Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

On a hot summer day, there is a need to open the window and the door wide to feel a slight whiff of wind. However, along with the outside air, a flock of annoying insects, which by their presence noticeably worsen the comfortable atmosphere in the room, strives to get into the house. Reliable protection against uninvited guests is a mosquito net on the door. Characterized by a simple design and ease of use, the product is an indispensable attribute for any room.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Mosquito net on the door: product characteristics and advantages

Anti-mosquito product is a grayish mesh fabric with small cells, which is fixed on the metal profile with a section of 53x18mm, which has high technical characteristics. This leads to increased product strength and high bending resistance. The design of the mosquito net is represented by the elements: fixing cord, frame, imposting and corner profiles, connecting components, plastic or metal holder. The traditional size of cells is 1.1 x1.1 mm.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Mosquito door to the balcony is a barrier not only for annoying insects, but also for poplar fluff, pollen and large debris. The product is characterized by several advantages:

  • insect proof;
  • fire resistance;
  • resistance to fading;
  • increased strength;
  • compactness;
  • universality;
  • ability to withstand loads without damage to the product;
  • resistance to mechanical stress and precipitation;
  • wear resistance;
  • inconspicuous, that does not affect the exterior and interior of the room;
  • easy to install, operate and maintain.

The mesh door leaf needs to be cleaned periodically, which should be done with a soft sponge and detergent. It is unacceptable to use aggressive detergents and hard brushes, because they can damage the structure of the cells.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

The mosquito net cloth is made of polyester, fiberglass, cotton, nylon with a coating of polyvinyl chloride. The first option is the most common for the manufacture of balcony door nets. It is represented by synthetic material, which is similar in properties to cotton. Such products are not afraid of moisture, dry quickly, without changing their original appearance. They do not need special care. Polyester is a durable and lightweight material that does not fade under the action of sunlight, is not afraid of insects.

Grids on the door of nylon are characterized by strength, durability, elasticity, which prevents damage and gusts of the product. The material is light and undemanding in care. Such products have the lowest cost.

Most often you can find fiberglass mesh fabric. This composite polymer material is characterized by lightness, high strength, wear resistance, resistance to abrasion and rotting, durability.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Mosquito net on the door of cotton is natural and environmentally friendly. The product is well breathable, does not fade in the sun, not wrinkled and does not require special care. However, these nets are more expensive than other options.

In appearance, the product resembles an ordinary window frame grid, which is distinguished by a more powerful aluminum profile. Such reinforcement is carried out in order to increase the strength of the structure, which has significant dimensions. Meshes are fastened using door hinges and locking elements. Hinges are installed in the amount of two pieces on the outside of the doorway. Products are characterized by ease of installation and disassembly, ease of operation and maintenance. Swinging net can be single, consisting of one leaf, and double, having two identical halves.

Helpful advice! Swinging mosquito net is the most appropriate option for residential premises where there are children, since opening and closing such a door in a child will not cause difficulties.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

The mosquito net on the front door or balcony opening is made to order, which allows you to purchase a product of any shape and size. The design can be equipped with an additional element in the form of a door closer, but this increases the cost of the product. In the swing mosquito doors can be used vertical or horizontal lintels that create rigidity and give stability to the product, allowing you to fix the canvas in the open position. You can buy a mosquito net on the door from 1000 rub.

The product is suitable for a terrace and a balcony. Control of the sliding canvas is carried out on the principle of compartment doors. Plastic or aluminum can be used for the frame, which consists of guides and rollers. For uninterrupted movement of doors, the design is equipped with sliders for easy operation. To increase the rigidity of the structure, imposts are used, which are horizontal or vertical bridges.

The main advantages are the compactness of the product, thanks to which it does not need additional free space for opening, and the unlimited height of the structure, which can reach 2.5-3 m. However, this mosquito door is not suitable for all openings. The product is not distinguished by high reliability and is characterized by a low level of protection against insects, since it is loosely attached to the doorway. You can buy a mosquito net on a balcony door from 2500 rub.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Rolling mosquito net is a canvas, which is twisted into a roll, located in a special aluminum box. It can be mounted from the outside above the doorway (which will allow the grid to move vertically) or from one of the sides. In this case, the false sub-window will move horizontally.

The product moves along special guides, fixed on the sides or above and below, and completely closes the doorway. In this state, it is fixed by the end device. Further, under the influence of spring inertia, the product is easily twisted back into its previous roll position.

To eliminate the possibility of dirt and gaps between the doorway and the mosquito net, as well as to ensure silent sliding of the product, the design is equipped with a sealing brush. It is installed in the groove of the final profile and box. The average cost of the product is 4500 rubles. It is better to entrust the installation of roller shutter door to a professional.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Rolling mosquito doors are characterized by such advantages:

  • the grid does not need a special place for storage, as it may not be removed the whole year;
  • the roll system is hardly noticeable both from the inside and the outside, which does not spoil the appearance of the door;
  • does not require additional space for opening.

Plisse system is fixed on a special frame. The product has the appearance of an accordion when folded, and in the open position it is represented by a rigid door. The canvas can be monophonic, colored or having a diverse pattern. Mosquito nets on the pleated door are most often used as a protective barrier against insects on large openings. You can buy the product from 6000 rubles. Installing a pleated door system requires the use of special tools and special skills. Therefore, for the installation of the product should seek the assistance of specialists.

The mosquito door mesh with magnets is installed on the balcony door or the veranda of the summer house, being at the same time a reliable and inexpensive solution that ensures adequate protection of the room against insects. The product is presented in the form of curtains. They are mounted around the perimeter of the opening with adhesive tape. Between themselves, the curtains are connected by means of bipolar magnetic inserts, which are sewn into the adjoining edges of each web.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

The grid on magnets on a door is easily and quickly mounted, does not need special leaving. For periodic cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Due to the fact that the grid is impregnated with a special component, it is not afraid of moisture, does not tarnish and does not crumple, so it can be safely washed. A person will not have to make special efforts to open: the product closes itself under the action of magnetic attraction. For insects, such a grid is an insurmountable obstacle.

Mosquito magnetic nets on the door are available in standard sizes for typical doorways, so the product of irregular shape and size can not be selected. The canvas can have a different color, which provides an opportunity to choose an element for any style of interior space.

There are also hinged door grids on magnets that are mounted on hinges on one side of the product. On the other side of the canvas is mounted a magnet. Doors are recommended to be equipped with an additional door closer. Buy mosquito nets on the balcony door with magnets from 600 rub.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Mounting mosquito grids on magnets is a simple and easy process, which consists of the following actions:

  • remove the product from the packaging;
  • cut the connecting tape that holds the two halves of the mesh curtains;
  • spread out the product on a flat clean surface;
  • stretch two magnetic strips into special holes on the sides of the curtains;
  • clean and degrease the doorways by using special means;
  • fasten the top and side of the mosquito net to the doorway using velcro or special buttons;
  • perform a check on the tight fit to each other of both halves of the curtains from the top to the bottom edge;
  • adjust the height of the grid so that the gap between the product and the floor does not exceed 2 mm.

Helpful advice! In order for the mosquito net to ensure the free passage of air into the room, it should be regularly removed and washed, removing the pre-magnets.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

Mosquito net with adhesive tape attached to the plastic windows, and for the wooden, you should use special buttons. If the opening of the balcony door is smaller than the standard dimensions of the mosquito net, its edges can be tucked in or trimmed with ordinary scissors.

  • measure the door frame to determine the required size of the product;
  • two frames are assembled from wooden slats;
  • the corners of the products are mounted diagonally using a perforated profile for drywall and self-tapping screws;
  • preparing the mesh of the required size;
  • the mesh cloth is placed on top of one of the wooden frames and fixed in the tensioned position with the help of buttons having an enhanced mechanism;
  • a layer of construction glue or liquid nails is applied on the frame around the perimeter;
  • on top is placed the second frame, which is tightly pressed to the frame with the grid;
  • after the glue has completely dried, it is necessary to mount the hinges on one side of the product, and on the other, fasten the handle;
  • attach magnets on the door profile and on the structure itself;
  • hang mosquito doors on hinges secured on the outside of the opening.

Mosquito net on the door: a multifunctional element of protection of the room

The mosquito net on a plastic door or wooden structure is a multifunctional element that is able to protect the room from insects, poplar fluff, dust, pollen, precipitation and at the same time ensure effective free air circulation.

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