Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Jigsaw is a versatile tool for processing various materials in the home. It is characterized by compactness, power and relative ease of operation Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of options, and it may be difficult to choose the optimal one. Therefore, below we consider the main characteristics of the tool, the selection criteria, and also dwell in detail on such a list as the top 10 best electric jigsaws.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Types and design of electric jigsaw

In today’s market there are a huge number of models of electric jigsaws. In order to simplify the selection, you can divide them into groups according to a number of distinctive features.

This tool can be classified according to a number of different parameters. Let’s start with the type of food. By this criterion, the tool can be:

  • network;
  • battery pack

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Features of each type are clear from the name. The network models of jigsaws are powered from a standard power supply and are distinguished by higher power compared to battery ones. On the other hand, the battery jigsaw is more mobile, it can be used away from electrical power sources. If you often cut building materials indoors and out of it, then the best option is to buy both a power tool and a battery tool.

The next parameter is the destination. On it allocate jigsaws:

  • professional;
  • industrial;
  • household.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

The first category boasts advantages such as high power and durability. Professional jigsaw is designed for hours-long (up to 8 hours a day) work without interruptions, and is designed to perform large volumes of work.

Industrial jigsaw is, in fact, a machine that is used in the woodworking industry.

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The household jigsaw is the cheapest model designed for home workshops. It is easy to operate, has a sufficiently high power, and is the best option for a home wizard.

Helpful advice! If you are thinking about how to choose a jigsaw for the house, but you are planning large-scale repair work, the construction of a private house or other structure, then it is better to stop at buying a professional rather than a household model. In addition to a long time of work, it boasts an extended set, which will simplify your many tasks.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Now every tool manufacturing company strives to make its electric jigsaws as comfortable as possible to operate. All the structural elements of the tool are designed for this:

  • body – the shape of the handle is important here. Most manufacturers for ease of use tool supply it with a rubber gasket;
  • canvas for cutting – it can be as a metal file for electric jigsaws, and cutting blades for other materials;
  • the holder of a file – the cutting cloth fastens to it;

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

  • the support sole – serves for an emphasis of the tool;
  • button on and off jigsaw;
  • speed regulator – allows you to increase or decrease the number of revolutions for more efficient work with different materials;
  • nozzle for dust collector – a dust collector connected to the jigsaw will help you to get rid of excess dust during operation.

All elements of the design of the tool that you are going to buy should be as consistent as possible with the tasks. For example, such a question as the choice of files for jigsaw is carried out taking into account the materials with which you plan to work.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Some models of electric jigsaws are equipped with additional features to simplify work. Below are the options for such functions:

  • laser pointer for more accurate cutting of material;
  • electronic adjustment of the frequency of the strokes and the depth of the cut – facilitates work with various materials, improves the accuracy of the cut;
  • the ability to connect the tool to a vacuum cleaner or dust collector;
  • automatic blow-off function;
  • the ability to adjust the pendulum mechanism.

Helpful advice! All these functions make the tool more efficient, but also increase its value. So if you only need a jigsaw for sawing wooden boards once a month in the garage, then such opportunities as blowing off sawdust or adjusting the depth of the cut, are unlikely to be useful.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

There are a number of properties and characteristics that should be considered when choosing:

  • type of power tool (battery or network);
  • power and type of engine (open or closed);
  • method of fastening the blade (screws or pressure device);
  • device class (professional, household, industrial);
  • ease of use;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • manufacturing firm;
  • tool price.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

The main parameter that is worth paying attention to when choosing is the number of moves per minute. It directly affects the speed of cutting material and its accuracy. Usually, this figure ranges from 0 to 3100 strokes / min, but some very powerful models can reach 3200 strokes / min.

Helpful advice! If you are going to work with different materials, then you need a jigsaw with the ability to adjust the number of strokes per minute, as some materials may be demanding on this parameter.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Also important point is the system of replacing the files in the tool. Fastening can occur with a clamping device or screws. The first method is simpler, faster and does not require the use of auxiliary tools. And the presence in the set of various files and oils for their lubrication is a pleasant, but not mandatory bonus. By the way, it’s best to buy spare parts for jigsaws right away when buying a tool, otherwise at the most crucial moment you may not have the right part at hand. And this entails stopping work for an indefinite period.

Of course, each customer may have their own specific requirements for the tool. It all depends on the planned scope of work, the type of materials with which to work, and other factors. For some, the most important thing when buying a price, and someone prefers models exclusively with a screw fastening of the canvas or an open engine. Next, we look at the best jigsaws according to professionals.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Top 10 best jigsaws

The top electric jigsaw includes models that are best proven in terms of power, ease of use and other parameters.

Bosch GST 65B

Topping the list is a Bosch jigsaw. Its main advantages are a small degree of vibration, reliable fastening of the sole, low weight and size. All this makes it very convenient for homework. The hand during work gets tired minimally due to the hull design and the fastening of the sole, and the blowing function allows you to follow the cutting line. The model performs well when working with wood, plywood and metal, so that it can be considered universal.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Bosch PST 10.8 LI

Another model from the same manufacturer. Its main advantage is that it is battery powered. Other advantages follow from this – low weight, smooth engine acceleration, adjustable outsole. An interesting additional feature of this model is the LED backlight. In combination with battery power, this allows you to work outside in low light. And if you need to replace, for example, a jigsaw for a jigsaw on a tree on a canvas for metal, then this can be done easily with the help of a quick fastening mechanism.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Makita 4329

Makit’s electric fretsaw distinguishes minimum vibration from other models. After using this model, you will not want to pick up another jigsaw. Among other advantages, it is worth noting the presence of three modes of the pendulum stroke, a rubberized handle and the ability to adjust the base plane. Tool minus – long replacement of a cloth.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria


Rechargeable jigsaw with very extensive functionality. Pleasant bonuses of the model – the presence of a screen to protect the face and eyes of the operator, electronic brakes and cast aluminum soles. At the same time, the model is relatively inexpensive, and the only thing that can be attributed to its disadvantages is a lot of weight compared to other battery jigsaws. So for more convenient use you may need a table for electric jigsaws.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Dewalt dw 349

Powerful tool with convenient manual adjustment of the platform. The speed is regulated by a simple switch, there is an LED light and a function to blow the sawdust. Complete with a jigsaw also comes a special pad on the sole to protect the material being cut.

Helpful advice! The presence of such a lining in the jigsaw configuration is a very important point if you need not to scratch the material when cutting it. Therefore, if you plan to work with such materials, take care to have this spare part on hand.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Dewalt 331K

Very reliable jigsaw with a closed type engine, a large number of settings and the ability to adjust the inclination of the blade without a key. As with the previous model, the sole is equipped with a special soft lining.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Ryobi CJS 180L

Jigsaw with a lot of possibilities, but, unfortunately, not very powerful. Differs in small weight, presence of a laser pointer and a protective barrier. The battery and charger for this model will have to be bought separately. Can be used as a table jigsaw.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Interskol MP-100E

Jigsaw Interskol is interesting because it is a domestic model. The main advantage is low price. Among other advantages, it is possible to note high resistance to loads, a cast gear case, and an engine flip cover for more convenient cleaning.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Bosch GST 14.4 V-LI Professional

An excellent representative of the battery jigsaws. In this model, the saw holder for the jigsaw is designed so that the blade can be replaced in one motion. There is a backlight, the function of blowing off sawdust. The main plus is a long time without charging the battery.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Makita JV100DWE

Very compact jigsaw with adjustable pendulum stroke. Excellent household jigsaw with low power but great efficiency.

Top 10 best jigsaws and tool selection criteria

Comparative table of manufacturers, prices and warranty period of the top 10 best electric jigsaws:

Electric jigsaw model Warranty period, months Retail price range, rubles
Bosch GST 65B 12 4400 – 5600
Bosch PST 10.8 LI 12 4800 – 7800
Makita 4329 12 3700 – 4500
AEG BST 18X 36 10300 – 10800
Dewalt dw 349 12 4300 – 5600
Dewalt 331K n / a 11900 – 12200
Ryobi CJS 180L 24 n / a
Interskol MP-100E 24 4200 – 4800
Bosch GST 14.4 V-LI Professional n / a 16800
Makita JV100DWE 12 9700 – 11000


After familiarizing yourself with the quality of electric jigsaws in terms of quality, and taking into account your own preferences, you will be able to choose a reliable and functional tool. When choosing, it is advisable to focus on prices and customer reviews, which can be found on manufacturers’ websites. In this case, you are guaranteed to make not only practical, but economical purchase.

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