How to properly repair the roof

Repairing the roof of the roof of a private house is a very important investment. In some cases, the investor must have a special consent to carry out such work. This happens when the roof is changed during the renovation, as well as the existing roof structure. Therefore, the work should be entrusted to a professional company that can not only perform all the actions correctly, but also purchase high-quality roofing material. Only then will the house be reliably protected for many years..

Repair of the roof of a private house – features

Roof repair is a very general term, in fact, it can include other important construction work as well. Roofing renovation may include sealing the roof or replacing damaged tiles with new ones. However, repairs are often reduced to much more serious activities, it includes:

  • strengthening the truss – making additional rafters and roof supports, joining existing rafters with boards;
  • fumigation of wood – removal of woody fungus with special preparations, appropriate coloring and protection of wood from fungus in the future;
  • making a new farm;
  • sealing;
  • installation of a new roof covering on an old truss.

The term “roof renovation” also means painting the roof covering or replacing one roof covering with another (for example, replacing asbestos with sheet metal or tiles). On the occasion of a roof renovation, when a new truss is being made, many investors decide to insulate the attic or even change the existing roof structure..

Do-it-yourself roof repair of a private house – what you need to know?

Rebuilding an old roof can be a daunting task. First of all, the investor must first answer the question whether he is changing the farm on the house or strengthening it. Roofers and carpenters believe that the old roof structure can remain in the house if:

  • the suspension is stable and in good technical condition;
  • the timber of the farm is not damaged by fungi and pests;
  • the farm has a relatively short service life (no more than 70-100 years);
  • the farm will be able to hold the material planned for laying (new cover);
  • it is possible to strengthen the rafter frame, for example by adding additional rafters or joining existing wooden planks.

Does the renovation require special notification and obtaining a building permit?

According to Russian building legislation, only in some cases is it necessary to have a notice of work and obtain a permit for construction work to repair a roof. Repairs without notice are permissible if the investor does not change the roof structure stipulated by the construction plan of the building and the situation concerns the so-called house built on the basis of a project application. So, most often, such consent is not required to change the roof in a private house. Here, the zone of influence of the building is reduced only to the area on which it is located. Roof replacement will not affect the environment.

Notification of renovations is required when it is planned to renovate the roof of a historic building, in particular a building listed in the Monument Register; however, when renovating a house located in the immediate vicinity of the site boundary, roof renovations require notification of the planned construction work to the local authority. Such notice should be sent to the architecture and construction department of the local county office 21 days before the start of work. In the application document, the investor must describe exactly what actions he will perform as part of the roof repair. The attachment to the notification document must also include confirmation of the applicant’s right to manage the property in the area of ​​construction work. If an applicant for a roof renovation wishes to add an add-on to a house or modify an existing roof structure, he must also submit a construction project with a notification. If 21 days have passed from the date of submission of the aforementioned application, and the representatives of the local government have no objections, construction work can begin.

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