Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

Linoleum – the most popular flooring. One of its main advantages is ease of installation and dismantling. Its replacement can be easily made independently, possessing a minimum of building skills, having a small amount of tools. When it comes to replacing the coating, a logical question arises: is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum? The answer to this question and recommendations on the application of this technology contains this article.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

Is it possible to lay linoleum on linoleum: the admissibility of the technology

The feasibility of laying linoleum on top of the old depends primarily on the condition of the previous coating and the quality of its installation. In order to make the right decision in a dilemma, whether linoleum can be laid on linoleum, you need to check the suitability of the old coating. Experts do not recommend using this technology in some cases described below.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

It is worthwhile to say goodbye, without hesitation, with the old coating, if the installation was done several decades ago, for example, in the era of mass Soviet construction. Coatings in those days were released on a fabric base, which over the years of operation has significantly worn out and became a place of dust accumulation. A lot of dirt and bacteria could have been formed over a long period and in the seams of linoleum without a base.

Unambiguous dismantling is subject to tiled linoleum. The gaps between the old tiles may eventually appear on the surface of the new coating, which will adversely affect the aesthetic appearance of linoleum and significantly reduce the period of its durability.

Arguments about whether it is possible to lay linoleum on old linoleum, should not occur in the case of delamination of the coating from the rough substrate. This is a compelling reason for dismantling old material.

The most compelling reason for removing old linoleum is the unevenness of the surface. In the presence of waves, holes, dents and other significant defects forming reliefs, it is better to dismantle the coating. In accordance with the technical regulations on the use of floor coverings, the horizontal surface of a two-meter area in any vector direction may have deviations that do not exceed 2 mm.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

In the presence of an uneven surface, both laying laminate on linoleum and PVC tiles is unacceptable. The seams and the attractiveness of the elements will not help mask the pits and ridges. On the contrary, the elastic material will contribute to a stronger allocation of unsightly places.

A convincing argument in favor of dismantling the old uneven linoleum is the increased wear of the coating caused by the difference in loads. In addition, to move on the floor, which thoroughly repeats the far from ideal form of the predecessor, will be unsafe. In the end, the owners are completely disappointed with the visual perception of the curved floor and the question of a new repair will immediately arise.

Important! A similar linoleum on linoleum can be laid, provided that the finishing layer of the coating has no basis.

Laying sports linoleum on the old coating is unacceptable. For this type of material, the base must be ideally flat and rigid, therefore the complete removal of the old coating and the repair of the base is required. Photos of linoleum in the gym are vividly illustrating how the surface should look. On the old coating such an effect will not be achieved. Laying linoleum on plywood is allowed, but only if the average load on the floor, that is, in premises designed for yoga, fitness, aerobics, and not for playing basketball or volleyball, is applied.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

If the linoleum, which is supposed to be laying a new coating, is not yet old and has a good condition, then it should not be removed. Moreover, it will be difficult to do this if linoleum is firmly glued to the floor. After dismantling, you will have to re-clean and level the surface. Therefore, it makes no sense to remove the cover, which is ideally laid. It is enough to check its condition by certain indicators and prepare the surface.

To this end, you must first completely free the room from furniture and other items. The coating must be thoroughly cleaned from debris, dust and other contaminants. Next, linoleum inspect for integrity. Cuts are permissible – they can be eliminated with the help of mounting tape.

The next stage is the dismantling of old baseboards. In this case, check the evenness of the surface near the walls, prepare it for laying a new coating. In addition to linoleum, laminate and tile can be laid on linoleum, but on one condition: the previous coating should be smooth, clean, without significant flaws.

Old material will become a good insulating layer and will serve as a leveling surface, which will significantly reduce the effort, time and money required for the alignment procedure, which is mandatory in the process of laying the floor covering.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

A special approach requires the question whether it is possible to lay linoleum on a warm floor. Here it is necessary to take into account not only the condition of the base coverage, but also the service life of the heating system. It may be necessary to replace not only the flooring, but also the heating installation. It is not recommended to mount a warm floor over old linoleum.

Thus, in making the right decision about whether you can put linoleum on old linoleum, you need to be guided by such criteria as flatness, cleanliness and integrity of the base coat. If the previous material meets these requirements, this installation is not only expedient, but also has several advantages:

  • no physical effort is required to dismantle the old coating;
  • eliminating the need to make a floor screed and prepare the basis for laying a new material;
  • the noise and heat insulation qualities of the flooring increase significantly;
  • two layers of linoleum virtually eliminate the penetration of moisture into the room;
  • a two-layer coating makes the floor softer;
  • technology laying new material on the old linoleum helps save money.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

Helpful advice! Wide cracks on the old flooring can be eliminated by filling them with silicone sealant. The material is applied to the surface with a soft rubber spatula and gives it time to dry.

You can also save on the purchase of plinth, using the old, if it is well preserved. However, the connecting strips on the old baseboard is better to replace with new ones.

Technology laying linoleum on linoleum significantly reduces the cost of work on the design of the floor. What is the reason, we understand below, highlighting the specific components of the cost. Installation price includes:

  1. The cost of the material, which includes, in fact, the price of linoleum and a rough base. If the coating is laid on the finished substrate, in particular, on the old linoleum, then the substrate will not be required. This cost item also includes the cost of glue and other consumables.
  2. The price can be formed on the basis of the cost of work for 1 person-day or rates for 1 m ?. It is worth noting that the price and quality of the material itself is taken into account in the price per square meter. The more expensive linoleum is, the more expensive it will be to install it.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

The volume of the installation itself includes all the steps – from preparing the base to fixing the baseboards. The customer also needs to decide on the contractor. Installation is better to trust proven specialized firms to avoid fraud and get high quality. But the cost of such styling will be much more expensive.

If the base is the old coating, it is quite possible laying linoleum with your own hands. Step-by-step instruction will help to do all the work quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – for free.

The cost of laying linoleum per square meter is based on the following components:

  • preparatory work, which includes the dismantling of old linoleum, leveling the surface and even the removal of furniture;
  • type and class of linoleum;
  • total area of ​​the room.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

Prestigious firms offer prices for various services, which include the cost of direct linoleum flooring. The price per square meter in this section ranges from 150 to 250 rubles. The most expensive is the installation of commercial linoleum – from 220 rubles per square meter.

To the calculated amount add the cost of mounting the baseboard and docking joints (on average, 100 rubles per linear meter). The cost of preparatory work includes:

  • dismantling the previous linoleum (from 80 rubles. For m?);
  • dismantling of old baseboards (on average, 30 rubles per meter);
  • leveling the surface with a self-leveling floor (about 500 rubles per m?);
  • primer surface (from 50 rubles. For m?).

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

If old linoleum is used as a base, then saving on one square meter is approximately 650 rubles. In a room of 10 square meters, thus, you can save up to 6 thousand rubles.

Helpful advice! If it’s hard to decide on the order of works and their total cost, then you can order a preliminary marking service. In this case, the master will have to pay 500 rubles for leaving. Construction companies, as a rule, then deduct this amount from the total cost of work.

How to put linoleum on the old linoleum, whether it can be done independently, we will tell in this section. The general procedure for the work involves the purchase of materials and tools, the preparation of the base, the cutting of the material and, in fact, the installation of the coating. Direct laying of linoleum includes the following steps:

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum: finding the right solution

  • cutting material;
  • laying and fixing;
  • rolling out;
  • processing and welding seams (if necessary).

At each stage you will need a specific tool for laying linoleum. Therefore, it is better to take care of the availability of devices:

Technology laying laminate on linoleum includes the following steps:

  • calculation of the required amount of laminate and other materials;
  • plotting;
  • purchase of coverage, taking into account stocks for pruning and factory scrap;
  • acclimatization of the coating in the room;
  • substrate preparation;
  • fixing laminate.

Thus, laying linoleum and laminate on the old linoleum is quite acceptable. The main thing in this question is the condition of the base and the strength of the new coating. Observance of the above rules and recommendations will allow laying independently, significantly reducing the financial costs for the purchase of substrate materials and tools for leveling the foundation, as well as provide an opportunity to save on paying professionals.

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