Metal tiles – types and location of metal tiles

The roof protects the house from precipitation, frost, and other negative environmental factors. Today, different materials are used to equip the roof. It can be hard, soft, profile, flat, rolling, piece solutions. Some of them are better to choose for a summer residence and a country house, others for city buildings. Certain types of materials are best suited for commercial buildings. A universal option is a metal roof. The material is notable for its low cost, excellent characteristics. Therefore, the solution is suitable for many residents of Russia..

Features of metal roofs

Due to the advantages, the metal tile quickly gained recognition in the building materials market. The coating is versatile, it can be used not only for arranging roofs in cottage construction. Metal sheets are used for private sector buildings or small public buildings. They cover the roofs of offices, cafes, remote places, shops. The metal tile consists of metal of a certain profile. For protection, a polymer material is applied to the surface.

According to its functional properties, a metal sheet is divided into:

  • Material used for production – base.
  • Sheet metal coatings.
  • Profile shape and height.

Metal roofMany people buy this material because of its durability: the manufacturer emphasizes that its service life is 30-50 years. Such investments can be considered quite profitable, because building materials are inexpensive. Installation work is very simple, the surface after installation perfectly resists stress and shock. Additional care during transportation is not required, which is also an important advantage.

Metal tile production

The material is made of cold rolled steel (thickness from 0.4 to 0.5 millimeters). It is coated with zinc, which is protected by polymers. The protective varnish acts as a top layer. The finished product weighs relatively little. One square meter can weigh 3 to 5 kilograms. Installation work includes compliance with the lower permissible roof slope, which is 15 degrees. For smaller slopes, not exceeding 20 degrees, it is necessary to carefully seal the joints between the canvases. Such roofing materials consist of overlaps in length, which should be between 45 and 150 millimeters. There are other nuances associated with this building material. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to know how to choose a metal tile..

The height of the metal profile is 25-75 mm. The demanded and affordable building material has a wavelength of 28-50 mm. The wave step is standard for almost all products and equals 183.3 mm. The shear wave can be of different sizes, which depends on the form in which the profile is made. Usually it is 30-35-40 cm.

There are other types of roof tiles. Aluminum sheets are lightweight, practical and durable. They do not cause corrosion, but are more expensive than steel products. Such building material is not in demand among consumers due to cost and color restrictions. Copper metal tiles are made from pressed copper sheets. This is a very practical antique roof. It is these sheets that cover some of the ancient buildings and architectural forms. Copper has no surface treatment – over time (after 12 years) the roof of the building is covered with a green oxide film, which gives the building a noble antique look. Depending on the shape of the profile, the building material is symmetrical, as well as asymmetric with a beveled wave. Symmetrical shape is less common than asymmetrical. They do not differ in price, practical characteristics.

Types of metal tiles

You can install the material without worrying about the weather, in severe frost or unbearable heat, while the quality of the roof will not suffer. Another important advantage is the very high strength of the material. The metal tolerates ultraviolet radiation well and is not afraid of corrosion. To make it even thicker, stronger and improve aesthetics, the material is coated with a polymer. Thanks to this, you can choose almost any color zone and design of the new roof..

Polyester is in high demand in the market. It is based on polyester paints. This coating has many advantages, such as low cost, excellent corrosion resistance, UV protection. The polyester coating itself is relatively thin, which is a disadvantage (poor protection against mechanical damage). Metal tiles of this type perfectly tolerate heat and cold, but require care during transportation and subsequent installation. The matt polyester coating is applied using a special technology. It looks velvety due to the multidirectional reflection of light and the absence of glare. All the properties of a regular coating (glossy) are preserved, but a matte finish looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Another popular type is a polyurethane polymer coating with the addition of polyamide. This type is more expensive than the same polyester, but more resistant to various mechanical damage. The advantages of the pural coating are protection against aggressive environments and resistance to high temperatures. The standard thickness of the pural coating is 0.5 millimeters. This type of roofing is resistant to mechanical wear and ultraviolet rays..

Metal roofingThere is an even higher quality and more expensive coating – this is plastisol. It is the most durable – 2 millimeters and has the highest performance. It takes a lot of effort to damage it. This material is easy to install. This coating has an embossed surface and an attractive appearance that slightly resembles leather. Thanks to this relief, the roof does not reflect glare. The coating has one drawback – poor UV resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to + 60 ° C.

Metal tiles – profile types

The building material is divided into many models according to its profile. Consider what kind of metal tiles are – types and names:

  • Monterrey. This model is the most popular. The shape of the profile has visual similarities with classic ceramic tiles. This is achieved due to the profile height of 46 mm, due to which the sheet looks more dense and reliable. The coating is lightweight, practical, durable, perfectly protects the roof from rain, snow.
  • Modern. This roof is a variation on the previous roofs. The main difference is angular shapes, not round smooth ones. Visually, these shapes are very different..
  • Andalusia. The profile has not yet become widespread. Thanks to the special equipment of Western manufacturing companies, it becomes possible to manufacture Andalusian roof tiles from sheet metal with built-in hidden clamps.
  • Cascade. This profile is the second most popular. Its shape resembles chocolate. This straight roof has a large installation width which makes it economical. The metal cascade is suitable for complex roof structures. These buildings have strict proportional geometric shapes. There are different types of Cascade profiles with differences in wave height, sash width.
  • Joker. Sheets in a classic style. A sleek, rounded profile looks beautiful. The building material has six waves.
  • Banga. New. A profile that belongs to the category of elite materials. Has a bizarre and unusual geometry of shapes, gives the roof originality. Banga has a high wave profile, but a small installation width. Thanks to the unusual shape, the aesthetic visual effect of the convexity and grandeur of the roof is achieved. Therefore, they are suitable for tall cottages, buildings where the beauty of the profile shape is revealed..
  • Shanghai. An oriental profile, named after the country from which it “came”. The sheets have a low wavelength. Small assembly width is compensated by the beauty of the product relief.

Types of metal tile colors

When painting, all manufacturers of building materials use the RR and RAL scales. As a rule, preference is given to natural colors: chocolate, red wine, graphite, green leaves, green moss. Rarely are light and saturated shades of red, blue, green. Dark colors lose their saturation faster in the sun. A high-quality building material is distinguished by the fact that the paint layer lasts much longer and disappears evenly. Unfortunately, it will take a few years to know how good your roof is. For this reason, it is appropriate to choose building materials from well-known companies, where production takes place in accordance with all technical rules..

When choosing the color of the material, keep in mind that leaves of dark shades fade faster than light ones. However, despite this, the most popular shades today are dark red and cherry. Perhaps this information will be useful to someone, but the color is selected in relation to the structural elements of the building itself. In any case, a house made of metal tiles of this type will look stylish and aesthetically pleasing. All metal tiles on the market are distinguished by rich colors..

How to choose a metal tile

You can get help with the choice from the sellers in the hardware store. When buying building materials, you should ask them about all the characteristics and familiarize yourself with the quality passport. The warranty for such building material is on average 10 years. The service life of high-quality material is 50 years, provided that all requirements for installation and operation are met.

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