Children’s bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Many parents are concerned about the issue of saving space in a small children’s room, where it is necessary to organize not only comfortable sleeping places, but also to equip an area for games, activities and a storage system. The bunk bed for children will help to solve this problem. This design will not only give the room uniqueness and individuality, but also open up new opportunities for practice and games. What are the options for this multifunctional element, this article will prompt.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Children’s bunk bed: the main advantages of the design

Children’s room should simultaneously combine the comfort, functionality and security. Especially these requirements are relevant when several children live in it. The important point of the organization of the children’s space is the preservation of a sufficient place for playing active games.

Traditional single beds and folding sofas are hard to cope with such a task. The way out is the installation of a children’s bunk bed, the size of which must be chosen in view of the child’s growing up over the next 5-7 years.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

This furniture has several advantages. Since it occupies a vertical space, more space is freed up in the room. This is especially important for small rooms. This design allows you to visually increase the size of the room, because it is not overloaded with unnecessary furniture.

The bunk bed is a multifunctional element. It can be used not only as a bed. Competently created design makes it possible to organize a storage system, to equip the playing and training areas. Here drawers, shelves, mobile modules can be placed. The model can be supplemented with adjustable lighting, elements of the wall and game attributes.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

A bunk bed does not necessarily contain two beds. There are many models in which under the upper tier the space is occupied by the playing, sports or working areas. Bunk double bed is the perfect solution for large families.

Such designs are made of non-toxic materials, have rounded corners, high sides on the upper tier, stable stairs and soft cantilevers, which makes the bed safe for children.

Small owners will be simply delighted with such an unusual furniture element, where everyone will have their own separate place, which can be arranged at will. For boys, a bunk bed can turn into a ship or a fortress, and girls will like a cozy cottage or a fairy-tale tower.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Despite the indisputable advantages, a bunk bed for children is not without drawbacks. Many parents are concerned about the safety of a child who will sleep in the second tier. Children under 4 years old are not recommended to be at the top, especially if the child is prone to high activity.

Warm air accumulates in the upper part of the room, which may be too heavy for the child to breathe. This is especially true for very warm rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to properly and regularly air the room.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Sleeping on the upper tier is inconvenient to put in order a small child. This task will have to perform parents. If the children have a small age difference, there may be conflict situations regarding the question of who will sleep at the top. In this case, it is important to think out the distribution system of places correctly and fairly.

A two-story bed is a heavy and overall construction that is difficult to move to another place. In addition, the specific model is selected based on the selected location. She may not fit in another room in case of moving.

High-quality, made of quality material design is able to last for many years, but it has a high cost, and this point is important to consider when choosing a product.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

One of the main advantages of bunk beds for children (the photo clearly confirms this) is the variety of types of designs. From among the existing models, you can choose the ideal option in accordance with the child’s ideas about personal space and the requirements of parents.

The entire diverse range of bunk beds can be divided into separate groups: by the number of beds, by type of construction, by material of manufacture, for children of different ages, for children of different sexes.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Bunk beds can have from one to four beds and, depending on this, are divided into 4 categories. The first includes bunk designs designed for one child. The sizes of a berth happen the most different. For small rooms can be equipped with a single bed. In a spacious room it is recommended to install a one-and-a-half structure. If same-sex small children sleep on it, the bed can be double.

The berth is on the second tier. The first is assigned to a working or playing area. It can accommodate a comfortable desk and open shelves for toys. Part of the space or the entire area can be reserved for storage in the form of drawers, shelves, racks, cabinets and chest of drawers. Visually different models are presented in the photo of bunk beds for children with a table, wardrobe and other furniture items.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Great delight in children is caused by models with a gaming complex, which is located under the upper tier. This option is preferred by the family, paying attention to the physical education of the child.

The second category is represented by classic designs with two separate beds, which can be placed parallel, perpendicular or offset relative to each other, which is clearly shown in the photo of children’s rooms with bunk beds.

Interesting and unusual look models with a sofa on the lower tier, which is transformed into a wide bed. Under it can be located compartment for linen. Children’s bunk bed with a sofa downstairs will be preferable for sociable children, to whom guests often come.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

Helpful advice! Parents can sleep on the sofa of the lower tier, which is an ideal solution for families living in a one-room apartment.

It will be interesting and unusual to look for bunk transforming beds that turn into sofas. Such designs do not require a lot of free space and are easy to manage.

The third category includes two-level beds for children with three beds. The standard model of this design has the form of an L-shaped fixed frame with two beds upstairs. The lower berth is adjacent to the playing or working area. This design requires quite a lot of space. For small-sized rooms, the most rational solution is a bed with three sliding tiers.

Children's bunk bed: ideas for creating a cozy corner for children

There are models with three separate levels located perpendicular to each other. This option is appropriate for apartments with high ceilings, in which children of older school age live.

There are combined models with forged backs and legs, combined with a wooden frame. The combination of materials is also used to create transforming beds, in which the basis of the structure is made of wood and the sliding elements are made of metal. The children’s bunk bed with a sofa looks stylish and unusual in the combined version.

Bunk beds are very popular among modern parents, who, having overcome their fear that a child could fall from a certain height, more often prefer such constructions. This is due to compactness, increased functionality, reliability of the product, which, thanks to the original design, will visibly decorate the interior of the room and fill the room atmosphere with coziness and comfort.

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