Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

Today, a wide range of induction cookers is presented in home appliances stores. However, not all potential buyers have information about the distinctive features of this device. The plate is characterized by a unique principle of operation, which significantly increases its advantages in comparison with other options. What is an induction stove: the pros and cons of such a cooking surface are discussed in detail in this article.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

What is induction cooker: design features

An induction cooker is a kitchen electric appliance, thanks to which metal dishes are heated by induced vortex flows created by a high-frequency magnetic field. Heat is generated directly in the bottom of the dish.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

In appearance, such a plate is difficult to distinguish from traditional devices with glass-ceramic surfaces. In a flat case hidden induction coil with a winding of copper wire through which the high-frequency current flows. The main element of the induction cooker is an electronic control unit, in the microcircuit of which there are the necessary programs that provide the convenience and high efficiency of the cooking process.

Also the structure includes an inverter, a fan and a glass-ceramic panel. The stove is not equipped with heating elements. They are replaced by the bottoms of cooking utensils, which are made of a special material with ferromagnetic properties.

Stationary or embedded induction cooker is equipped with a variety of functions. Here is a quick heating burner, which is displayed at maximum power a few minutes before the boiling water in the pot. Then the power is reduced to the required level. Another interesting feature of this device is the “booster” function, which consists in transferring half the power from one burner to another.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

The design needs to follow certain rules when installing it. Having understood the question of what this induction stove is, it is important to provide conditions for the discharge of heated air. Since induction hobs are characterized by decent power, special fans are used to cool them, which are located on the underside of the hob. In this regard, when embedding the device in the kitchen furniture should be provided with ventilation gaps.

The principle of the induction plate determines the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which was discovered by the famous physicist M. Faraday in the beginning of the nineteenth century. In a closed loop, an electrical current arises due to a change in the magnetic flux that passes through the circuit. The induction cooker is a portable transformer.

How does an induction furnace work? Under the glass-ceramic surface of the plate is an induction coil with a copper winding. An electric current flows through it, the frequency of which is 20-60 kHz. It turns into magnetic fields and begins to produce induction currents. The bottom of the dish is a conductor with a closed loop. The vortex flow, which produces an induction cooker, makes the electronic particles of the bottom of the cookware move.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

Heat begins to form from the electrons, heating the dishes. Thus, heat is supplied to the bottom, leaving the glass-ceramic surface cold. It can heat directly from the dishes.

Induction hob – what is it? It can be said that this is a household appliance, the characteristic heating technology of which provides minimal heat loss and maximum heating rate of dishes. Energy is directed exclusively to the dishes, while power is not wasted. The efficiency of induction heating is 90%, while for electric stoves this value reaches 60%.

Important! The induction panel does not heat up to a very high temperature, because the bottom of the dish is heated first.

The induction stove, due to its special operating principle, is characterized by a mass of distinctive advantages. One of its main advantages is the high speed of cooking, which is due to the heating of the bottom of the dish, and not the cooking surface. If we talk about the pros and cons of the induction cooker, the power consumption, which is minimal, is considered one of the main advantages of the device. The current is spent solely on the creation of a magnetic field in an induction coil. As a result, one more positive feature can be distinguished. During cooking, the room will not be too hot, as in the case of using a gas or electric stove.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

It should be noted another advantage of the induction cooker – high safety device. The heating process begins at the moment when special dishes are installed on the surface, which have magnetic properties. When it is removed, the panel is turned off automatically.

Another advantage of the induction cooker is that the edge of the burner will not be hot. This reduces the risk of getting an accidental burn. Greasy spray, which in the process of cooking hit the surface, can be immediately removed, because the burner does not heat up. Food that has fallen on the stove will not burn, forming smoke.

Plate automatically determines the diameter of the bottom of the dish, adapting to it. The surface is easy and simple to care for. It is enough to wipe it with a damp sponge without the use of cleaning agents and abrasives.

Important! Strong pollution is removed by special devices that are used for glass-ceramic plates.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

Studying the pros and cons of an induction or glass-ceramic stove, it should be mentioned that the device is equipped with a variety of programs that are very useful in the process of cooking various dishes. The choice of the necessary function is carried out using the touch control panel. The temperature is adjustable and smoothly adjusted to the required level. Modern models of induction stoves have a stylish design design, so that the device will fit into any kitchen interior.

Despite numerous advantages, such a cooking surface is characterized by negative aspects. The main disadvantage of the induction cooker is the high cost of the product. There are models with an affordable price, but they are characterized by limited functionality. Efficiency, safety and energy-saving feature of the stove will be provided exclusively by using special cookware.

Important! Do not use cookware for an induction cooker whose bottom diameter is less than 6 cm.

The glass-ceramic surface is very fragile, which requires careful and careful handling, excluding accidental impacts and strong mechanical effects. In order not to damage the stove, do not use abrasive chemical cleaners and brushes.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

When an induction cooker works, specific noise is created. It results from the rotation of the fans, which cool the coil and the electronics board. For particularly sensitive individuals, this can cause some discomfort. Induction stove can negatively affect the operation of nearby household appliances, slowing it down. Therefore, this surface is not recommended to install over the oven.

There are models of cookers that are not designed for a long period of work, which is required for the preparation of certain dishes of Russian cuisine in the form of brawn, jam or stewed meat. The built-in timer after 3 hours of continuous operation will turn off the stove automatically. This feature must be indicated in the instructions for the device, which must be read, before you buy a plate.

For efficient operation of an induction cooker, the use of special cookware that strictly meets certain requirements is required. The dishes should have a thick, ideally even bottom with a thickness of 3-6 mm. The minimum allowable diameter of the bottom is 6-12 cm. This will ensure the necessary contact area between the bottom and the burner.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

Products must be made of stainless steel or enameled steel. The material must have the necessary ferromagnetic properties. Do not use aluminum and copper products. Also not suitable ceramic, glass and porcelain dishes. The induction cooker can be made of cast iron.

Helpful advice! To check the suitability of cookware for induction cookers, you need to bring a magnet to the product.

Considering the growing popularity of induction plates, many dishware manufacturers perform special ferromagnetic layers at the bottom of products made from any material, which allow using models for these surfaces. Multi-layer increases the ability to accumulate heat, which has a positive effect on the process of cooking.

Cookware designed for an induction cooker will have a distinctive marking. Quality products are expensive.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

There are both positive and negative reviews about this hob. The induction stove is characterized by an unconventional principle of heating. Failure to understand the essence of the process contributes to the emergence of the erroneous opinion that the cooking surface has a negative impact on human health.

Most experts and manufacturers assure that the health hazards of an induction cooker are minimized. Magnetic induction is not dangerous to humans, if you follow certain safety rules when working with the device. The coil creates a low-frequency magnetic field that is no more harmful than the radiation of a mobile phone.

Important! People with pacemakers should refuse to purchase this type of plate.

Parts of the human body should not be in contact with the stove during its operation. An absolute safe distance from the surface is 0.5 m. It is also acceptable to 0.3 m. Household appliances and gadgets should not be located closer than 1 m from the stove. Food prepared by induction is not harmful to health. The magnetic field generated during the operation of the device does not affect the products.

Induction hob: the pros and cons of an innovative hob

Having dispelled the main myths about the dangers of induction cookers, it is impossible not to mention that food cooked in stainless and cast iron products is enriched with iron. This element has a positive effect on the immune and circulatory system of the human body. Such a cooking option is the best for people with diseases of the blood charity system.

To install the product in the tabletop, a seat is made, the size of which corresponds to the dimensions of the surface of the device. To exclude moisture ingress to the end sections of the chipboard, the furniture edge is glued or silicone sealant is applied. The correct position of the product is checked using the building level.

Induction hob is currently at its peak of popularity. Characterized by a special principle of work and having the highest efficiency, the product provides a fast, safe, economical and efficient cooking process. The only significant disadvantage is the high cost of the plate. However, this is a justified investment that quickly pays off and will allow you to save money in the future without causing damage to your health.

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