for damage. There is a specific algorithm according to which such a procedure is done.

The scheme of diagnostics of the gasoline trimmer is as follows (the sequence of checking the details):

  1. Fuel tank (check for fuel availability and fuel quality).
  2. Channel and candle.
  3. Air filter.
  4. Fuel filter.
  5. Breather.
  6. Outlet channel.

Most often, the repair procedure for gasoline trimmers affects these details. If the problem is this, then the problem can be found by thorough inspection.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

Checking the fuel tank should be carried out regardless of damage. Do not forget to look into the fuel tank each time before starting work. To eliminate the problem in this part of the design, it is enough to follow three simple rules:

  • no savings on gasoline quality;
  • full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • full refueling tool.

Replacing a drenched candle is as follows:

  1. The detail gets out and is wiped.
  2. Thorough drying.
  3. Remove excess gasoline from the chamber and dry.
  4. Installing a new candle with a gap of 1 mm.
  5. Check tool for performance.

Sometimes the reason that the gas mower refuses to start is the excessive dryness of the thread in the socket where the candle is installed. This place can be greased with a small amount of gasoline.

Rating of the best models of petrol trimmer: reviews, which option to choose

If the filters or the breather are dirty, the problem is simply solved. You need to clean these parts or replace them with new ones.

There are more serious reasons for breakdowns in trimmers. As a rule, they concern the carburetor or engine.

Helpful advice! When working with nozzles and channels, do not use a wire or needle, as they can damage the sections.

Problems in the carburetor and how to solve them:

Break type Remedy
Clogging in jets or canals Cleaning with rinsing agent, purge
Wear pads Replacing parts
Lack of tightness Replacing parts


If the cause of the breakdown really lies in the carburetor, use a video with recommendations for repairing the gasoline trimmer with your own hands.

If the carburetor is working as expected, the only reason preventing the normal operation of the tool may be the wear of the piston system. To find the problem area you need to make a thorough inspection. On the engine cylinder and pistons can be scratches, scratches or chips. In this case, the deformed parts must be replaced.

Do not forget to inspect the piston rings. The presence of even a small loofah is a clear sign that the rings are to be replaced. You should not do this procedure yourself – here you need experience and knowledge. Let the experts replace the rings on the piston.

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