DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

DIY wood brushing is an interesting technology that makes it possible to artificially age a tree. The natural aging process lasts for decades. But now with the help of special tools, this effect can be achieved at home quickly and without significant material waste. Aged material is ideal for the decoration of classic, vintage and rustic styles.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

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Inhabitants of modern cities more and more often in a decor of the room prefer styles with brightly underlined identity: classical, vintage, rural and the country.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

The main detail of such interiors is wood. Thanks to this material the design of the room acquires a unique and unique charm. But for the classic and vintage style will not fit a tree in its original natural form. In this case, an aged tree that has a more attractive and noble appearance is best suited. This material is suitable for the manufacture of any element of decor: vintage lamp, wooden dresser, stylish doors and window frames, fireplace lining.

Under natural conditions, the process of aging of a tree is delayed for decades, since the original patterns on the surface of wood are formed slowly and unevenly. Therefore, this material is rare and expensive. But among modern technologies there is a simple and fast way to artificially aging a tree. This process is called brushing. Interest in this method is shown not only by lovers of luxury vintage furniture, but also by those who want to diversify the interior of country houses.

Making wood with your own hands (brushing) is a decorative technology for processing wooden products, during which an artificial effect of antiquity is created for an ordinary wooden surface. The method gets its name from the English word brush – brush. Also the process of aging is called wood structuring.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

The method of artificial brushing is based on the difference in hardness of the layers that make up the wood. In the process of work, the soft light layer is removed. As a result, the plots become relief, which gives the material a special look, characteristic only of rather old trees.

The depth of the brushed board depends on its purpose. If it is necessary to create the effect of deep aging, then the depth of irregularities and roughness can be up to 2-3 mm. Do not recommend for the floor a deep relief of wood, otherwise the coating will be very dirty and bad to wash. The optimum depth is 0.5-0.8 mm.

For the structuring of wood using special tools and techniques. The basis is the machining of wood using special metal brushes that remove the upper soft fibers. Due to this, the solid surface is seen more clearly, forming a beautiful relief. But this is not the whole process of wood processing.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

To emphasize the appearance and make the structure more distinct, the material is covered with special paints that have natural shades. Coloring is uneven: the depressions become darker in color, and the surface of the texture is light. This makes the relief more noticeable.

Helpful advice! To artificially aged material was as close as possible to the tree, the aging of which took place in a natural way, it is necessary to paint it in gray. In this case, the paint, even before it is completely dry, must be lubricated with a raised surface. This will create the effect of a tree that has stood in the open for about 10 years.

It is better not to use a tree with a small fibrous and unclearly pronounced structure, because the brushing method is ineffective for such breeds. Such trees are not suitable for aging:

  • beech;
  • maple;

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

  • alder;
  • cherry;
  • Birch tree;
  • teak.

For the aging of wood are suitable both soft and hard woods. The main requirement is that the material has a clearly defined texture and can be viewed layers with different hardness. Best of all brushing wood is performed on such species:

  • Pine;
  • oak;
  • ash;
  • nut;
  • larch;
  • wenge.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

It is preferable to use coniferous wood for artificial structuring. The most affordable is pine. But this tree does not have a beautiful and unusual pattern. And, unfortunately, the brushing of the pine will not greatly correct this situation. If you use larch and spruce, then the result of the application of the method will please with a unique pattern and rich texture.

Aging technology allows you to create unusual textures that are suitable for interiors of different styles. Structured wood is used to create decorative elements, furniture, floors. Brushed furniture looks unique and very beautiful.

In contrast to the natural aging process, the structuring of wood contributes to an increase in the strength of the material, its longevity. Also brushing prevents material from rotting and damaging it from fungi and insects. This is due to the use of special antiseptics to protect the wooden surface.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

The result of brushing is an excellent appearance of the material that meets the latest fashion trends. Using a variety of tools for processing wood and technology, you can get a lot of exclusive things and interior details. This will create an artificial imitation of exotic varieties of wood, the cost of which is significantly higher than the initial price of the spent lumber.

At first glance, the process of artificial structuring may seem very complicated. But the method of brushing wood with your own hands is the most accessible and simple way of visual aging of natural material. This can be done even by an inexperienced master.

For the implementation of this task will require a minimum of equipment. In addition, the brushing technology allows to achieve an excellent result both manually and mechanized. Depending on the method chosen, the wizard will need different tools.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

During work, you will need certain tools for wood brushing.

Metal hand brushes are used for the rough removal of soft fibers from the surface of the part, while leaving intact solid. They are used for the primary processing of wood. The stiffness of the bristles depends on the length of the wire: the shorter it is, the stiffer the bristles. At the first stage of processing, it is better to give preference to the brush with the most rigid pile. It is desirable that the brush had a wide end part and the shape was close to the roller. This form ensures a more uniform treatment of wood.

Manual chisel is a tool with which you can apply deep longitudinal grooves of different curvature in wood fiber. With skillful use of this tool, you can get the material of maximum realism by applying deep cracks.

Sandpaper with a coarse grain for polishing is used to emphasize the texture of the material, making the natural pattern clearer. For optimal results in the process of work it is necessary to move the sandpaper along the fibers with pressure. Using paper with different grain sizes, it is possible to obtain grooves of different depth and severity.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

Bulgarian, equipped with special nozzles for brushing wood, is used initially for roughing and final processing of wood. At the beginning of work, a metal brush-nozzle on the grinder is used for wood brushing, at the final stage – with a copper or sisal pile. Now abrasive polymer brushes are very popular. Such a tool makes it possible to selectively remove soft fibers without affecting the hard ones.

Helpful advice! If there is no high stiffness brush, then using the grinder, you can trim the pile. Due to this, the bristles will become harder. When selecting the pile of the brush, it is necessary to take into account that the bristles are 7-10 times thinner than the soft fibers of wood. It is better to use a straight broom brush. When working with an abrasive-polymer brush, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the wood does not burn when the robot is running at high speeds.

After the first stage of processing, experts advise burning wood using a kerosene burner. Gas burner for this work will not work.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

Burning with a kerosene burner will help you complete the following steps:

  • remove fine wood fibers;
  • dry the top layer of wood;
  • emphasize and highlight the natural structure of the tree.

DIY wood brushing: how to artificially age a tree

Wooden furniture with the use of brushed elements looks stylish and sophisticated. Artificial aging and patinating wood with your own hands allows you to make absolutely any furniture: cabinets, dressers, splittings, beds. The use of brushed elements in the design of furniture and interior has no limitations and prohibitions – it all depends on your imagination and creativity.

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