Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

A bathhouse is a structure in whose rooms the atmosphere should prevail, which is conducive to peace, relaxation, pleasant pastime. A significant role in creating such conditions is played by the interior, the dominant component of which is furniture. Furniture for baths – a special type of interior with specific characteristics. A large selection of models, a variety of designs and colors, the beauty of forms and lines – all this is typical of furniture made of wood.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

Requirements for furniture in a wooden bath

To equip a room for a bath is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The combination of “stylish and comfortable” is quite capricious. We can not allow the simplicity of the design was brought to rudeness, and in the pursuit of originality, you must try not to lose comfort. What are the special qualities should have wooden furniture for a bath?

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

Determine the basic requirements for interior items can be from their destination. In the bath soar and rest. High humidity requires material strength and moisture resistance. For a rest, ergonomics, pleasant visual perception are necessary. Furniture can not occupy most of the space of the room, otherwise the conditions of comfort and convenience will not be met. Therefore, the furniture for the bath should have the following characteristics:

  • thermo and moisture resistance of the material of manufacture;
  • proportionality of the size of furniture to the room parameters;
  • compliance of forms with purpose and application;
  • esthetics;
  • design decoration.

Choosing furniture for a bath, it is very important not to overload the room, so as not to create barriers to air circulation. Purchase or manufacture requires only really necessary interior items.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

The furniture for a bath from a tree is the tradition leaving in the far past. None of the construction materials, created by modern technology, is closer to the quality of wood to become the main raw material for furniture in the bath.

There is not one style of decoration of rooms where the tree would not be appropriate. Carved articles are characteristic of the ethno style; stylized models – for country; chiseled functional elements demonstrate the classics; regular, smooth, geometric shapes suitable for high-tech; color contrast and large details are characteristic of the avant-garde. A variety of creative ideas and design ideas can come to life with the help of wood. The following qualities make an excellent raw material for the manufacture of furniture:

  • low volumetric weight;
  • the possibility of processing cutting tools;

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

  • ease of fastening;
  • low thermal conductivity.

This material has one more indisputable advantage – environmental friendliness, safety for health.

The first room of the bath is a waiting room. It can be used in different ways. But one thing is unchanged: it is located in front of the main rooms. Therefore, most often it is placed locker room. In the locker room you need to equip a hanger or install a closet (a combination of two options is possible), place a shelf for shoes.

For outerwear a hanger is better, for the rest – a wardrobe. It is undesirable to make it deaf, closed, since sufficient airing will not be provided. An interesting variant will be the cabinet, the doors of which are made in the form of a lattice or other light construction, that is, are decorative. In addition, air will flow freely through them.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

If space permits, a small table, on which you can put a mobile phone, keys, so as not to interfere during undressing will be useful. If you give vent to imagination, a shelf for shoes will become a real designer highlight of the dressing room.

Helpful advice! When determining the size of the shelf for shoes, it is necessary to take into account that winter boots and shoes are much higher than shoes, sneakers and slippers. If you do not take into account this fact, in winter, the shoes will stand next to the shelf, which is not entirely aesthetic and requires additional space.

The main shelves are designed for shoes. The top can be used as a shop. A good option is to make the whole structure in the form of a bench with a back that allows you to sit comfortably (important for those who are used to wearing shoes while sitting) and protecting the wall from dirt and rubbing.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

To make the impression of the bath as a whole pleasant, it is necessary to create an interesting interior already in the waiting room. Furniture is desirable to make one type of wood. In the dressing room is quite acceptable to be an inexpensive pine. The main interior items should be designed in one color. You can use other colors, but only for decorating individual elements of furniture.

If, for example, a vintage style is chosen, then all the furniture or all the front parts must match this design. A creatively made hanger with hooks, forks and spoons will look defiantly lonely if you do not create, for example, cabinet handles or legs for a shoe rack in the same style. However, it is important here a sense of proportion, so as not to irritate visitors.

The basic wooden structure of the steam room is curtains. They are made of wood, and if you apply a creative imagination, then the canopies will create a unique, special interior in this room. More often such constructions are made in the form of closed steps. But you can arrange them as horizontally hung shelves, i.e. with open steps. Such an arrangement not only looks interesting, but also visually expands the space, increases the air zone, which is important for the physical condition (taking into account the temperature in a given room).

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

Some visitors to the bath feel uncomfortable even at the bottom of the bed curtains. For them, it would not hurt to make a small shop and put it along the wall at the entrance. Its simplest version consists of the following elements:

  • polished boards, whose width is 50 mm, length – 1100-1200 mm;
  • 4 bars 50х50 mm, length 700 mm;
  • cross-pieces 50х50 with length 900-1000 mm;
  • 2 bars 50х50 mm, length 400 mm.

From the bars with a length of 700 mm we make cross-shaped legs. In the place of fastening, you must first make a selection on the thickness of the bars and a depth of 25 mm, to connect the legs with screws. In the upper part a timber is attached, with the help of which the legs will be fixed to the board-seat. Having retreated 100 mm from the inner edge (along the length) of the board, it is necessary to attach legs to it. Then it is necessary to strengthen the structure with a 900 mm beam, putting it into the x-shaped connections of the legs. All fastening should be done with screws.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

Such a shop, made from blanks of the same thickness, will become an aesthetic and reliable construction, perfectly in harmony with the canopies in the form of closed steps. It is possible to add a steam room with a decorative stool. An open cabinet with multi-level shelves, where you can put a basin and fold brooms, will also be useful.

Helpful advice! When choosing a model bed curtains, be sure to consider safety. The design should be comfortable so that you can freely climb the shelves and descend from them.

Relaxing is relaxing. And above all the body. You must take a comfortable position that will relieve muscle tension. Given that the furniture is made of wood, which is a tough material, special attention should be paid to its shape.

Most often in the bath for relaxation use benches. The presence of the back allows you to lie back, relax the spine. It is important to take into account the width of the shop and the remoteness of the back. If the shop is wide, to use the back, you need to move away, so that the legs will be uncomfortable. When buying ready-made furniture, it is necessary to evaluate this aspect. It is necessary that the outer edge of the bench had a rounded bevel, and the height of the back was such that the cervical spine could be relaxed.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

If instead of legs for the table a log construction is used, it should be assessed in which position at the table there will be legs, whether it will turn out that they are “practically nowhere to put”. It is convenient when the crossbar, which is the stiffness plate for the table, is at such a level and has such a shape that you can put your legs on it if you wish (in the bath this does not contradict etiquette).

Stools are unacceptable for rest rooms in the bath. If space does not allow benches to be used (they provide more seating), but rather chairs, the armrests will be the perfect piece. Chairs should be used in the case when the arrangement around the table between them remains at least 20 cm.

The physical condition after the steam room and comfortable furniture give a person the opportunity to relax. Fulfillment of this desire depends on the interior of the room. Bath – an additional building on the site, respectively, of small size. And even the largest room in the bath (rest room) usually has an area of ​​only 16-20 m ?.

Furniture for baths and saunas: we equip a recreation room with taste

If the design of furniture is simple and modest, it makes sense to decorate the interior of the rest room in the bath with wall panels of natural material, towels, shelves with dishes and other details.

Helpful advice! It should not be in the rest room to hang pictures with traditional technique of execution (painted in oils, watercolors, etc.). Unavoidable temperature changes, humidity adversely affect their condition. The special lacquer coating keeps the cloth for a short time.

In modest-sized baths, the recreation room is often combined with a dressing room. In such cases, artistically decorated wooden screen, in harmony with the main furniture, perfectly performs the function of a partition and decorates the room.

For the manufacture of furniture is recommended to use natural material. Choosing lamps, dishes, slippers, napkins and other items used in the bath, it is necessary to strive for naturalness and environmental friendliness. This brings harmony and a beneficial effect on the psychological perception of the environment, on the mood.

Bath, rationally furnished and furnished with taste, is a real pride of the owner and a great place to relax and socialize.

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