Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

Production of new building materials does not stand still. Every year the manufacturer increases and improves the range of its products. Not so long ago, chipboard grooved moisture resistant appeared on the building materials market. This material has a high degree of moisture resistance. Its peculiar design allows it to be used in different areas. The main characteristics and scope of the material can be found in this article.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

What is chipboard grooved moisture resistant

Chipboard with tongue is obtained as a result of hot pressed wood chips mixed with thermosetting resins. Due to its layered structure, this material is resistant to deformation changes as a result of changes in temperature and humidity.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

The thickness of chipboard sheets with tongue can be 12-22 mm. For easy installation of the plates, which is a thorn-groove, each end side of a chipboard has a cut tongue-and-groove joint: two ridges and two grooves. Plates evenly and densely adjoin to each other. Such a construct allows the installation of plates without tools and special skills.

The structure of the tongueled chipboard includes waterproof polymers, which give the finished product a high coefficient of moisture resistance. This allows the use of plates in unheated premises with high humidity (loggias, balconies, cabins, warehouses). This material can be used as a base for future tile in bathrooms, but with the use of special glue and grout for tile joints.

Moisture resistant tongueled chipboard have high strength properties (bending, kink, stretching). This makes it possible to use rabbet chipboard for the floor. Plates installed on logs are able to withstand high loads without emitting creaks and without bending over the entire area.

Helpful advice! For floor installation with an area of ​​less than 100 m? from chipboard with tongue, it is not required to leave technical gaps between the plates.

Grooved chipboard for the floor is characterized as moisture resistant laminated chipboard.

The price of a sheet of laminated particleboard with dimensions and thickness of 1200x900x16 mm is 680 rubles, and the cost of chipboard 1830x600x16 without coating is 335 rubles.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

The main advantages of grooved chipboard:

  1. Due to the presence of a convenient spike-groove connecting element, the laying of floor slabs can be done easily, quickly and without using special tools. As a result, you can get a perfectly flat surface without height differences and gaps.
  2. The plates have a high moisture resistance, which makes it possible to use them in rooms with high humidity.
  3. The plates are well able to withstand the load on fracture, bending, pressure. Perfectly cope with a point load without deflection and squeak. Evenly distribute the load, which contributes to the high strength and rigidity of the floor.
  4. The composition of this building material does not include harmful substances, which makes the product environmentally friendly and suitable for use in children’s institutions, medical institutions, residential premises.
  5. The plates have large dimensions, but they are light in weight, which makes them easy, quick and easy to assemble without the involvement of experienced workers.
  6. Chipboard boards are affordable. For a moderate fee you can get a good, high-quality and durable coating.
  7. Products from chipboard with tongue resistant to the effects of mold, fungus and various microorganisms.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

Experts identify several main areas of application of moisture-resistant chipboard with tongue:

  • most in demand moisture resistant chipboard for the floor. It can be used to install a raised floor, a “floating” floor, a dry prefabricated screed, which has compartments for insulation, without using water-based mixtures for pouring;

Helpful advice! For the construction of treadmills, tennis courts, podiums and other structures that need to be strengthened, moisture resistant tongue-and-groove boards are successfully used.

  • moisture resistant boards are ideal for leveling wall surfaces. They are safely used as the basis for the subsequent finishing (decorative plaster, wallpaper, wall paneling, plastic). Chipboard panels, having heat and sound insulation properties, are perfect for the construction of an interior partition. The plates are fastened with screws to a pre-assembled frame of the rails;
  • moisture resistant sheet pp 12 mm thick ideally can replace the ceiling gypsum board. It is much easier and more convenient to use than the fragile counterpart. It is used for leveling base under the finish coat;
  • plate is indispensable for roofing. The low weight of the sheet, high density (820 kg / m?) And moisture resistance allow using the material for the device of the inner insulation layer of the “roofing pie”;

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

  • foundation. Great for removable formwork under the fill at the initial stage of construction work.

Helpful advice! During the device of any design with the use of grooved chipboard, all the joints must be treated with sealing material (glue, mastic, liquid nails).

Tongued chipboard is impractical to use for the manufacture of furniture. For these purposes, you can buy chipboard for furniture, the price per sheet in this case will depend on the size and type of material. You can also order an individual cut of chipboard in sizes that are necessary to create a specific furniture products.

All installation work can be performed independently without the involvement of specialized workers. Work should be done in a clear sequence.

The first step is to lay the lag with a distance that corresponds to the thickness of the chipboard. For plates with a thickness of 16 mm, the pitch is 30–40 cm. If plates with a thickness of 22 mm are used, the pitch will be about 60 cm. All voids between the lags are filled with a compactor, the gaps resulting from floor unevenness are filled with sand.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

Further, starting from the far opposite door of the wall, the laying of chipboard sheets begins with the help of self-tapping screws. The next sheet is inserted into the groove and fastened with screws to the logs, similar to the first plate.

Helpful advice! Installation of sheets should be carried out so that the seam between adjacent plates fell on the bars. In a narrow, long room, logs are laid across the direction of travel.

This method allows you to equip the floor using a dry screed. The result is a multi-layer construction, which is completed by stacking the sheet piling chipboard. This method consists of several stages:

  1. A vapor barrier layer is laid on the concrete base.
  2. Arranged polystyrene plates or expanded clay base.
  3. The next layer is the substrate. It can be used plastic, construction paper, membranes.
  4. The final layer – moisture resistant chipboard with tongue.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

Installation of a sheet of sheet piled chipboard on the wall is performed using self-tapping screws in increments of 30-40 cm without the use of crates. If you use nails, then they need to be hammered at a 45 degree angle.

For the installation of chipboard on the ceiling used plate thickness of 12 mm. They are mounted on a pre-equipped frame of wooden slats with screws, nails, special brackets. The joints of the plates must be sealed with special mastic or glue.

Moisture-resistant chipboard with tongue are made in two standard sizes: 1830×600 mm and 2440×900 mm, the thickness of which can be 12, 16 and 22 mm. The price of moisture-resistant chipboard depends on the dimensions of the material and the thickness of the product.

Helpful advice! The thickness of the material should be selected on the basis of its further purpose. Thin material should be used for covering the ceiling or roof, and for the construction of the floor and partitions, chipboard with a thickness of 22 mm is ideal.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

The price of moisture-resistant chipboard for a sheet of 2440×600 mm in size and 12 mm thick will be about 450 rubles. While the price for a sheet of particleboard for furniture size 2440x1830x16 mm will be 575 rubles. A plate with a size of 2440×600 maximum thickness can be purchased for 635 rubles. The largest plate with a size of 2440x900x22 mm will cost about 800 rubles. for sheet products. Moisture resistant tongue-and-groove chipboards are used predominantly in solid sheets.

In the modern market material is presented in a wide range. Each manufacturer produces products for every taste and desire of the consumer.

The most popular manufacturers of grooved moisture resistant chipboard are:

  • QuickDeck. Plates can be purchased from 335 rubles.;
  • “StroyExpert”. The price starts from 365 rubles;
  • “SPHERE”. The cheapest cooker will cost 410 rubles;
  • “Plywood plus”. The price range starts from 380 rubles per sheet;
  • “PlitTorg-S”. Prices are rising from 570 rubles.

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

Manufacturer QuickDeck

QuickDeck is one of the most popular manufacturers of waterproof plates. The products of this company are in great demand in the cities of Russia. The product is suitable for all the works mentioned above.

Feature of QuickDeck products:

  • The material has a high level of wear resistance. According to the European standard EN 13229, the material has 33 class of operation and AC6 class of abrasion. These indicators allow the finished material not to lose its characteristics for 6 years. And this is only when using it in shopping centers, educational institutions, sports sections. For residential premises, the service life can be up to 20 years;
  • according to European standard EN 312, the material has a water resistance class P5. This suggests that the plate has a good indicator of resistance to swelling. It will swell by only 10% after a day’s stay in the water;
  • moisture resistant chipboard with tongue is completely environmentally friendly. The material belongs to the class of hazard E1, according to European standard EN 13896. This suggests that the product does not emit harmful substances like natural wood;
  • the surface of the material is resistant to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • The material has a high fire resistance. A missed lit match will not cause a fire or surface markings;

Chipboard grooved waterproof: a new development in the market of building materials

  • the plates have enhanced sound insulation properties. The floor of the rabbeted chipboard will not creak under your feet. And partitions of such material will provide adequate heat and sound insulation;
  • the coating does not require special care. The material is able to withstand the effects of various household chemicals.

The opinion of experts suggests that chipboard is a popular material in the modern construction market. For a moderate fee, you can get a good product that has a high indicator of strength, is able to withstand significant loads without bending or breaking. Thanks to the lightweight tongue-and-groove joint, it is possible to obtain an ideally smooth, rigid, durable and stable base that will last for many years. Easy and quick installation will allow to restore the structure after its possible dismantling.

Durability, durability, good appearance, significant saving of money and time during the execution of repair and construction works make moisture-resistant tongue-and-groove chipboard the leader in the market of budget proposals for interior decoration.

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