Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

Together with the onset of cold weather, the owners of country houses are forced again and again to start cleaning the snow. The article will explain how to make a snow blower for the motoblock with your own hands, the principle of operation, characteristics and features. As well as tips and advice on choosing the best option among the models offered in the market.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

How does a snow blower for the motoblock

If we consider models that are commercially available, the principle of their work will be approximately the following: the device consists of an engine, front blades that produce snow pick-up and a rotor assembly inside the mechanism. Due to the operation of the engine rotates the auger, which breaks a layer of snow in front of him and rakes in his crushed parts. The blades of the rotor, podgrebya snow, serves him inside the device, and then pushed through the outlet at a distance of several meters.

This two-stage design is quite convenient to use, however, it is more typical for ready-made devices and has a number of difficulties in self-realization. Therefore, when it comes to making a snow blower for a motor-block with your own hands, it is better to use a simplified mechanism.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

There are many options for self-fabricating devices: someone uses blades located on the auger to throw away the snow, while others prefer using the rotor, while simply scooping up the snow themselves with a bucket. In any case, the one and the other option can significantly facilitate the process of snow removal.

Independently determine the type of snowthrower from the motoblock that you want to do quite simple. There are only three main types of devices: screw, rotary and two-stage. Considering one or another version of production, you will understand what their differences are and you can make the right choice for yourself.

The snow blower for the motor-block with the hands the Neva, perhaps, one of the most popular options today. This design will be quite easy to assemble, and most importantly – very efficient in operation. It is enough to choose and install a snow plow on the Neva motoblock.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

However, it is the price of the snow plow on the Neva walk-behind tractor that often becomes a stumbling block. Depending on the model, its value can be from 16 000 rubles. For this reason, a fairly common phenomenon – homemade models. Consider the three most popular options:

  • bulldozer nozzle for the snowthrower on the Neva walking tractor. The price of this option in the finished form will be quite high, while doing everything with your own hands is quite simple, and the result will not be inferior to the factory device. Using a special adapter, attach the nozzle like a dozer to the walker. In this case, to break the snow cover using a metal sheet with a pointed end, which is also called a knife. The snow cover is literally cut off by the device, after which it is simply set aside;

    Helpful advice! In order to ensure long and uninterrupted operation of such a device, it is better to use steel elements for the manufacture of all fasteners and parts.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

  • The second option is more difficult to implement, and it will require drawings. However, if you choose a suitable scheme, and have a welding machine at your disposal, you can make a very convenient and efficient snow plow. The principle of operation of such a snowthrower for the Neva motoblock is the following: as in the finished rotor attachment, there is a box, auger and a pipe that is responsible for throwing snow. Such a two-stage system allows for maximum efficiency of the device, but its production will require a little more time and effort;
  • the third option is a fan snow thrower. The mechanism of such a device is similar to the principle of operation of a conventional fan. Special blades scoop up the snow, which is immediately dropped a certain distance through the pipe. Despite the apparent simplicity, this option is quite difficult for self-realization and requires certain skills. But if you have a sufficient amount of free time and desire, then it is quite possible to give preference to this method.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

It is difficult to give an answer to the question what is better, to buy a ready-made snow blower or make your own. On the one hand, the purchase of a factory model is not cheap, and is often not affordable for a simple user. But on the other hand, to make such a device is not always easy for those who have not previously encountered a similar task. It requires certain skills and effort. So, before making a decision in favor of one or another option, it is better to sensibly assess your capabilities.

Such a device as a mounted snow blower for the Neva motoblock requires care. Otherwise, its operational life will be brief regardless of whether you bought it or made it yourself. First of all, conduct regular inspection of all fasteners, and if necessary, tighten them. In addition, it does not hurt to regularly check the condition of the bolts and belts in order to avoid breakage during operation.

Helpful advice! If you have a long snow removal, make it a rule to inspect equipment every 5-6 hours. This is the optimal time between checks.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

Having a working motoblock and blueprints available, a rotary snow blower for a motoblock with your own hands is quite a feasible task. Using the assembly scheme, you can make the missing elements of the device and use the device for its intended purpose. At the same time, selecting the drawing for work, pay attention to the specified parameters of the product. Taking a drawing in your hands, you will see that without fail all the necessary details are shown on it with indications of their dimensions in millimeters. To work, you will need sheet steel, a welding machine, as well as access to a lathe (or the ability to turn to a master).

The main part of any snow blower – auger. For its manufacture we use a pipe and half disks made of sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm. The discs are welded to the pipe, forming a double-sided spiral in the right and left parts. In order for the design to be solid, welding places must be given special attention.

Helpful advice! If available, you can use the old auger, which could remain from agricultural machinery.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

The next stage is to ensure the mobility of the screw. To do this, use ball bearings 203. Using bolts and nuts, their housing must be attached to the side parts of the snowthrower. Thus, the auger will rotate and feed the snow, which cuts, onto the rotor.

As the basis for the rotor is quite suitable boiler made of aluminum, a volume of 20 liters. Using four-millimeter rivets, it is attached to the front wall of the case. So, getting into the drum, the snow will be thrown by blades at a distance of several meters (usually from 3 to 5 m).

Also pay attention to the organization of torque, which is transmitted to the snowthrower from the motoblock. It is transmitted directly from the motoblock engine itself to its shaft, which is already connected to the shaft of the snowthrower itself. For this purpose, perfect belt A-100 and the corresponding pulley.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

The body of the snow blower is easy to make under the scheme, using steel sheets, 2 mm thick. Rivets 4 mm in diameter, as well as M4 screws, are perfect for fastening.

Helpful advice! In order to be able to control the height of snow cleared, you can make special skis at the bottom of the structure.

But it also happens that, having seen the instructions and schemes for how to make a snowthrower on a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, you came to the conclusion that such an activity is not for you, and it will be much easier for you to purchase a ready-made device. However, the prices of snow plows on tillers, as well as their characteristics, differ markedly from each other. Making the right choice is not always easy. As an example, consider the most popular options that are most in demand today.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

The snow removal attachment on the Salute motoblock allows you to clean the surface of the earth from snow at a temperature of -20 to + 5 ° C. Recommended for use only on flat surfaces, and can be purchased in two different versions, which differ from each other by fastening to the motor-block.

Main technical characteristics and parameters:

  • dimensions – 600x640x820 mm;
  • surface grip width – 500 mm;
  • the maximum layer of snow that can be captured is 17 cm;
  • screw rotation speed – from 1900 to 2100 rpm;
  • weight – 60 kg.

Principle of operation:

  • the acting part of the structure, the auger, rotating, scoops up snow on its way from the edges to the center;
  • special blades located in the center, pushing snow into the hull nozzle;
  • then snow is thrown to the side.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

In this model, there are a lot of adjustments available, including the range of snow ejection, which can be changed using a visor, as well as engine speeds. In addition, you can change the direction of snow emission by turning the screen.

The snowthrower is installed on the Salute motoblock as follows: the footplate of the motoblock is disconnected, the pin and the axis of the footplate attachment are removed. On a flat surface, the snow blower is mounted on a walk-behind tractor. To do this, the hitch must be inserted into the frame so that the bolt with the spacer fits into the hitch of the hitch. After that, connect the coupling with the body of the snowthrower with two bolts, without tightening them.

After that, it is necessary to put on the drive belt of the snow blower, having previously removed the protective coating of the pulley of the output shaft. Moving the hitch along the beam, adjust the relative position of the elements so that the belt is hooked evenly, without distortions. After that you can tighten the bolts. Then the protective cover of the power take-off pulley is installed in place and secured.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

Another popular option to avoid making a snow plow on a walk-behind tractor with your own hands is to purchase special equipment manufactured by MTD. At present, it is considered one of the best laziness, and has a fairly wide range of models, the most popular among which are MTD-M 61, MTD-ME 66, MTD-640 and MTD-M56.

After reviewing the technical specifications, as well as the main tasks that these devices are designed to solve, you can easily determine which of the options is best for you. For example, the M-61 model is great for clearing a large, flat surface, while the ME-66 is more focused on difficult weather conditions and severe icy drifts.

The cost of snow blowers also varies depending on their purpose. So, the most budget model – M-56. Its cost varies between 35-37 thousand rubles. A little more expensive will cost ME-61 – about 49 thousand rubles. The M-61 can be considered an average variant – 44 thousand rubles.

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

Regardless of whether you chose to buy a snow blower for the motoblock, or use a homemade device, there is a set of rules that are recommended for working with this type of equipment. By adhering to them, you can not only extend the life of the device, but also avoid a lot of dangerous situations:

  • Before starting work, be sure to conduct a thorough inspection of the surface on which you plan to clear the snow. Otherwise, along with the snow, foreign objects can get into the mechanism, which will lead to breakage. In addition, throwing such a thing for a decent distance, a snow blower can harm someone’s property or health;
  • Be sure to take care of your own safety: clothes should be comfortable, according to the season, without long parts that can get into the moving mechanism. The choice of shoes should also be approached responsibly – it should not slide. In addition, the use of a snow blower without first wearing protective goggles is strictly prohibited;
  • in case of any unexpected situation, first of all turn off the device completely. You can start troubleshooting only if you are sure that the blower is disabled;

Snow blower for motoblock: the principle of operation and the basics of self-assembly

  • The snowthrower nozzle on the motorblock is designed to work on relatively flat surfaces. Do not use it on too steep climbs or slopes;
  • according to the safety rules, the distance to be observed in work on the side of snow emission is 10 m. Check that there were no people, cars, etc during the snow clearance period;
  • when working with wet, slightly melted snow, be sure to take breaks in work to make sure that none of the parts of the snow blower are clogged with snow.

If you follow all these rules, then the rotary snow blower for the motoblock can be considered a safe device. The main thing to remember is that such devices do not tolerate haste and fuss. If you decide to clear the snow, set aside a sufficient amount of time for this, and approach this task as responsibly as possible.

As you can see, the annual need to clean the snow can become less tedious for quite affordable funds. Depending on your desires and capabilities, you can purchase a snow blower from the manufacturer, or make it yourself. In any case, it will greatly facilitate your work and allow you to spend on cleaning the snow much less time than it would take for manual work.

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